Saturday, November 14, 2009

ROM 826X Core Specifications (10/01/2010)

- ROM Type: Non Official/Custom ROM (Need HardSPL)

- ROM Concept: Speed & Stability for Daily use

- OS: Windows Phone 6.5.0 / 1 / 3 / 5 with Latest New UI build (COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, WMD)

- Device Kernel: Real Xperia Native Kernel Windows Phone 6.5

- Base OEM: R3AA010 Generic UK (SEUS Version)

- No TF3D / HTC Sense

- Removed from OEM: unused apps, sample video clip, etc.

- Utilities: Advanced Config 3.3, CHome Editor 1.6 Beta, Finger Keyboard 2.1, PIM Backup, SIP Selector, Soft Reset, Total Commander 2.52 beta 2

- Applications: HTC Albums, Audio Manager/Audio Booster, MP3 Trimmer, Voice Recorder, X2 You Tube,  Google Maps 3.2.1, Nitrogen 1.1,  Palringo 2.1.0, Power Radio

- Panel: X2 Panel Manager with 3D Fish Panel, SE 1 Panel, TileWave Panel, Facebook Panel, Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Panel, Twitter Panel, SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Panel

- Camera: Xperia R3A Beta Camera w/ Auto Flash & GeoTag + HTC Rhodium Camera

- Others: X2 XT9 Keyboard, X2 Task Manager, Rhodium Dialer (support Video Call), HTC Calculator, Opera 9.5 build 15969, Microsoft MyPhone 01.05.2410.0400, USBtoPC Pop Up with 3 items selection, Data connection 3G/GPRS Disconnect & Time Usage bubble at the top task bar, Office Mobile 2010

- Titanium Plugins: CLauncher, Favorite People

- StartMenu Icons: Windows 7/Vista Icon set

- Use the ROM at your own risk, I do not responsible of any damages of your device!

Known issues in New UI build:

1. Since the new UI Top taskbar size reduced, some applications such as SE Panels will have a gap between top taskbar and the apps windows.

2. The X button will not fully Close running programs, it just minimize it, so use the quickmenu to close it.
Personally, I never close running programs, because WP6.5 memory management is good, system will determine whenever it needs more memory and will close some programs automatically. The other side, we will have the benefit the apps will open more quickly when we need it


Anonymous said...

keren bro. tadi baca di thread liat signature bro willy ada blognya, langsung main kesini. hehe. go international ya bro? :D

sip dah. congratz ya. sekarang kalo mau liat ada ROM baru atau kagak tinggal meluncur kesini. ijin bookmark bro.

rudy / hyqx kalo di FP

Willy (williyung) said...

Haha..thanks bro hyqx
Welcome bro... :)

Anonymous said...

Waaaahh...lama ga OL di forum liat di sigi bro ternyata bro will punya blog,mampir upgrade enak ada jg disini..hehehe..Tp Bhs inggris semua jd agak gagap aq..wkwkwkwk..

Rio/rio_sherlock di FP

Willy (williyung) said...

Welcome bro rio..:)
hehe..nyantai aja bro..utk anggota FP posting bhs Indo aja :p

Yohanes Indro Laksono said...
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Yohanes Indro Laksono said...

Congrats Bro Willy atas blognya. Minta izin untuk dl ROM. Btw, koq gak posting di xda dev? Biar ada karya anak bangsa yg nangkring di situ ...:)
Minta izin utk kasih siganature di xda biar nge-link ke sini.

Williyung said...

Ok bro mslh mau ksh link hehehe..
Thanks bro..