Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Which 826x's rom with HTC Sense is The Best and The Worst for you ?

Hello guys,

I need your opinion as the tittle say. It may help me to improve 826x roms on the future.

Just write the build number for the best and the worst with short descriptions.

For examples:

- The best: 23680
Reason: Less SoD, Less freeze/hang, can be used for long time usage without many problems, good performance, etc.

- The Worst: 28237
Reason: Many SoD/Freeze/Hang, slow performance, etc.

Thank You!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie

Download here: Megaupload

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28237 (WMD Branch)
- HTC Sense Core 20183025.0 (CFC)
- Added Co0kie Home Tab 1.8.5 + CHT Editor (Thanks to Co0kie Monster)
- Added Custom CHT Themes + Slider (Thanks to Steve0007)
- Added Sense 2.5 WMP skin (Thanks to toadlife)
- Updated to 2-way In-Call recording driver (Thanks to Ultrashot)
- Changed to Rhodium dialer (support landscape)
- Added SpoonCharge (monitor battery charging state)
- Fixed some reported issues.


- Hahn Facebook Fix : Fix Facebook (People tab) reading inbox issue (install to device and softreset) (Thanks to Hahn)

- Read Chef's Notes on sticky before Flashing
- Do a Softreset after Flashing/Hardreset

Screen shot: