Monday, February 1, 2010

ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 24001

Download here: Multiupload (86.98 MB)

This ROM is UC Capable, please download the UC Package from Sticky for additional applications

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 24001
- Added Office Mobile 2010 from 23518
- Added Rhodium Dialer (support video call)
- Added Symbol Pad

Screen shot:


Anonymous said...

wow, sehari sampe 2x. symbol pad itu buat apa ya bro?

btw, saya make rom bro yg versi 28205, dan ada issue yg selama ini saya alami yaitu ada beberapa panel yg atasnya kurang pas sehingga ada garis. issue ini terjadi di hampir semua panel yg saya pake (tilewave, 3d fish, facebook, pixel city day & night, sony ericsson), kecuali ms today dan spb mobile shell.

apakah issue itu sudah solve di versi 24001 ini?

thx banyak bro.

Williyung said...

hi bro, namanya sapa ya? ^^

Symbol pad itu keyb utk huruf2 symbol.
Issue position itu ga bs disolved di semua buil new UI, krn taskbar atas mengecil.
Kalo bro mau yg ga ada position issue, bs pake yg Old UI (21890)

Anto said...

Sori bro, nama saya Anto :)

oh, berarti issue itu karena taskbar-nya mengecil ya? btw perbedaan old & new ui itu apa cuma di taskbar-nya aja?
bro Williyung bakalan support yg old ui apa yg new ui nih? ato support keduanya terus? :)

Williyung said...

Hi bro Anto, met kenal ya :)

Iya, issue itu krn taskbar atas di new UI mengecil, sdgkn panel2 itu dibuat utk Old UI, shg ada celah.
3D Fish panel shrsnya ga ada celah lg. Utk mslh ini kta hrs tng SE upgrade OS X2 ke UI baru, shg panel2nya otomatis jg disesuaikan.
Btw, gw pernah post di xda apps kecil yg bs mengoreksi issue position itu, cm tdk semua panel bs dikoreksi spt tilewave, pixelcity, dll.
Gw seh lbh prefer New UI bro, krn new ui merupakan OS winmo terkini yg sdg dikembangkan Ms. Dan keseharian gw jg pake new UI.
Yg old ui, kalo ada leaked versi baru, gw jg akan buat, cm ga begt konsen ke sna :)

Yea-Bin said...

i can't write reply tools & apps page. so i write here.

i think X2 facebook panel is updated
so, this blog's link was broken.
here is new facebook panel address

have a nice day- ^^*

Williyung said...

Thanks Yea-Bin for the sharing..I'll update to the apps section soon ^^

Sony said...

bro willy ... finally i am using the UC system .. currently with 826X 24001, i am a bit curious ... were there no chome-editor in the UC package? i'm just checking, whether i got it wrong or anything ... i do have the source CAB for it though so no biggy hehehe ...

so far this new ROM is very light bro ... very very light hehehe ... havin fun crackin it up now here ... btw i have move a bit closer to where u r bro ... currently i reside in riau, just a bit down from medan there hehe ... :)

thx for the excellent ROM n also, great job on the XDA un-official release ... as one fan said, why oh why isn't this ROM more popular ... amazin ... :D

Williyung said...

Hi bro sony,

Sorry i forgot to include the ChomeEditor, will update it later.

From riau? wow...just 12 hours from medan ^^

Btw, how do you think about the UC system? It isnt so hard, hah? Is it better than non UC?
I need your opinion...
I'm thinking about release my rom to xda..but need your support of course ^^

Sony said...

well i got 2 things about the UC system bro ... btw thx for updating the chome n panel right away hehehe ...

the 1st, professional opinion as in apart from personal ... UC has made "us" the users more appreciative n involve ... but more over it give us more taste in our Xperia ... so it has been a revelation ... great stuff

but the 2nd thing, n this is just me ... i had found meself being more n more similar in taste to you bro willy .. as in maybe coz i had been following u around but i do admit at personal level, UC seemed pointless for I prefer the ROM which u tend to use ... other apps come natural of course hehe ...

so overall the UC system is as easy as copy-paste ... with more alert on apps to use ... n about XDA, i will always support you no matter where (as long as i am able to :) ) ... yer blog, FP n XDA ... will always back u up bro ...

Williyung said...

Thanks for your opinion and support bro Sony..

Ok, let we talk a bit for technical point:

With the UC, we gain more free storage compare to Non UC (apps pre-installed with the ROM) with all the same apps installed.

I've compared them and we still gain about 30-40MB free storage..^^

Sony said...

so basically, and advanced, free-user minded, better n lighter system then ... now i wonder, wad wud u say the downside of the UC system bro wil??

anyway, i dont mind the extra 1st time only effort but wud still like yer opinion on more than just technical stuffs ... :D

Williyung said...

There's no downside actually, I just wonder not all user can use or understand it. That's why i need users opinion for the UC system.

I always find out the ways to keep my rom at the top performance, one of them is the UC system, less files in the rom means more speedy.
But I also want user can flash my rom in pleasant way^^

oio_sdk said...

@Williyung, just my two cents:
- Write/store UC*.CABs inside the ROM
- Extract to temporary folder before UC installation stage.
- Write small program (This is not hard):
1. Load all listed (name) CABs in the ROM.
2. (GUI) Let user makes the choices.
3. Generate UC's SDConfig.txt from checked CABs list
- Start normal UC installation
- Delete temporary UC*.CABs

Williyung said...

Thanks for your idea oio_sdk

Did you mean all cabs cooked with the rom? then let user choose which one to install?

oio_sdk said...

Yes, exactly...

FYI... there is SMS lag fix you could use in your ROM (author of Un-Official Series), takes permission from him first:
"Are you tired of waiting for those characters to appear on the screen when typing a sms or mms? Then this file is for you, install and reboot. The wait is over."

Williyung said...

If i cook all the cabs into the rom, the cabs will go to \Windows, and we cant delete anything inside \Windows. And when user install the cabs, it will extract the cab files into \program files\program name.
This mean eat twice spaces.

I read about that sms lag fix, but i think it;s not effective for some reason.
The main reason of the sms lag is compime.dll that came with the OS.
Some OS have a buggy compime.dll

oio_sdk said...

I don't know anything about ROM architecture. As you said, yes we can't use that way :)

BTW, makes user have a choices is a good idea! at last for me :D OK, skip cooking cabs inside the ROM, load list of cab names from \826X's Storage Card folder. Generate SDConfig.txt then run UC :D

How'bout that?

Williyung said...

Lol, I'll think about that :D

That's mean after flashing rom, it;ll pause a while for let user to choose the cabs.

Isnt better if user prepare first the sdconfig.txt before flashing rom?
This way users do not have to do anything from flashing till the phone restart itself.^^

oio_sdk said...

lol, as you wish... then do nothing with the UC, stay with old fashion... still cool :D

Williyung said...

hey oio...
really appreciate your idea
i'll think about that
thank you

Sony said...

hmm i think it is better this way ... a one round for probably tens of rounds ... as in, set the UC only at 1st then when handling ROM changes, the user need not to worry no more ... just flash n hard reset ...

thus managing less time on the ROM ... compares to setting through a program in which we must choose over n over again every time we flash ... so yeah the "old" (as in most advanced) way i think works best ...

Williyung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hi williyung,
this is dubairan!! my real name is hamid.
i think this is better If cook all the cabs into the rom.
please see your cooked rom in our forum:

Anonymous said...

is it possible to Add a percentage to battery bar?

Anonymous said...

I prefer the UC package as it is. I think you have pretty clear instructions and modifying a text file can be done on any PC before sending it to the phone. The names of the cab files are pretty clear for anyone who's been doing this for a while, but for those that are new to it a small description of what each cab is (a lot of work I'm sure) would probably go a long way into answering questions.
Just my thoughts on the subject.

yudi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yudi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the ROM...nice one
Just 1 issue for the Tilewave panel of not showing the window to correct that one?
Also can you help with the CNN panel?

Thanks again!

yudi said...

Hello Bang Williyung, X1 saya hang, start awal cuma tampil logo SE dan logo XPERIA saja setelah itu blank-screen (mungkin karena memory telah full saat install aplikasi), saat gogling nemu blog anda dan menarik sekali untuk ingin coba2 atasi problem X1 saya. Tapi sebelumnya (khawatir salah), boleh saya tanya dulu apakah betul pertama2 saya dapat jalankan hard-spl dulu lewat WMDC yang ada di PC dg OS Vista, meskipun tidak ada tanda2 telah terkoneksi via USB karena X1 blank-screen. (editng post sebelumnya NB: selama ini masih OS WM6.1 KOVS110 SPL-0.78.0000, blum pernah hard-spl).Terima-kasih bantuannya.

jimm said...

Hey Willi,

Check out MrRusch's benchmark speeds for RAM and storage read/write speeds:
They are super fast. 826X rom is fantastic, but the benchmarks are 1/10th of MrRusch's. Do you have any idea how he gets such fast speeds? Would love 826X to be so fast! Keep up the great work and I thank you.

Williyung said...


I know my rom isnt good with benchmark.
I build my rom with the balance of battery life, memory usage & of course speed.
With my rom's benchmark is just 1/10th of MrRusch's, do you feel my rom slow?

Williyung said...


Ga bs dihardspl dgn kondisi begt bro. X1 hrs tersync dgn baik tnp error seblum lakukan hardspl.
Coba bro lakukan hardreset dgn hardware dlu.

Williyung said...

For the tilewave issue, did you the top bar gap?
If yes, that's the issue with new UI, we cant fix that till SE do.
For CNN panel please check at the Tools & apps section

yudi said...

Thanks a lot for your advise Bro..., its working now with hard-reset. Some day I'll try to download & upgrade WM65 with your UC ROM, Iam very interested, thanks for sharing to me and others.

Dave said...

bro, X panel lost it function.......i use it 2-4 times only, then just gone. Then i ned to do hard-reset for my phone. then dun dare to use x panel again.

Williyung said...


You must dare to use the X-Panel. If you use a rom which the X-panel can't be funtioning, it means the rom is USELESS.

In this case I assume you have done what I recommended i.e. do hardreset after flashing.

Try it and see whether it happens again.

jimm said...


No, rom isn't slow, but I'd love it to be faster, though I know battery would be sacrificed.

I also had freeze after hitting panel button.

Williyung said...


You can try install tnyynt SD tuneup, it'll will boost up your sd card read/write.

How often the panel freeze jimm?
At landscape or portrait mode? Give me more details about it.

Williyung said...


You can use brian taskbar for the percentage battery icon

jimm said...

It froze while in portrait; I think I had a bunch of programs running, including main and Opera Mini 5 beta. Worked again after soft reset. I use AEButton plus but I don't capture the panel button, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Anyway, really great rom, none of it really bothers me, and this is much better than stock rom.

Williyung said...


Ok, just inform me if you get any issues and how it happened.
Sometimes it's very hard for me to fix issues if I never had it myself.

finn said...

my input: def. keep the UC. It makes it much more custimizable.

On the other hand if you want to send it to xda you are going to have a much larger user base of people flashing your roms, many of which might not know how to use UC. My suggestion would be to offer a UC and non UC build? Label it as xperied users can go with UC if they choose to.

Also there are pros and cons to putting it on xda at will have much more people bug reporting and much more questions to answer. On the flip side thou you will have more support when users post fixes they found on their own.

Anonymous said...

Awesome !!! After adding rhodium dialer, your rom is the ultrabest. I did maybe fifty flashes in last half a year trying to find a rom with full landscape dialer and newest build of windows than EnergyROM from september (last working non stock landscape dialer). Thank you man. Thank you.


Williyung said...


You're welcome..
Hope you can enjoy it !:)


Exactly same as what i'm thinking!
Offer an UC and non UC build. It's similar as offer a clean & full rom. but my big problem is my country internet connection. It's very slow for uploading, just about 12-15kb/sec.(You can imagine it) This make me very boring everytime i upload a new build, lol!
One of my purpose making this UC is to make more slim rom, I've sorted out the apps which dont have any advantages cooked with rom. So we need not to upload/download a bunch of same apps every new build comes.
Now I'm still consider with send it to xda or not.

jimm said...

yo Willi,
Thanks for the suggestion about sd tuneup. I was able to get the system and card read/write speeds super high with these tweaks:
- sd tuneup 2
- file system cache size: 2mb
- file system filter cache: 65536 sectors
- glyph cache: 64kb

(gives same speeds as MrRusch)

One thing I noticed is that I can't change the backlight off to anything except 10 seconds. You know how to solve that?

Thank you!

Williyung said...


Finally you got the speed as MrRusch, hah? ;p
With those settings memory usage will go higher, sometimes it just waste the memory when not needed.
But it's ok if it pleasure for you.
Personally, I prefer let it dynamic. WM6.5 memory management is better than WM6.1, so let the OS do the work.
It's always hard to know if your cachesize is correct. If it's way too big, you're just throwing RAM away, which is kind of dumb. Too small, and then maybe your not using your RAM effectively. And dynamic settings never good for benchmark.

About the backlight, I'm not using 24001 rightnow. Did it work when you first flash the rom?

jimm said...

Thanks for the helpful info, willi.

The backlight was never working. If I change to 30 seconds, it just reverts to 10 the next time the backlight goes off. Anyway, I just turned off the backlight off function, and that's my solution.

Blessings to you.

Nutype said...

hey just flashed this last night and its the best rom ive had so far. One thing thats bugging me though is that video and music playback seems to be a little faster than it should be. like its running at 110% speed or something. Is there some setting to change that? or is the rom just too fast =p

Dave said...

do your having problem with the video player??? I cannot play my video now........even using media player select file also cannot~~~~help!!!!!!

Williyung said...


Did you install any 3rd part apps before this issue happened?

Amor Cbr said...

Lam kenal...semua ROM ini support buat X1i di indonesia ngga...
Thanks Fullll..

Arde said...

Hi use x826 24001 rom and i find HTCvideoplayer.exe in windows directory, how i use it, totalcommander ??

Williyung said...


HTCVideoPlayer is the fullscreen player which integrated in HTC Albums. You can watch video instantly within HTC Album.

Arde said...

Where i find HTCalbum? Home screen pictures is not same?

Arde said...

OK, i found HTCAlbum.exe in windows directory and make it shortcut to programs but when i start it and push albums button nothings happend, how i can change default folder ??

Williyung said...


"OK, i found HTCAlbum.exe in windows directory and make it shortcut to programs but when i start it and push albums button nothings happend, how i can change default folder ??"

The HTC Album shortcut already in my rom by default under \Applications and it's integrated in Titanium's CPicture.

You can change the default folder under this reg:

"favorite_folder" --> fill the value with your desire folder, eg. \Storage Card\My Pictures

Arde said...

Thanks, i try this, and anyway thanks for this good ROM ...

Sathish said...


Thanks for the good Work. Well Appreciated!!

The Link is not available, can someone please mirror it to any other sites and provide me with the link to download. I want to have my X1 running with latest ROM.