Saturday, March 13, 2010

ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23545 Non-HTC Sense

Download here: Multiupload (83.92MB)
Mirror: (Thanks to Fadli)
Rapidshare, Hotfile, Netload

This ROM is UC Capable, please download the UC Package from Sticky for additional applications

Changelog (from 23519):

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23545 (COM5)
  with: Threaded E-mail & Office Mobile 2010
- Updated all HTC Stuff (Recorder, camera, etc) to Rhodium S2's
- Added vibrate function to HTC Dialer (dialpad & vibrate when connected) and calculator.
- Added Long Press End Key with 4 choices: Turn Airplane mode on, Lock Device, Set Vibrate & Terminate Data Connection. (can be configured under: settings > personal > buttons)
- Added WiFi Toggle (can be assigned to softkey/clauncher for on/off wifi)
- Added ability to read chinese font

Known Issue:

- HW Camera button doesn't work.
Solution: Install Xperia R3A Beta Camera w/ Autoflash & Geotag from here:


61 comments: said...

Bro.. virtual keyboardnya besar kah?

Murányi Miklós said...

I can't flash this new rom onto my phone.
After the 4 screen page, the line make 100%, i restart the phone, and it is frozen with a '7' icon. i wait over an hour and nothing happened.

AndrosTheLion said...

The best rom for xperia ever created. Love your roms!:)

MiyamotoMusashi said...

Thanks for the continous great work bro !

will test this rom and post feedback and any issues (if encountered ).

Thank you

Williyung said...

@Muranyi Miklos

What apps did you use to extract the rom? 7-zip?
Maybe bad flashing..


Can someone please confirm flash this rom succesfully?

Nguyen Minh said...

i like your rom, but it does not have rotate screen button, i go to the way : setting - personal- button but don't see the rotate screen button
hope you add it to late rom!

Nguyen Minh said...

oh, can it worker with opera 10 beta 3 ?

jimm said...

This ROM is flawless so far. You are the best X1 chef in my opinion.

MiyamotoMusashi said...

ok here is what i found so far,

overall rom is fast and good ( as expected from a 826x rom ) and flashes OK .
Tiles panel hangs when changing weather location and is glitchy.

other than that, so far so good :D

caps said...

Finally b23545 came out of the box with some improvements. Surely you never stop progressing. Good job! Good Share! Thanx for sharing mate :)

jimm said...

anyone having trouble with typing letters on hard keyboard in opera mini? might just be my keyboard, even though se fixed it recently.

AndrosTheLion said...

I've been testing this rom from it's creating.
The only problem i had - russian book in rtf format, language wasn't recognized properly... Seems that alreader bad in non fb2 books:)
Again i want to say you thanks for this rom!

Fadli said...


Fadli said...


Williyung said...


Thanks for the mirrors. will add to first post..

Anonymous said...

Not work opera 10 final :-(

Williyung said...


Thanks bro :)


Thanks for your kind words mate..I'm not the best, but I try to be the best, lol *kidding*
I cant test the HW keyb with opera mini for this time, coz I'm not on this build, can someone confirm this?


You're welcome bro..
Maybe it needs font that support russian lang..
Btw, can it be read with stock rom?

@No name

Can someone confirm opera 10 final not working with this build?
I try with my sense rom, it's working fine..

finn said...

Opera mini works perfectly for me...I'd suggest a reflash and have that one of the first things you reinstall, or find a newer version

One thing I would like to add--x2 dialer now works with contact images on this build! yay!

L3x5 said...

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for Voice2Go, you can always create a new one for yourself. It's all up to you!
+include voice rotate screen and etc.+
for next rom, bisa gak bro software ini dah include. thanks Bro.

Williyung said...


Hi Yungers,

Cool! Thanks for the sharing :)

oio_sdk said...

Hi Willi, thanks for this new great ROM.

Q: Some of your note: "Updated all HTC Stuff (Recorder, camera, etc) to Rhodium S2's"

and... this ROM still using Comm Manager still original Windows's one. Is HTC Comm Manager missing or just is it?

Williyung said...


"Hi Willi, thanks for this new great ROM.

Q: Some of your note: "Updated all HTC Stuff (Recorder, camera, etc) to Rhodium S2's"

and... this ROM still using Comm Manager still original Windows's one. Is HTC Comm Manager missing or just is it?"

You're welcome
No, you dont miss the htc comm manager coz i never cook in for my roms without sense.
And the one in the rom is stock Xperia's.

The htc stuff in what i meant is the htc stuff which already exist in the previous build (w/o sense), just updated the package from the latest rhodium's.

Hope it clear.

oio_sdk said...

Very clear! Thanks :D

This my new reports:
- Opera 10 running well on this build! (Installing by my self using official opera's .cab, not from UC since UC's package still beta)

- Long press Camera's button won't work! (start camera software) --> somebody please confirm!

This my request:
Please Willi can you cook 21895 version for us (or the latest version which has start button on top)?

Many thanks! Keep your amazing works!

Williyung said...


- I will record your request, but I still have to finish my sense rom, so maybe after that.

- The start menu camera is the HTC Camera, you cant use camera button to take picture, just tap the shoot button on the screen.
Camera HW button is only used for X1 camera.

oio_sdk said...

>> I will record your request, but I still have to finish my sense rom, so maybe after that.

Sure am waiting... thank you btw... :)

>> Camera HW button is only used for X1 camera.

Sure, usually long press cam's HW button will Launch X1 camera software :)

About HTC camera it's OK, nope. click-tab is OK :)

Ah BeaR said...

HW camera key can be fixed by installing the Autoflash camera software..btw.Willi..the latest rom without htc sence ui is quite delay for typing for sms..i mean when i typing the word is delay quite long when to appear on screen..anyway to make it better ? thx for your ROM too.

Williyung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fadi said...

Solid ROM, good work Williyung! I upgraded my Xperia from your 23519 last week. No memory leak, no freeze, no glitches.. Fast and stable. oh, and great boot screen (Windows 7):)

Room for improvement:
1. the quick list is a nice addition, but would be much better if the list can be modified (option to select other functions).
2. I use "Touch Diamond" shut XP with the long press option that allows you to either softreset or shut down. much better than the existing soft reset app.

Williyung said...

@Ah Bear

Did you mean typing with HW keyb or Soft Keyb? If soft keyb, what keyb are you using?



I will look at it as your suggestion..

Ah BeaR said...

thx for your reply willi..the delay occur when i using hw keyboard..after i change the default sf keyboard to "Keyboard"..the delay is much better..i think it is the problem of the XT9 sw keyboard which made typing with hw keyboard delaying..

another suggestion :
allow user to modify the quick list
add in chinese typing function
add a xperiatweak [ my xperiatweak2.0 cant work with your ROM..error occur] so user can use it to disable the msg send notification which is lag..
HW Camero button doest work..i fixed it by reinstalling the auto flash cab.. thx

Ah BeaR said...

sorry add in suggestion..
add Home Screen Editor so user can modify the default WM6.5 home screen tab [ customizing music people phone launcher time text e-mail calendar favorites]
HTC Communication Manager is quite good
touch responce software [ vibrate when touch ]
above is my suggestion..just for your reference.. ^^

pjpeter said...

Thanks for posting this :). I managed to get 1% Battery, TaskFacade over XPanel and everything working great on it and I'm quite happy. Very fast and stable - thanks :)


Williyung said...

@Ah bear

Uppp, sorry guys, I just flash back to this build and found out the HW camera button doesn't work.
Forgot to test this feature while i build the rom.

Ok, thanks for your suggestion, I will see what can i do on the next release.
For the comm manager, I still prefer X1's, because HTC comm manager requires more services to run at startup, meaning it requires more memory and your battery usage :)

I heard somewhere xperia tweak 1.9 (if I dont get wrong) works with WM6.5, you can try it..

Williyung said...


"Thanks for posting this :). I managed to get 1% Battery, TaskFacade over XPanel and everything working great on it and I'm quite happy. Very fast and stable - thanks :)"

You're welcome..
Enjoy the rom :)

Ah BeaR said...

Just tested XperiaTweak 1.9 work well with 826x ROM..thanks you ^^ looking forward for your next release for ROM with Sence and without Sence..any bug found will report to you..thx

Anonymous said...

First of all, big thanks from spain for this great rom; I have tried a few roms from xda dev, but no ones is fast enough and stable like your roms.
I have a question, I installed the xt9 keyboard from xperia x2 (the 2 cabs: preinstall and then keyboard) but each time I switch off my phone, when I switch on again the default keyboard it is not xperia x2, it is default microsoft keyboard which is very poor. Any sugestions, please?
Thank you vey much.

Williyung said...

Hi friend from Spain,

You're welcome..
You can install sip change or sip selector (from my UC package) to set the XT9 keyb as default keyb.

Hope it help.

Geir Morten said...

First of all, your ROMs are the best I've ever used on the X1!

I'm running the 24001 build from 1st Feb and it works smooth. Any point in upgrading to your latest ROM?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, sip selector works perfect. Thanks for your fast reply.

noirz said...

bro radio dimana y?
ane utak atik kok gak ada
uda ane coba instal power radio kok ga2l
solusinya dunx bro
thx banget

Konstantin said...

Your ROMs are amazing. I have a pure 6.5 ROM but your sense ROMs are so tempting...Maybe one day =) Keep the great work up! Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

Tank you, I just installed it on my X1 and works fine.
Just one question : as I managed to automaticaly soft reset my phone over the night, is there a way to remove the starting sound ?

Anonymous said...

hello ~
thx for your great work! this is the smoothest rom I've tried. But i still got bellow problems.

1) Chinese name is shown as 口口口 in the dialer.
2) kinetic scrolling in some apps (like isilo) is missing.

Williyung said...


Power radio ada dlm \Applications setlh diinstall

@No name

To remove start-up sound, go to:
"StartupWav"="\Windows\BootUpHTC.wav" --> delete the value "\Windows\BootUpHTC.wav"

@No Name

1. Sorry, I have no idea for the contacts chinese name in the dialer

2. Find the .exe filename of the apps you want to enable kinetic scrolling, eg. isilo.exe, then add reg key to the following :


If you're not familiar with reg editing, give me your apps's exe filename, I will make a cab for you

finn said...

Hey Willy, just an update--been a week or two and still no bugs of note. I've installed x2 dialer, using spb mobile shell + android widgets/themes, goes really nicely with the lightness of the rom and a great icons!

One thing thats interesting, I ran memmaid shortly have flash/UC to clean up old install files, broken reg keys, etc just to see what it came up with...and it freed up something like 10 to 20 mb of space! After installing all my apps + themes I still have only 90MB of storage space used!

Williyung said...


Cool! Seems you're a fan of X2 dialer, hah? :)
I think I'll give a try the memmaid..

finn said...

Im not sure if this is well known of the dialer or not--but if your contacts have high res pictures--I think 300x300 or higher) the picture is fullscreened over the background, to me thats the best part :)

Williyung said...

Oh well, so meaning it can resize the picture to fullscreen. Which version are you using finn?

finn said...

so far all the versions have been able to use it....but im using 1.1.941

check it out:

Williyung said...

1.1.941? okay, I got this one too, but never try it yet.

Nice! really fullscreen :)

pjpeter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pjpeter said...

@Williyung np :).

After posting my first comment and getting everything working as I like it, I realized it was complicated enough to remember what exact files to install or what registry keys to change that I wrote down some notes so I could do it again when the next new ROM is released. After that I thought it might be useful to others if I fleshed out and posted those notes online - so I did. And coming back here to read up on the comments I thought maybe it would help someone if I linked to my guide here - so here it is:

Thanks again for this great ROM :),


Williyung said...

Hi pjpeter,

Nice post! :)

I read your post about igo, I've a fix to add "Rotate Screen" menu for button setting, hope it also fix the blank screen when sliding keyb out. Try it and let me know

Here you go:

pjpeter said...

Hey Williyung,

Thanks for your feedback :).

Sorry about my tardiness in replying, it's been pretty busy here. The issue with iGo is that if you have it active in the foreground and then open the keyboard, the entire screen will go black - you can still touch things and if you tap the screen it will come back on. Randomly though it may go black again one or more times after this though which makes it problematic to use and distracting when using as a GPS while driving. It will sometimes also go black when closing the keyboard as well.

I observed the behaviour, applied your hotfix and then tested the app before and after a softreset and observed no change in the symptoms. Re-reading your post I think maybe I need to do more for it to work. Do I need to use a button or menu setting to do the rotation as opposed to just sliding the keyboard?

Thanks very much,

breiyan said...

hay, willyung....

great rom,,,,,,,,

fast,stable,eye catching,elegan,simple,and not too decrease my storage........


but i have some question for you maybe is little problem......

1. is the sound for ringtone and song is so little, may u know how to fix it ?

2. about quick list at end key, can i add more button, like as softreset button......, and how ?

3. i was flash this rom with the write rules...., and was 2 times i do that...., but i have 1 problem ( may how to solve ) if i use default lockscreen or s2u2 lock screen, after few hours my x1 always frezee and to open that i must softreset my x1..... :(...
may i know how to fix that??????

4. ooo iam forget just information for all friends. for getting full suite comm manager , i use color htc comm manager 11 button.,

5. about this rom, i was checked all menu, i looked few menus 6.1 in this rom, are this rom based from wm 6.1 pro ?,


that is..... PLS u answer my all question>>>>.......

i hope u make it more better....

with ur style....
elegan, simple, fast, stable, in indonesian i say "GUE BANGET"......

iam sorry my english so bad.....

:) :) :) :)

jimm said...


Just want you to know - I've never ever ever had a single crash with this ROM. Amazing. You da man!

Nick said...

Brilliant ROM. Thank you.

Found a bug with the Power Radio. When you first start the Power Radio it activates the phone & dials the last number you rang. Most annoying.

But the Power Radio itself is great.

Fadi said...

Any update on the 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 with UI?

Look forward to your next version.



Anonymous said...

I'm having problems with the occasional hang that happens with I'm switching panels. (either upon opening the panel browser or after switching to another panel)
Windows Marketplace fails to connect to the server. (Bad addy?)

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi & Finn,
I've installed X2 dialler ver. 1.1.941
, But it's Redial is not working. Colud you please let me know that the problem is coming from this version of dialler or just it's not compatible with this Rom. I'm using 23545.
Thanks for your great job.

Anonymous said...

no link is working...