Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ROM 826X UC (User Customization) (Updated 04.02.2010)

 Next build of ROM 826X will use UC (User Customization), meaning:

- User free to choose which apps they want to install with the rom
- User will get more free storage
- Base rom will be a Semi Lite rom with some HTC apps (Dialer, Calc, Recorder, Camera, Album, Audio Booster) installed.
- Most SE Panels & 3rd party apps including Opera Mobile will be installed as UC

Download UC Package here:  Multiupload

How to use: READ INSTRUCTIONS.TXT inside the package

Quick Step: (Do it before flash rom !!!)

1. Extract the UC package above, should contain:
- Folder \826X (with all cab files inside)
- File SDConfig.txt
- File Instructions.txt

2. Edit SDConfig.txt with PC Notepad to choose which apps you want to install with the rom.

3. Copy the folder \826X (with all the cab files) and SDConfig.txt to your X1 Root Directory Storage Card (same as the place you copy kovsimg.nbh)

4. Flash the rom as usual (All cab commands in SDConfig.txt will be installed automatically during Customization process!)

5. Done !!!

All cabs in package have been tested & work well.

Cab Updated:

- CHomeEditor (forgot include it in UC Package^^)
- PanelFacebookR35 (No position issue)

What's in UC Package:

1.   AdvancedConfig3.3.cab = Advanced Configuration Tool
2.   CLauncher.cab = Titanium plugin: Launcher
3.   CPeople.cab = Titanium plugin: Favorite People
4.   Experiment_13.cab = X2 Experiment 13 game
5.   FingerKeyb.cab = Finger Keyboard (will set as default keyb if you dont install X2 XT9 keyb)
6.   GoogleMaps.cab = Google Maps v.3.3.1
7.   GoogleYouTube.cab = X2 Google YouTube
8.   myphone-1.5.2410.cab = Microsoft MyPhone
9.   nitrogen1.1.cab = Music Player
10. Opera16194.cab = Opera Mobile 9.5 build 16194 (support Dpad)
11. OperaMobile10Beta2u.cab = Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2u
12. Palringo2.1.cab = IM apps
13. Panel3DFish.cab = Panel X2 3D Fish
14. PanelFaceBook.cab = Panel X2 Facebook
15. PanelMXP.cab = Panel MXP R3A Beta (edited by me^^)
16. PanelOperaMini5Beta2.cab = Panel Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 (created by me ^^)
17. PanelSE1.cab = Panel SE 1
18. PanelSPBMS3.0.1.cab = Panel X2 SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1
19. PanelTwitter.cab = Panel X2 Twitter
20. PIMBackup.cab = Backup apps
21. PowerRadio2.3.0.0.cab = Power Radio (Dont install it if you use Panel MXP/conflict)
22. TotalCommander.cab = Total commander
23. SIPSelector.cab = SIP Selector (for choose your default keyb)
24. X2XT9Keyboard.cab = X2 XT9 Keyboard (will set as default keyb if you dont install Fingerkeyb)


caps said...
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caps said...

Greaatt idea. Now it's a UC era. An advanced breakthrough to 826x progress. Good job chef. This is like a diners buffet :D

Anonymous said...

your work is fine please dont add HTC stuff give us an x1 rom in x2 style or ported one, thx.

Williyung said...

What's wrong with the HTC stuff? lol
Meanwhile, some of x2 stuff we still cant port it fully working, such as: the dialer not support landscape & video call, slideview still cant play video.
If i port slideview to the rom, it'll break the photo viewer on MXP panel, 'coz they have different DRM system, so still useless for this time.
That's why i still use goodies from HTC
- HTC Dialer is better than X1's. It has slide to answer UI
- HTC Calc is better than native calc (load faster)
- HTC Voice Recorder is useful stuff, we dont need any 3rd party shareware apps.
- HTC Album also great for fullscreen viewer
- HTC Camera has better photo quality than X1's
- HTC MP3 Trimmer & Audio Booster also great stuff which we never had it from SE ^^

Yea-Bin said...

thx Williyung
I use your 21888 rom.
it works perpectly
i've never seen that !!

when i used other wm6.5 rom (with out HTC stuff)
there are no action screen,
HTC Album, UsbToPc popup - etc
i thought it was bull-shit

But 826X Rom is great rom !!!
thx for sharing your rom

Anonymous said...

your work is great.
Thank you.
but i have a question!
At this vision, i can't setup direct push mail(micro exchange server) There is no setup procedure for exchanger server.
Could you give me a tip for using direct push mail?

Anonymous said...

hi i just posted above comment about "can't setup push mail".

i solved it.

When i setup e-mail "id@gmail.com", i can't set up push mail. But i using another e-mail address("dfd@d.g"), finaly i can setup push mail.

thnak you for your rom.:)

omoya said...

superb ROM
2 issues:
1. cannot send or receive sms. emails , phone calls and data connection all working fine.
2. uptodate(a medical software) installs but does not display pages on 6.5.5 OR 6.5.3 ROMS, BUT works perfectly on 6.5 ROMS. Any possible fix.
anyway wonderful ROM.

omoya said...

sorry the sms bug was due to errors on my SIM card.
the uptodate software still not displaying any data;so reverting back to build 21890 6.5.0 till a fix for win mo 6.5.5 is available.

youshij54 said...
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youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
Do you have HTC Album & Calc in cab format. Something like 826x style. Any news from your next ROM?
Thanks, Youshij

Yongsoon said...

your work is great!!
but alarm-off in home tab even set up to alarm-on so, how to change alarm-on in home tab page.

thank you,

Williyung said...


You've posted on the wrong section.

Which build did you mean?

Have you checked the days you want the alarm to be on? like sunday, monday, etc..

Anonymous said...

file missing...any chance to upload it again?...