Saturday, March 27, 2010

ROM 826X WM 6.5 build 21897 (Old UI) w/ HTC Sense 2.5

Download here: MediaFire (Thanks to JOE for re-upload)


- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5 build 21897 (Old UI)
- Added Office Mobile 2010 from build 23551
- Added HTC Volume Control
- Added HTC Notification Enhancement
- Added battery indicator per 10%


Preston74 said...

thank you, flashing now.

oio_sdk said...

Thank you, no sense 2.5 for this build?

Ah BeaR said...

Wow its finally haha..any bug found will be reported again..THANKS again for your hard word for all of our x1 owner ! appreciated

shithead said...

Nice! :) I will try this out ;-) but why using battery indicator by 10%? Imo, 1% is much more convenient (well, for me)
But does the 1% battery indicator uses more ram/battery?

Arde said...

oio_sdk said...

Thank you, no sense 2.5 for this build?

Are you blind ??
ROM 826X WM 6.5 build 21897 (Old UI) w/ HTC Sense 2.5

Ah BeaR said...

Willi..can you create a cab to edit the Icon beside the Start at top left corner to this Icon in this picture ?

and a cab to fix the position of the battery and the task manager icon to the position in the picture ? bcoz both of the icon is located quite right side and i hope it can be in the right position which seems to be more usual..sorry for inconvenience for my request..

shithead said...

I've tested this rom with SPB Time and it works :) Thanks ;-)

meongspeed said...

bro ini bedanya apa bos sama rom sense yang sebelumnya 23549? bisa di di install aplikasi macam2 yah bos?

kemana aja nih bos hehe lg week end yah hehe

Ah BeaR said...

seems Willi is busy @@

oio_sdk said...

@Ah Bear:
Yeah... so how your test result so far? Can you report as? How'bout the speed & battery life?

Ah BeaR said...

so far so good..but personally i prefer for original layout of UI..u can see from my request of changing of icon and position fix to SoD so far..battery life is ok i think..for your reference =)

Ah BeaR said...

hmm some question here for Willi..
Is it installing ethermind battery 1% increment causing drain or more battery usage that recude battery life ? feel free to reply me when you free =)

noirz said...

dear wiily

saya sudah set left button utk rotate screen tetapi kok kalo xperia nya di matiin kembali ke setting awal y(default)?
mohon pencerahannya
sejauh ini cuma itu yang agak bemasalah.
rom nya oke . 4 thumbs up for bro willy.

Lunar♥ said...

Nice, but after using it for a couple of days the battery life is recognizably draining fast after it hits below 50%, in the other build i wouldn't charge my phone for about a week but this build is very strange. :p

Still very good job, also the tilewave panel doesn't work. ^^

Boris said...

Great and usefull rom, maybe panels need better support, and Tiltwave panel works for me, but sometime block. Another programs work great..

Dont know about batery life, will report in few days.

Generaly The best xperia rom...

nice, professional look..

Good Job man, and sry for bad English

Vass said...

been using it for 7 hours and very very happy.
great Job Sir.
New York City

Anonymous said...

indeed one of the fastest 6.5 roms ove ever tried! (typing from it atm)

one big problem tho that make this rom useless for me. cant manage to enable vibration for new textmessege :o how to?

Milad said...

but my problem is just about sms ring tone. after i change the sms ring tone,there is no sound and illumination on my x1i. i dont know why,and it also was happened in 2 previews Roms
any help??

oio_sdk said...

Hi Willi... this ROM i quite good!
One you must takes care on next build: Stop HTC clock flipping!
Here's taken from xda:

"Everytime you refresh the home screen, the flip clock starts 1 hour and 2 minutes back to show off the flip animation. You can disable this extra animation so it only flips when it needs to flips. Download the modified manila file at the end of this post. Disable HTC Sense in Today settings. Backup original Windows file (you are going to overwrite) to your SD card. Extract downloaded file to Windows directory on your device (overwriting the original). Enable HTC Sense again in today settings."

Here is a CAB ready to stop flipping:

and here is non-CAB-eb version:

Thank you
Btw. are you busy?

simon said...


2 bugs found:

Cannot enable SMS vibration as said

Cannot use hardware-keyboard when using opera.


Anonymous said...

Just install Opera 10.

Milad said...

in ROM 826X WM 6.5.5 build 23549 w/ HTC Sense 2.5
SMS sound & Vibration & illumination is disabled!
i could remember it was enabled for the 3-4 times for the first use after installing this new rom
please FIX it man

HackitZ said...

Hi all,

I just came accros this blog, and the chef(willi) looks like he is buzy, looks great.

Before I try this can the people that are using post how the battery , reception and speed of the phone are now.


Ah BeaR said...

try yourself is the best answer.

Ah BeaR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ah BeaR said...

Tips and Trick for Share :
Disable HTC Weather Animation but Weather is still shown, use registry editor to Change \HKLM\Security\Shell\StartInfo:HideSettings from 1 to 0

Disable HTC Clock Flip [ It will automatically reduce 1 hour and 2 minute to show the flip animation ], simply install this to disable it,

These can reduce lagness and remove unwanted animation for your HTC home page.

Ah BeaR said...

Sorry Change \HKLM\Security\Shell\StartInfo:HideSettings from 1 to 0 is restore original setting from Windows Mobile.

Disable animation is Change \HKUC\Software\Manila\Home.WallpaperMode from 0 to 1

Ah BeaR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
simon said...

Would also like to comment that I have been running this since it got uploaded and havnt had any SoD yet! :) BEST rom, its fast like 6.1 roms :) aslo recommend the links posted by ah bear

jimm said...

willi, please help. where do you get your HTC Album cab that auto searches all pctures? can you share?

deBLor said...

Any screenshot?

Anonymous said...

hi Willi,

can you provide a cab to uninstall the Panel Manager? I would like to assign it for rotation. I tried deleting all the file in registry. Bt still, everytime, the program still loads. Thanks.

Lukáš said...

The best ROM for Xperia X1 I have ever seen..stable, fast, no bugs..And if you want, you can install manila as a panel from this XDA thread:
Simply download, then install and softreset..Then you can enable manila as a panel, manila will run just only when manila panel is activated and in every other panel automatically disabled, Xperia will have more memory and for example Tilewave panel will not freeze..I think Tilewave doesn't like manila in background, thats the reason that sometimes's just my experience..I hope I helped:)..

tamock said...

Dear Willy,
Your ROMs are things of beauty.
But any chance of this ROM (Old UI) without Sense?

Anonymous said...

i tried to install panal manager x2 cab, then uninstall, but still unsuccessful..

Anonymous said...

Hey! Give us mirror pls! Current mirror don't work(

Arash said...

Please Upload again
I need this ROM

Anonymous said...

Dear willy,

please provide another link to this ROM since the MediaFire one is no longer available.

Thank you very much!

Williyung said...


I've removed the file from my PC.
Hope someone else have the backup can upload for you.

Joe said...

FYI all: here is a working link:

Anonymous said...

Thank U guy it's the greatest work which I've experienced before!!