Monday, October 18, 2010

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 21682 - Sense 2019

Download here: Mediafire

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 21682 (New UI)
- HTC Sense Core 2.5.20191914.0
- HTC Sense's Mod: Standard / No CHT
- Removed Opera Mobile 10
- Added Opera Mini 5.1
- Added Finger Keyboard + MaxKey (Thanks to Ring Bearer)
- Removed HTC Ezinput XT9 feature (Only Full Qwerty mode exist)
- Updated to New Quick List
- Added Segoe UI Font for Home Screen Clock (Thanks to Lunie)
- Updated to 2-way recording driver ver. 1.2 (Thanks to Ultrashot)
- Updated most HTC apps from latest leaked roms

Important Notes:

- Read Chef's Notes before Flashing.
- Do a Softreset after Flashing/HardReset.

Screen Shot:


Ah BeaR said...

here comes another new ROM..thanks to you again William.. =)

Preston74 said...

newest build! thanks willy. waiting for download link.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this one, thanks willy. I hope that I dont have to press F5 every 30 sec for a couple of hours :)

Ah BeaR said...

just be patient for doesn't matter to rush for it..

Williyung said...

The rom is uploading guys (73%)..
Hope it doesnt fail on the way, lol.
1.02 AM here :p

ED said...

Wow at last :D
i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the pot :D
downloading now
thank u so much williyung

sika68 said...

downloading...:) Thanks.

Esmail said...

downloading now
very very go0o0o0o0od

day said...

downloading now :)
guys, i'm waitin ur report :D
hope it as stable as previous ROM.
is that RSS hub on home screen?
thnks bro, will give it a try,..

wineholic said...

Wow, I was waiting for your new ROM. Of course, I'll try it. and also I hope to see your new ROM with CHT2.0:) Have you any plan about ROM with CHT2.0?

Kostas said...

nice rom... superfast.. glad you returned on sense..
found one small problem, when you press menu in messages in sense the pop up has some unused spaces after forward..

T said...

can anyone tell me how to access the new quick list thing? thanks and nice rom Willi very fast thank you

Williyung said...


Just long press the hardware EndKey/Lock button.


Because some features was ported from chinese rom, I think it's caused of that.


Yes, it has rss feed at the home screen.

Chun Ming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Williyung said...

@Chun Ming

You're welcome..

I havent tried Opera Link, but I tried to surf internet via activesync and it works fine without changing any setting in opera mini.

Have you tried to set your activesync/WMDC setting:

Under Connection Setting > This computer is connected to > The Internet

mombrot said...

akhirnyaaaa.. loncing jgggg..

thanks bro..

i'll report any feedback

Chun Ming said...

Dear Williyung,

Re-write my testing results about the Opera Mini.

1. Opera Mini can't surf Internet via WIFI or USB connection through my PC.

Problem: connection failure.

IE in your ROM can works under same configuratin in my PC.

2. Opera Link can't sync to my PC via WIFI or USB connection.

(a) Opera Mini can surf Internet via 3G data network.

(b) Opera Link can sync via 3G data network so that I have bookmarks updated in the Opera Mini!
(I don't know where it is synced to).

I don't know what these testing results mean. But, is it quite different from Opera 10.


Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

I tried to set my WMDC setting:

Under Connection Setting > This computer is connected to > The Internet.

Same problem.

Opera Mini can't surf Internet via activesync.

L3x5 said...


Any another link?, mediafire cannot download, maybe busy and much person download this link.

Master Willy, Thanks again. long wait it..:)

Anonymous said...

Can you add some unicode font. Because iam from vietnam so it canot display my lamguage.
Sr bad english

Anonymous said...

Info link
1. go to
2. Register
3. copy to link transload
4. so fast


Trung said...

@Anonumous who from VN like me, you can download PPC Arial font from, install to device use SKTools set font to arial and everything ok but some pm not display correct at menu and popup eg: PhuongDongLich v1.3 ^_^ anything else pm me on

Anonymous said...

hi.. how can i hide the rss thingy?


Anonymous said...

akhirnya keluar juga,mksih om..

Hahn said...

to get opera mini to work on wifi, you need to enter opera mini settings, change protocol from socket to HTTP. you need an internet connection for the first "accept" screen to show, otherwise it will display a white screen forever, quite troublesome because you cannot change the settings without passing that that screen.

L3x5 said...

thanks for the mirror link
@ Willy and all if you can answer

I've backup my contacts from facebook contacts and sms to
microsoft my phone.
this backup will be successful? very troublesome if I have to start from scratch and manually. :(

not flashing and waiting for reply

Kostas said...

@L3x5 : works fine ... :D sync your contacts from myphone first and then link your facebook account.. ;)

@will : thanks for the answer, just to see if it was normal, not really a prob.. and thanks again for the awesome rom :D

L3x5 said...

thanks, its working. My contact from facebook all save and recover, microsoft my phone really good to backup.
So fast room than before, but the risk is remove CHT, not xperience to modify X1, :(
btw, microsoft facebook not load my wall, freeze for "checking for data" and if press tab my foto, it can exit automatically from apps.
what happen?

Greeting for all, and thanks again.

brynexperio said...

@agan will....

setelah 1 hari pemakaian with charge and no condition.....

no SOD, ngga ada konflik dengan palringo.....,

sippp gan ^_^....

mudah mudahan sterusnya bgini....

thq gan

day said...

love the splash screen, remind me of real xperia x1 :)
speed is awesome, battery good, performance stable as usual.
istall cht to remove rss, i don't like rss thing on home screen :)
phone identity,always blank after save.
is anybody here have problem with internet connection?i can't get weather n stock update,
haven't connect to my pc

will test througly n report any problem..

L3x5 said...


@ Day
I have no problem with the connection, I disabled HSDPA, make a save on battery and so far fine.
CHT can be given a link for it?

I've tried to fix my problem, the link for microsoft facebook is stable:
install n softreset

day said...

will try again, thnks mate,.
Cookie Home Tab,
CHT Editor,

pribady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L3x5 said...

a lot of guides and the link, I got dizzy. is there any easy way?
that make the developer, while I was a newbie, lol
but thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Bro Willy bagaimana cara install ROM nya, krn di link nya tidak ada custom RUU?
saya sudah task29, stlh itu no image.
maaf ya newbie nih hehehe...

maleck said...

installing dis juz far no prob bt i guess dis rom is not as fast as ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23680 - Sense 2018..hope will not hv frequent sod wit dis new rom!

maleck said...

allan, u can try replacing ruu_signed.nbh file in task 29 with dis rom ruu_signed.nbh nt sure it work but u can give it a try..:)

Anonymous said...


ok, i'll try it...
thx so much bro...

Eduardo said...

hey bro! im testing you rom and it's pretty good as usual, but im wondering, whats that icon between the yelow mail notification of palringo and the "E" of edge connection in your notification bar?

eiji said...

hi bro will,,mau nanya nih, rom ini bisa pake bb connect ga yach,,klo rom yg ori gw bisa pake,,klo pake bb connect baterai lumayan ngirit d banding pake auto retrieval email yang send/recieve nya diatur per sekian menit dari pengalaman gw,,tks bro

Williyung said...


Ga bs bro..


That's "Line 1" icon..

@Ppl outside Indonesia

How is your opera mini splash screen?
Does it show something like "Telkomsel"?

ED said...

Thank you so much Williyung this ROM is excellent you are a great Chef

I have been using this rom from the date of its release and i didn't have any bug or SODs everything is great till now and the opera mini is just working fine for me

about the "Telkomsel" i don't have anything showing "telkomsel" in the opera mini

Thank you so much man

Williyung said...


You're welcome man :)

Ok, thanks for the confirmation..

maleck said...

encounter my 1st sod just now after flashing this new rom yesterday..with palringo on standby,happen when i press the xpanel button to close note then the screen just stuck at taskmanager..

anyway about opera mini work fine n have not showing dat..

thanks for your great rom anyway will

Williyung said...


You're welcome..

I think your issue isn't the sod, that's kinda a lock up issue, which screen hang not in sleep mode.

Well, just report if you still have that issue or the sod.

Anyway, if you guys do like opera mini rather than opera mobile 10, then I will stick with the opera mini for all next releases.

Hahn said...

willy, can you post the default skin for htc calculator? thank you.

maleck said...

oo dis opera mini anyway!i think you should stick with it..

bro can you add facebook tab in your next rom?or show me how to add it in this rom?

Williyung said...




I never used FB tab, I think you just need install it as a cab. You can find it on the FB tab thread on xda.

day said...

@anyone :)
my opera mini still in white, waitin forever :(
can't go to speed dial screen :D
is there any way? how if i install again via cab?

dito... said...

Om willi, rom ini bisa untuk video call?


L3x5 said...

I found your nick in Grup XPERIA on Palringo, is dat you?
I want to be one of your friends, can you add me (my nick MAYDAY). or u create of official group 826x on pal.
Nice sharing and good xperience with with you.


Esmail said...

good working for me
opera mini working for me(wifi and gprs)

Williyung said...


Yeaa, that;s me :P

That group wasn't created by me. But I think I will create a new group 826x later. Good idea l3x5 :)



Williyung said...


It's okay to reinstall by cab..

maleck said...

bro im having this 'screen hang not in sleep mode' issue twice today..does anybody having this problem too?

Mohd Zikri said...

@maleck: Yes. I'm having the same problem. Overall, the ROM performance was good.

Anonymous said...

how to make the flip clock with the old default font??

u said...

Thanks for the ROM in overall is the most stable I tried. I had one screen freeze while the screen is in lock mode. I installed it 2 days ago. Can I install to it a panel manager?


ahmad said...

thank you willy for staying with us!
i'm a medical student and i used to use your romes(started with 23518 and the one u release later)but because of some application i had to back to win6.1
there are some 6.1 romes on xda and some of them are good and now i'm using black stone that one of our friend in your last post recommended and i found it good,but you know they're not 826xseries and i really missed your romes.
i want to know can you cook a 6.1 which is requested by some of other our friends,by the way
i will really appreciate if you at least think of it for your future project...
thanks alot man and good job!!!

fil--21 said...

hi, is there a posibillity to get costum manila theme from previous version ?

ED said...

something wrong happened to me.
The phone doesn't vibrate now when i am calling someone and the call is connected ( the one who i am calling answers ) i don't why this happened

any help?

TVC said...

Thank you, Williyung, for such great rom.
There is a bug in HTC Messaging. I cannot scroll up to see the first SMS. Through I can use WM's message client (by pressing 'All messages') but the bug annoys me. Is there any solution?

brynexperio... said...

@agan will...

in the end gan...

setelah tidak terjadi SOD dengan palringo....

setelah 3 hari make ROM ini, SOD pun terjadi..., dan aku akhirnya mnyerah dengan autolock yang selalu konflik...

jadi autolocknya ku off kan, trus aku pake S2U2 lock...'

tapi hebatnya ROM agan ini, yang biasanya aku pke S2u2 bisa bikin lambat, tapi ROM agan ini ngg berat lo gan, tetap stabil dan cepat...

Hebat deh buat agan will ^_^.....,

oya gan punya fixed nya FB nga, yg tentang fb nya ngga bisa refresh...?

Mukhtar said...

@any one:
I have an X1 running on WM 6.1, is it possible to install this rom? ( am a newbie :).

Anonymous said...

kinetic scrolling in htc peep doesnt work as usual.

Hahn said...

Willy, I am still having problem with standby/power setting reseting to default (10secs dim) after setting up numerous time, any help would be great!

brynexperio said...

@agan will....

setelah saya coba dari 3 rom ( 23121_CHT, 21682, 23680 ) berbeda milik agan utnuk compare palringo...

saya sedikit punya kesimpulan...,
saat autolock aktif,

saat charge = status display menjadi standby, dan layar blank, stelah bbrapa lama langsung SOD...
tidak charge = status display menjadi standby, dan layar blank, stelah bbrapa lama langsung SOD...

yang kedua autolock tidak aktif, saat charge = kata agan kan memang kalo autolock tidak aktif maka akan SOD.
saat tidak chrage = status display standby, layar otomatis dim, stelah bbrapa lama lngsung SOD.

mohon cerahannya ya gan..... ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi will
that is surprise for me that our friend ahmad install black stone that i recommend.
tell you the truth will,it has it's own porblem and i couldent fix it.
i want to repeat my request and say that great combination between win 6.1 and manila 2.1 is also painful!
there are great romes and i mean they take many hour of the coocker but they're not fast enough compare to your romes.although there are more coocker work on 6.5 and there are more great rom compare to 6.1.
i want you to do us a favor and cock a win 6.1.i really appericiate your great work.
good luck

Anonymous said...

It's fast as hell, and looks great!

But I have some problem with the rom.
2 day of usage - 2 SOD
And it show battery low message and 5% at the battery indicator, a minute after 30%.

Can anyone help me please?

(I've followed the Chef's instructions for flashing)

Hahn said...

Willy, i found in this build, i get a lot of "out of memory" errors and need to restart even though there're a about 50% free ram available, any idea what's wrong?

When this happens, it causes phone to slow down, and some app won't run, showing a memory error, and HTC dialar won't show any graphics when receiving a call. Any help would be great.

Williyung said...


Though I never had this issue when I used this rom, but I suspect one of my package causing this.

Nothing can be done for this moment till I release new rom.

Mukhtar said...

great rom willy, thnx

Hahn said...

I see, I never had this in your previous roms, looking forward to your next release, thanks willy!

Dedi said...

Bro Willy, bagaimana caranya mengaktifkan tombol X Panel pd ROM anda? Saya sudah mencoba menginstall SE Panel Manager X2 pada ROM ini, ttp apabila ditekan tombol X Panel tidak terjadi apa2.

Heuikwan said...

Big thanks to willy.
super fast, opera mini, finger kb - it's possible to support Korean. Goooooooood Job!!!!

Williyung said...


Please try to Softreset your phone with on/off power button instead of using softreset apps under \Utilities.
For me, the rom would run more stable.

GuuziQ said...


How can finger kb support Korean?
Please, Tell me that...

Your Rom is always the best rom!!!

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a problem with facebook application???
mine can't refresh..this happened in the previous rom..and i mean the application not the sense one..


THank you sir for your work..always perfect,

God Bless you

sugi said...

bro Will, saya koq kalo SOD lalu saya tekan2 semua tombol kemudian diakhiri dengan tombol call(hijau) koq bisa hidup lagi ya? apa ini memang solusinya kalau SOD. sudah 4 kali saya coba dan berhasil.
kalau saya baca dari komen2 di atas apakah palringo penyebab SOD?

Williyung said...


Oh ya? wah..ntar kalo ktm sod bakalan coba dgn cara bro..kalo mmg bs hidup lg mantap dunk.. :)

Iya, palringo itu bs menyebabkn sod, gw uda coba berbagai solusi tetap aja kena sod kalo palringo aktif.

day said...

any news from brand new ROM? :D
i hope u remove that rss, it's no use to me :(

Williyung said...


In couple days maybe..
Rss will be removed.

maleck said...

sod solution?will try this if sod happen to me next time..

so far i hv no sod when i put palringo on even when i charge my phone with no autolock.been using this set up for about a week,no sod at all.i only experience sod yesterday after i try put autolock n palringo at the same really satisfied with ur work bro willi.dis rom is really fast n stable.hoping for more battery life in your upcoming rom ehehe..

Kristo (Indonesia) said...

Willy, can you please make a ROM without sense?
I'm really tired of SOD issues in Your ROMs and other Sense ROMS, because i should take the battery cover and hit the reset button, which makes the plastic holding battery cover broken..
I like your ROM, which is much faster than others (I've tried SGXU, Christian).. Please make without Sense.. Thx a bunch..

Williyung said...


Actually you can disable the sense, and use windows default (titanium) interface.
With sense disabled, most likely the sod issue won;t happen.

Just make sure to restart your phone after disabling the sense to get more free ram. Some sense's services will be inactived.

Can't promise for the rom without sense yet.

Kristo said...

@bro willy :
umm.. if I disabled Sense in Home screen, is the context menu returned back to default instead of Sense context menu (the one with white background and big text)?
Thanks, I will try later on, I've tried your 3 ROMs with sense, which SOD always occured about every 2 days, currently I'm using my previous SGXU ROM..

Williyung said...

On my later roms, I've set to show sense context menu even with sense disabled.

But that's just a registry trick, you can switch to which context menu you want.

Kristo said...

oh.. no problem with the context menu, but mainly I need no SODs..
Thanks anyway.. hmm or maybe the autolock feature also contributing the SOD? or the standby timeout? or maybe it is better to replace screen lock with S2U2?
I'm still confused, many people talking the SOD issue in sense, in xda-developers, but I found no appropriate solution..

Williyung said...

Still no solutions found for the sod issue.
It is most likely caused by incompatibility of our x1's old drivers with the sense requirement.

Standby timeout setting also isn't a proper solution in my opinion. However, it still gives sod, and too large number just create issues. Best setting is still the default one.

The autolock may also contributing sod, especially if we run palringo, but it can prevent from the charging freeze issue.

So for now, what can we do is just try to know what "habits" that may give us many sods and get prevent of it.

Kristo said...

oh.. thanks.. btw, which registry setting should be changed to return to default context menu?
So, if I disable HTC sense (and the context menu), the performance will be the same with ROM without Sense? If yes, then I don't need another ROM without sense..
Thanks for ur great work and support.. :)

Williyung said...

No worries :)

"EnableManilaCheck" --> change the value to 1

I think the performance won't far from the rom without sense. But it's better you test it by yourself and tell me what you get :)

sandy said...

bro willi....btw costom ROM yg bro punya itu bisa merubah kualitas kamera ga?seperti makin cepet rendering picture setelah shooting atau ada pilihan capture video 3gp ato MP4.....pengen ganti ROM cooked ( gw newbie bro ) tapi x1 gw lagi di service di SE dah satu bulan belom kelar2...thx bro

Williyung said...


Kyknya ga bs bro...hasilnya sma aja..

sandy said...

tp kira2 ada ga bro rom yg bisa merubah software bawaan, liat hape kk gw bisa digituin stelah ganti rom,dia pake nexus 1 android,..oiya bro pernah ngalamin hape x1 ga mau sync storage card k pc or laptop?hape gw kaya gt bro jd gw servis dah

Kristo said...

@sandy : pake HTC camera sm HTC camcorder hasilnya lbh bagus bro.. video record jg bs MP4, resolusi CIF.. udah ada di ROM bawaan 826x..

@bro willy : oh ya knp balik ke windows yg build versi lama Bro? dulu udah sempet ke 28237.. kyknya yg versi lama sedikit lbh lambat..

Hahn said...

Bro willy, i have a problem, I get no SOD in this build but the phone keeps auto shutdown on its own, you have any idea what's wrong?

Anyway, I will try to HR it when I have time to go through the setup process again, in the mean time, let me know if you have any idea. >.<

Williyung said...


So after shutdown, did it restart again or no?

Did you change any power timeout values?

Williyung said...


Sebnrnya bukan versi lama bro, build2 tsb beda branch aja.
Setiap branch pny kode nomor tersdri, jd tdk mesti nomor yg lbh besar itu build terbaru.

julow said...

Hello Willi!
1. Can I use polish letters with FingerKeyboard? If yes pls me tell how.
2. I don't like ROMs with Sense, but this is stable, no SOD so far (a week).

thanks for your work.

Kristo said...

@willy : bro pake branch apa? aku liat yg Christian pake LG.. tertarik jg nih utk cooking.. :)
btw, stlh baca2 di comment ini, trnyt Windows bs pake BB connect ya.. kata bro willy di comment2 diatas, gag bs pake BB..
tp aku baca2 di webnya Xperia X1, gini statementnya :
"BlackBerry® Connect™ for X1 only works with MR2 software versions.These vesions are named"
Nah, ROM versionnya bro willy cocok dgn itu, gmn apa ttp gag bs pake BB connect? thx...

vando said...

Hi Willy,

I am proud of you and your ROM, as always.

I have a slight problem with ROM-Sense 2019. When I use keyboard, it make sound and vibrate.

Pls comment on how to disable this.


vando said...

Hi Willy,
I have problem with using photograph taken by my camera to use for locksreen.

It's always enlarge and make the size of original photograph become like long neck or big head....

Can you comment on this?

Williyung said...


- Which keyb? If you meant is fingerkeyb, then go to fingerkeyb setting, you can disable both sound and vibrate.

- You need to resize it to 480x800 for fit the screen.


BB connect ga jln di cooked rom walaupn base-nya 1.05xxx


I posted multilang fingerkeyb cab at my xda thread, just install it and you'll able to use it.

A said...

Thanks for your new rom. I have something to ask you. I actually luv your Roms, but I don't want to use FingerKeyboard. I want to remove this key. I have tried to remove it with SK-TOOLS, but it doesn't work. How to remove FingerKeyboard? Is there a solution??

julow said...

Thanks for Keyboard, you know, I need al this ą,ć,ę,ł,ń,ó,ś etc.
And one more thing, can I remove RSS tab from Home screen?

Hahn said...

after shutdown, it does not restart, when i press the power button wanting to wake up the phone, it starts booting instead. The phone is turned off automatically.

Anonymous said...

The ROM is awesome. I've found the following minor bugs:
1. Freezes on People tab sometimes
2. Time zone is not updated automatically (even when setup in the Time Synchronization) - would love if this was defaulted to on.
3. Text Messages are not sorted properly. Incoming text messages show a time stamp offset by 4 hours.

Otherwise this ROM is flawless. Looking to your next update!!

Gianmarco said...

thx for another perfect rom!
just a question: how can i remove calendar and rss hub from home screen?

thx again God Willi :D

Michael said...

willy, thx for your always great ROM..
I found a bug.. after rotating screen from portrait to landscape, or vice versa, the Start Menu isn't working correctly, I have to push Start Menu about 5-6 times to enter the start menu..

julow said...

It's time to support and help Williyung RIGHT NOW, I think.
I've been used Donate button few minutes ago...

brynexperio said...

agan will

gan ku ada masalah di SMS nya gan, kok ngga bisa ngirim ya....,

saya pake 3, setiap ngirim pasti ada tulisan service number salah...,
pas mo nyeting di sms seting pasti ada tulisan, matikan gprs, padahal gprs ngga aktif....

mohon solusinya ya gan....

oya upgrade radio gimana caranya...
positif dan negatifnya apaan gan .../

mohon cerhanayyya ya gan....

Anonymous said...

mm...can you do this ROM multilanguage...or what i need to do to install russian language..?reply please mail :

Anonymous said...

bro will, gimana sih caranya matiin auto show smsnya??? setiap ada sms, lgsung muncul isi smsnya...

rave said...

Hello. First of all, this is my first 826x ROM and i thing it's great. Absolutely no SoD with this build (tried other chefs before and all roms were very unstable)
But i have a small problem :
Like an annonymous user said before, the battery drops from 40% to zero in a couple of minutes of normal usage. It doesn't just die, but you can see the level drop very quickly.
All in all, i get almost 2 days of normal usage out of the battery (and that's great), but i would like to know if there's a fix for my problem? Or some advice.

Thomas said...

Dear Williyung,
Thank you very much for your Rom; I and my girlfriend are using it to full satisfaction. The advantage of this Sense shield is that even my girlfriend is able to handle the phone;)
I think I’ve found one bug. When you edit a contact and press on the (empty)picture on the ‘Edit contact card’ and then press ‘Use camera’, it goes in camcorder modus instead of camera modus. So I’m not able to use the camera from the ‘Edit contact card’. But of course you can work around it…

NB: I have a SoD once a week. But I think it has to do with the tool ActiveGCsync which I’m using to sync two Google calendars.

Keep up the good work!
Regards, Thomas

Fr3aKy said...

very nice work! i like it! fast,stable and coool

karacomputer said...

hi every body.
I did download this rom.very nice and fast. thank you.
but I have a problem with htc sms message.every time I want to send a message, I must turn request delivery report first.
plz help me.

Anonymous said...

Bro Willi..thanks for the great Rom..
Anyway, where can i download themes for this rom?