Thursday, May 6, 2010

ROM 826X WM 6.5.5 build 23568 without Sense

Download here: Megaupload
Mirror: Rapidshare (Thanks to Shockedz)

UC Capable

Change log: (from 23545)

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23568
- Added HTC Menu
- Improved Headset quality sound
- Added Custom Rectangle Bottom Soft button
- Added HTC Black themes
- Added Opera Mobile 10
- Added ability to play musics (CMusic/WMP) with backlight off

- To prevent charging freeze issue, go to power settings > On external power > Check "Turn off device if not used for"
- Please report bugs/issues ONLY if you have done HARDRESET & SOFTRESET after setting & restoring data.

Screenshot: (with some apps added)


jimm said...

You are the best, Willi! Here we go!

Anonymous said...

Only You for the best on X-peria rom bro willy, congrats! can you custom for "GUNDAM MOBILE SUIT" THEME N SOUND FOR X-1? I think it's cool.. Many thanx's for your X-perience bro..

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
Any photo from this ROM?

youshij54 said...
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day said...

ca someone give screenshot?
it will be great..
and of course, mirror links please :D
thanks to bro willy..
nais post gan :D:D

shockedz said...

RS Mirror:


Williyung said...

- Thanks shockedz for the mirror

- Screenshot updated

- I dont know "Gundam Mobile Suit" themes. But you can always install by yourself. Coz this clean version I keep it as 826x style.

tyasdoank said...

makasih bro willi atas commentnya pada rom sebelumnya semoga yang ini lebih baek trimakasih ya, terus improve dalam kooking rom xperia

Anonymous said...

Hi, Williyung.
I think your rom is very simple and beatiful.
What kind of kitchen to make your rom?

directoRE said...

om willy,maaf kalo pertanyaan sy jadul bgt :D
bro,tutorial untuk hardspl udah ada,tp tutorial untuk flashingnya kok sy ubek2 blm nemu jg ya. langkah2 apa sj yg hrs sy persiapkan untuk flashing ROM? misalkan udah sy donlod file nya,trus gmn selanjutnya?
trm kasih seblmnya

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
For the last few weeks I moved to Jerpelea's ROM and compare to 826X two items were interesting for me: The first on is battery usage in without slide view version that is excellent and the second one is highest speed with a good performance and graphic but still needs to complete and he/she (Jerpllea) is really helpful and perfect in his/her job (same as you).
Just I wanted to know your idea about these items and let me know, is it possible to mix these two ROM's to get a new ROM (Combination of X2 and HTC) with highest battery life time and fastest speed and many other advantages that are coming from 826X.
Thanks (Trima Kasih!),

jimm said...

Willi - this ROM is perfect as usual. I love the HTC theme and the menus. It's hard to think how this could be improved upon (unless you could magically overclock the processor!) NRG replaces the top enlarged menu thing with a big HTC notifications screen, which is kind of nice. But this is just great.

jimm said...

Noticed one thing: I can't see text messages that I am composing at the bottom of the screen. They are covered by the bottom bar. Any solutions?

Rokas said...

OMG! This rom is amazing! It’s fast ant stable and this is everything that matters to me. Now just a few thoughts what I’ve done different if I knew how to cook:
I think the htc dialer doesn’t fit the style of wm and x1 at all. I’ve installed X2 dialer and X2 keyborad and they works fine. Comm manager didn’t worked and I had to hardreset the phone because start button stoped working. It would be nice to have battery indicator and commmanager from x2. The tilewave panel is bugy with 6.5.5 it’s not compatible with it, so there’s no need to have it preinstalled.
I’ll keep cheking your work. Thank you so much cause now I can normally use my phone for everyday use

Arde said...

Rokas, what bugy is tilewave panel, forks fine for me??

shondown said...

I've downloaded this ROM, flash it, my X1 hangs (with blank screen) on the first run.. never had this with previous build. Any idea?

Williyung said...


Coba cek di sigi sy di FP X1 Index, di sana ada tuto utk flashing rom.


You're welcome
Good idea actually.
Without SlideView + HTC Sense, I think it's possible to combine the two roms, but unsure it may give a highest battery life time.
I'll give a try some days.


- I would prefer WM magnifier top bar than HTC Notification bar.
- For the text msg issue, can you post a screenshot?


- X2's comm manager is still buggy from my latest test, I havent tried the latest version.
- I still prefer HTC batt indicator than X2's which look like default WM's.
- The tilewave panel only has position issue, the function itself working fine.

Williyung said...


Try take out you memory card and hardreset.

shondown said...

have done it, but after the SE logo the screen went black and nothing happens... please help

One Love said...

support the local X1 chief master!!


menunggu project selanjutnya....hihihi

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
I installed this version and it's really nice with HTC style and with a very good performance.
Thanks for your great job and I'm waiting for your new revision to see more improvement :)
Semoga Berjaya ;)

Williyung said...


Have you tried Task29? Also could be bad flashing, re-download the rom or try to flash another rom to see how it goes.

Thanks One Love and Youshij54..^^

finn said...

Sweet rom, only one bug I have so far, and Im not 100% sure of the cause but I think this is it:

When a bluetooth headset disconnects it gives you a pop up alert. You used to be able to turn this off in notifications menu but that option is gone. Anyway, when it disconnects if I ignore the pop up and it disappears, the topbar becomes unresponsive and I cannot get the alert icon to go away.

Williyung said...


Unsure if it's OS bugs or something wrong in my kitchen, I cant test it coz I dont have bluetooth headset.
Will inform you if I find any solutions.

shondown said...

have tried task29, but still the same... after the SE logo the screen went blank. I've rename the ruu_signed to kovsimg if that meant anything

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
I've some freezing when I want to type name or Email address before sending Email or SMS & I've seen before in previous version as well but not in 53518 & 19. Please advise

Milad said...

after testing the prev. Roms of the 826x series, I can just say: ITS Superb & Great.
its Very fast(I think because of Non-Sense) and very stable and beautiful design....
No bug found after 2 days (I mean HardWorking by xperia!)

Duri_Boss said...

link to megaupload is not available... pls reup

youshij54 said...

Hi Willi,
Is there any new version on the way?

Fadi said...

Hi Willi,

The ROM is fanatastic, however, below is a list of bugs to be addressed:

1. Windows Media player would allow you to play a file, but when you try to play another music file the device locks up and hangs. You have to remove the battery or reset device.
2. The keyboard settings always reset to the default keyboard, no matter what you do, it keeps defaulting to the "keyboard". to resolve it I had to install SIPChange CAB.
3. Headset disconnect notification keeps coming (sound and message notification), to fix it I introduced the following in registry:
@="Bluetooth Notif." ;or another text that you like.

I hope you'd be able to fix these in the next ROM update.



Radu said...

First of all i want to say the 826X roms are probably the best around with speed and battery life.
Second.. well i have a problem. How can i remove the vibration from when i lock the device?

Anonymous said...

Great ROM, seems better than others I've tried.

The only thing I've been unable to change is that the right button always reverts to home after a reboot, even if I've set it to right soft key.
As the "hang up" button also takes you to the home screen, it doesn't seem to add much

test said...

I can't see text typing in the name fileds during adding contact when typing by keyboard

Nick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

The rapidshare link and the mega link no longer appear to be working.

DJ_Elo said...

Heya,can someone please upp this rom again to hotfile or similar??rly want it :)

ulysse said...

Someone re-up this rom, please? tired wi/ Sense rom,, I want to back to SPB 3.5, quite funny also

pjpeter said...

Please re-up or post new Non Sense Rom, thanks :)

limmokwaby said...


hey bro!
i'm russian.

i have a question.
Is this no problem when i send a sms in russian language in Russia???????????

blackeagle00 said...

Hi Williyung,

when i tryed to download Rom 826x - 23568 both links were down.

So where can i get these great Rom?

greatings from germany

Fadi said...

Hi Willi,

Any news on having an updated clean ROM? I look forward to your great work.

Sathish said...


I have update my X1 to 6.5.5, really like it. Very good work.

I have an issue on my External speaker sound is very bad quality, i can hear all the voice breaked with craking noise mixed when phone rings and even when i play music using Inbuilt player or media player or core player.

Anyone having this issue ?

Is there any fix available ro resolve it ?

Anonymous said...

om,..ijin nyedot ya,..mau belajar ngutak ngatik,..makasi om

maheshrpm_7800 said...

none of the above links are working, can you re upload the rom plz ...

Anonymous said...

it's brokken link

Ark said...

please re-up someone, I need to try this, the latest non-sense ROM by willi.. thx..

Teknisi Computer Uyee said...

cara download ROM pnya bro.willy gmna yah??
koq kyaknya susah bget mw download ROM yg dh bro sediain d atas..
tlong bantuanya!!