Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chef's Notes (Updated 25/07/2010)

(Updated 24/07/2010)

- Always Pull Battery before Flashing new rom as:
* Recommended by SEUS
* Different roms might be use different drivers/kernel.

- Always Task29 (Format Internal Memory) before Flashing new rom and HardReset after Flash for Better result.

- Flashing rom with CustomRUU is recommended instead of Micro SD Method.

- How to Flash rom with CustomRUU after Task29:
* Make sure there's no KOVSIMG.NBH file in your X1 root directory SD card.
* Do the Task29
* X1 will restart itself and stuck at the SE logo screen.
* Pull Battery
* Enter Bootloader by press and hold VOLUME DOWN button and POWER button, X1 will go to Tri Color screen
* Connect X1 with PC
* Run CustomRUU (CustomRUU.exe and RUU_Signed.nbh/Kovsimg.nbh should be in a same folder)
* Done

- Softreset after Restoring Contacts, Data & Settings.

- Always install application to Device Memory instead of Storage Card except large apps ie. GarminXT or IGO
* Read/Write from device will be faster than Storage Card
* 826x roms always provide large enough Free Storage approx. 200MB - 250MB (larger than a stock rom size)
* Applications installed at Storage Card may becomes bugs for your next new roms.
* Some applications will need a softreset after installing to run properly.

- For ROMs with HTC Sense:

* How to change alert ringtones:
1. Go to Sense's Settings Tab (Not WM Setting Sound & Notifications)
2. Sound & Display
3. Notification Sounds
4. Tap the text of the alert type you want to change (Not ONLY slide the On/Of)
5. It will bring you to the ringtone list.

* Do not enable Weather Animation at the Hometab if you want better performance.

* At the Sense's People tab and Internet tab, you can quick remove shortcut by "Tap & Hold the shortcut till it vibrate, then drag and move it"

* Enable screen wake up when receiving SMS:
or simply install this cab: 826x EnableSMSScreenWakeUp
Screen stay off when receiving SMS is not a bug, it's HTC Sense's default setting!

* When receiving call, you can MUTE the sound by pressing Volume Up / Down button.

* Cab to revert to Default Taskbar Icon: 826x DefaultTaskbarIcon

(Updated 25/07/2010)

* For those who don't use A-GPS and My Location feature can install this cab: 826x DisableMyLocationAGPS, it will:
- Remove 3 un-needed services from start-up (meaning speed-up your start-up a bit and save memory usage)
- Remove "My Location" from Weather tab city list.
(Softrest after installation)

will be updated later..


Anim_Ha said...

big thank you mr.will...

abonebebek said...

bro willy sori pertanyaannya agak bodoh..

cara ngerubah registry misalnya:


lewat mana ya? hehe, thx master..

Williyung said...


Hrs install apps utk edit registry spt Total Commander / Resco registry or yg lain.

Cth dgn Total Commander:

- Pilih \\Plugins
- Pilih registry
- Pilih Drivers > BuiltIn > RIL
- Pilih DisableSMSWakeUpEvent
- Ganti nilainya dr 1 menjadi 0
- OK

Yasser said...

izin download nya ya bang willy ....

shithead said...

Hi Willi,

What do you mean with this:

- Remove 3 un-needed services from start-up (meaning speed-up your start-up a bit and save memory usage)

Which 3 services :) and if this is really unnecesary, why don't you remove it? :)

Keep up the good work!

Williyung said...


If you're using My Location & AGPS, then these 3 services are necessary.
Otherwise it's un-necessary, so you can install the cab to remove it.

I dont remove it from the rom by default, because if I remove it, ppl who needs that feature can't use it :)

shithead said...


ooh :) I see :)

I like this feature, but does it really slow down the whole device? :-s
if it just matters 1 sec I really don't mind to have it turned on :)

Williyung said...


No, It doesnt slow down the whole device. You can keep it stay on.:)

Initial - L said...

Bro will..
numpang nanya...
apakah bisa merubah model ID..
dari SEMC-X1 ke HTC - Raphael melalui registry...
maaf pertanyaan menyimpang...

thankz bro willy...

LiLi said...

Bro willy...
ini harapan dari fan's bro willy...
bagaimana mengaktifkan Blackberry application suite...

saya sudah mencari berbagai info...
sbb :

Dan ini Link Blackberry app suite..

sangat memungkinkan bila blackberry application suite ini jalan pada Xperia X1..

tlong wujudkan harapan fan's mu ini...
thankz Broo willy...

Williyung said...


Ok, Thanks infonya..
Ntar gw coba pelajari dlu ya.. :)

LiLi said...

Sep Bro..

Cia You..
jangan Putus asa..

thankz Bro willy...
Your Rom is the Best..

Ch3nzu said...

Halo, aku br pake neh X1, langsung coba rom terbarunya om willi, SUKSES, asek banget dah, Mau aku eksplore dl ah,nanti saya kasih masukan, thank to you, you're the best willi.

Leo said...

master willy...
chef note nya udah gk pake hardreset lagi setelah flashrom..

apakah sudah tidak usah pake hard reset lagi untuk flash rom yg versi terbaru ini ??

Williyung said...


Lbh baik hardreset tetap dilakukan

Anonymous said...

Bos., wili., ijin sedot..
Ane pake 826x yg kluar 11 Agustus., tp koq jd gak bs install GarminXT y..??
Mohon bantuannya...

keith said...

hey im having some problems with my keyboard.. when i slide the x1 open the keyboard doesnt work and the screen freezes and when i slide it back closed it works.. what should i do?

didit said...

@ keith: i think ur flexible is broken. go fix it at sony ericsson service centre.
@williyung: after flashing ur rom, the device hard reset by itself right? calibration and i need to hard reset it once more? do video call works? why i cant use panel anymore? the button became task manager? thanks

dwi said...

Bro Willy
Saya coba instal ROM ini tapi ada satu problem. Dialpad pada posisi landscape jadi blank warna putih. Yang muncul hanya Call history separuh layar. Pada posisi portrait tidak ada masalah. Saya udah coba balikin ke default dialpad yang putih hijau tapi tetap sama. Mohon pencerahannya. Thx

Williyung said...


No, After flashing it wont hardreset itself, you need to do it manually.
There's no panel cooked in the rom.
You can install panel mgr manually


Iya bro, krn dialer yg gw pake tdk support landscape mode.

didit said...

bro williyung. tolong dijelasin cara install panel manager dong. trus task managernya dipindah kemana? thanks.

katunzi1 said...

Thaanx alot......

Steinesia said...

Setelah melakukan Chef's Note atau Task29, apakah tidak perlu melakukan HardSPL...???
Thanks bro Willy...

maleck said...

i try installing gps disable fix u dat u provide..but how come my htc sense stuck at launching htc sense?my htc sense only back to normal after uninstall the gps disable i done anything wrong?anyway im using ur TEST ROM: ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23680 - Sense 2018..

thanks for the rom anyway..can say its the coolest rom ever..