Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23676 - Sense 2016

Download here: Megaupload
Mirror: Rapidshare (Thanks to Diogo) 4shared (Thanks to Preston74)


- 826x 23676 HotFix 1 : Fix WM Contact selecting letter issue (install to Device and Softreset)

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 23676 (Thanks to DFT, MWang, Boomer)
- HTC Sense 2.5.20161332.0
- Updated Google Maps 4.1.1
- Updated most HTC apps from latest leaked roms.
- Fixed Audio Booster issue can't save as preset
- Updated Custom StartMenu Icons
- Added Total Commander 2.52 Beta 3
- Keylock is set to "by pressing power button" by default.


Please read Chef's Notes on Sticky before you flash !


- 826x (Install to Device and Softreset)
- 826x WP7 Wallpaper



Chun Ming said...

I can't download from Megaupload.

Could anybody please provide another mirror link for download?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.

Balthazar23 said...

change me rom change me rom ... wohoooo ...

youshij said...

Wooow, Downloading now :)
Thanks willy
Terima kasih

mahdi said...

please provide another mirror link for download.
I can't download from Megaupload.

Diogo said...

Heya Willi thanks for this one! I'll flahs it right away. Here is one link in rapidshare to help the other users:


L3x5 said...

Bang Willy ijin unduh,makasih ya brader.

vipex said... mirror please...

youshij said...

Thanks Willi,
Faster than your last revision & perfect.
Still checking and thanks for you great job :)
Semoga Berjaya,

day said...

does this ROM support vid call? :D

Williyung said...


If it doesn't, I will mention it at the change log :)


Welcome for the Thanks.

Willy cunk said...

mantaf bro rom baru nya...

MediaFire Please....

Preston74 said...

4shared mirror:

Chun Ming said...

First of all, Thank You So Much for this great ROM.

Just flashed and will report back if any problems found.

This ROM is very fast and responsive.

I like this new set of icons.

I would also like to thank those guys who provide the mirror links.

In this build 23676, I wonder if we can show the singal bar and operator name at the upper leftmost corner when the phone is locked.

In previous build 23127, when the phone is locked, singal bar and operator name is shown at the top bar.

Williyung, can we do that?

Thanks again.

Williyung said...

@Chun Ming

You're welcome

No, because this rom is using patched lockscreen in order to make the older dialer and video call to work properly.

Unlike 23127, there's no patches to any OS files. 231xx/236xx builds originally have new lockscreen UI which show the operator name.

Chun Ming said...


Thanks for your quick reply.

I understand now.

vipex said...

Hi Willy,

What "826x (Install to Device and Softreset)" is stand for?

Do I need (must) install this add-on?

vipex said...

Bro Willy,

Kenapa font di Start menu icons pada agak melebar? Bagaimana cara menge-set-nya biar font lebih ramping seperti ROM sebelumnya?


Williyung said...


No, you dont need to install it if you like current dialer skin (GTX skin).

The cab is only for those who want revert back to HTC default dialer skin (White & Green)

Williyung said...

"CustomGridForm" --> delete the value "StartMenuCust" & Softreset.

vipex said...


Thanks bro, I'll try

vipex said...

1. I have delete "StartMenuCust" the result font size is to small :( Dooh.
Previous ROM has bigger & slim.

2. Is there a switch app tools to turn ON/OFF animation weather?

LEWIS said...

Another mirror for the dl! enjoy!

sika68 said...

the new icons are really great. thanks

robsterr said...

what are the icons called? thx

Leo said...

master willy...

kok internet ku error si pas pake rom 23673...
weather updatenya connection error melulu..
padahal pas pake rom master willy sebelumya. masi bisa...

aku Pake 3 three..

tolong pencerahannya master willy,,,

your rom is the best, fast and stabil..

Chun Ming said...

I woud like to report the crashing problem of using SPB Time V3.4.0 (Build 2972) on this ROM.

1. Just after installed the SPB Time immediately, I can install city in the World Time option by tapping the "+" sign.

2. After soft-reset, when tapping the "+" sign to add another new city, SPB Time will crash and close.

This problem occured in previous 826X-Sense-Build-23127 ROM as well.

Hope it can be fixed.

Williyung said...

@Chun Ming

Will look at it. Btw, have you tried with others rom which using same branch (231xx/236xx)and how's the result? wondering if it's the apps incompability issue with the os.


Coba lakukan connection setup ulang dr setting > connection.


No named. I combined from different sources.

Chun Ming said...

I tried SPB Time on different branch "Build 21911" ROM and it worked properly.

I also think it may be incompability issue with OS.

I don't have chance to test it on other roms which using same branch (231xx/236xx)


CY said...

Thanks Willi, great rom. So far so good.
IS there a chance that you can post the previous rom lock screen wallpaper?
I prefer the dark WP7 one compared to the current feather wall.


Leo said...

Sudah bisa Bro Willy..
Blom di set ternyata connectionnya..

Celestial said...

Williyung, have you found anything on the notification sounds leaking to phone's external speaker when using headset? I tried several (known) reg tweaks but no luck so far.

robsterr said...

what are the folder icons called then? :) thx

Picione said...

It's the first time I flashed your ROM. It's very smooth and stable. But I have some questions:
- Could you add "Bubble Breaker" game to your ROM? I can't find a cab that work perfectly.
- Where can I change my band to UTMS (900 + 2100), often I can change it in Systems > Personal > Phone... But now I cant.
Anyway, thank you for sharing your work with us.

Williyung said...


Settings > Personal > Phone > GSM/UMTS Service > Band > Get Setting


I Havent found the way, weird, my hd2 can disable the notif sound on speaker. Still looking for the reg..
Wondering if this's depend on drivers, so we can do nothing.

@Chun Ming

I just tried the SPB Time as you mentioned, no crash at all. Used same version and same build (Trial version)
Are you using a *cracked* version?


For other request, sorry, I cant answer or provide ur requests now, too tired after providing roms for you, then i should provide your needs one by one.

Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

About the SPB Time crashing issue.

I just tested it again in following ways.

1. Hard-reset the device.

2. After that, install the SPB Time only. No other applications installed.

3. Tested the SPB Time and no crash encountered.

Alos, I tested the SPB Time on another ROM of the same branch, 23676 and the result is positive, i.e. no crash of SPB Time encountered

I installed many personal applications in your ROM.

I think the crashing issue of SPB Time is caused by the conflict of my installed applications on build of this branch, 23127 and 23676.

However, same sets of applications and configuration on the branch of build 21911 will be fine for SPB Time.

So, I am puzzled.

I appreciate your help and concern.

I have used your ROM since it was released.

No SOD or freeze encountered.

It is still fast in loading even though CHT 1.8.5 is installed.

Your ROM is excellent as usual.

I never use twitter.

Because of your ROM, I registered a Twitter account and follow you.
Hope to see your release of the Sense 2018, soon.

Thanks again.

All about Handphone, Gadget, Computer and Technology said...

Bro, mw nanya gmna carana enable set wallpaper di Sense home screen, koq di punya q status na off, ga bisa dklik setelah install CHT editor, begitu juga dengan CHT editorna, jadi ga bisa ganti wallpaper...


Anonymous said...

why i cant change comand the right button? right button is home, left button is comm manager. i want do rigt button to cleanRAm. but i cant :( help!

waaaaa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amor Cbr said...

gan willy....semua rom ini kira-kira cocok ngga ya untuk xperia x2, soalnya nyari rom yang di modif buat x2 susah, mohon pencerahannya gan...thank

Williyung said...


WP7 wallpaper added at the main post.

@Amor Cbr

Ga cocok utk x2. X2 smp sekrg blum bs dihardspl, jd ga bs flash custom rom.

@@Chun Ming

Appreciated your following.

Williyung said...

@All about

Ga tau bro, gw install CHT, menu set wall-nya bs dipake tuh...coba reinstall aja

Diogo said...

Willi, I had an issue here. In the windows contacts (not the htc one), when I select any letter, the listing goes automatically to the last contact. No matter what letter I choose in the bar in the right.

This happens to you?

Williyung said...

Yes, still finding the solution..

Williyung said...


I make a cab for the WM Contacts issue, could you test for me? because currently I'm not using this build.

tle034 said...

willi bro!! Thanks for the great rom! Recently i found out an error. I tried to reassign the right and left keys. Left key is reassigned w/o a problem but the Right key is assigned back to HOME everytime i do a soft? You have any idea why? Thanks again for the great rom!

Williyung said...


That's sense bug for our x1.
It needed a patch file called manilatoday.dll, I dont use it because I doubt it may causing problems.
There;s a patch for sense 2012 on xda, but I havent seen for this sense 2016

day said...

i have install cab for the WM Contacts issue but everytime reset device a message appear say "The file 'Smart Resident' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its component cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file"
just want you to know :)

Williyung said...


lol, seem I should flash back to this build and test the cab to make it work :)

Thanks for trying..

oh, dont forget to uninstall it ;p

day said...

thnks for your effort willy :)
and seems like i must wait for the next ROM :P

Nguyen Minh said...

i install bryth Flash Flayer, when i setup buttons options
i don't see ok button, so i can't confirmation options
Help me

Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

Just to inform you that it is the "MMTaskManager v1.9.100711" application installed in my device causing the crash of SPB Time when adding new city.

After removed it, SPB Time work fine.


Williyung said...

@Nguyen Minh

Sorry, I never used that apps. Have you tried HW OK button? :)

@Chun Ming

Which better this MMTaskManager compare to Resco TM?

Leo said...

Bro willy..
tanya donk lagi donk

pas aku kirim Sms..
kok gk ada notification "message sent"
kalo susah terkirim kan biasa ada notif nya.. ini sama sekali gk ada bro... biasa nya kan ada..

Bukan Notif yg System administrator lho yg saya maksud bro,,
tapi notif yg setelah smsnya terkirim..

Mohon bantuan nya Bro.. thankz..

Chun Ming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

I changed to use Arkswitch Mgr and AMeBa. This combination is the best, I think.

Diogo said...

Hey Willi!

For me you hotfix worked like a charm! :) No problems when I reet the device.

What can be causing the @day issue?

Diogo said...


Have you done everything described in the chef's notes? Have you "task'ed 29" your x1?

day said...

I've done everyting as like describe in the chefs notes.
Maybe it's happen just my device lol.
Uninstalling the hotfix, but the error won't dissapear so I hardreset my x1 :P
oh, is this happen because i don't reset device after installation?maybe i'll try it again. thnks

Anonymous said...

thx berat bro will... ane dah kepincut ma rom buatan bro will.. ijin sedot...

bryneXperio said...

aloo agan will...

ku ada beberapa komen nih tolong pencerahnnya ya...

aku sudah make ROM 23673 dan 23676 keduanya bagus banget dan lbih prefer ke 23676,

1. tampaknya masih ada SOD, dan itu spertinya berpengaruh dari aplikasi plaringo chat.
jadi saat aku stand by online chat di palringo, dan x1 ku auto lockscreen dan turn off layarnya. dan layar tetap turn off bahkan saat telpon dan sms masuk tetap screen off. atau apakah ada penyebab lain selain dari palringo, ???,
dan aplikasi yang ku pakai adlah:
navitel gps,
826x remote desktop,
wolf translator,
pocket music,
core player,
obex inbox,
clean ram,
826x disable location,
dan 826x screen wake up..,

apakah ada diantara aplikasi diatas yang mempengaruhi SOD, ku pake ROM 23676 826x yang terakhir...

2. apakah benar jika memakai album dan player di sense membuat berat kerja x1, karena ku sering muter player dan album disense, dan x1 ku terasa berat untuk multi tasking, jadi tabnya ku remove saja....,

mohon penjelasannya ya gan,.....

Chun Ming said...

Just tried the "826x 23676".

It worked and the WM Contacts issue is fixed.


Nguyen Minh said...

some game not work in this rom : rayman ultimate, dragonball, kawai, touchtris

Chun Ming said...

Dragonball does not launch when tapping on the game icon.

Anonymous said...

To Williyung


How can I remove the default keyboards (XT9,Touchinput, Symbol...)?

I tried to disable it by use SKTOOLS but it didn't work.

Please tell me how can I remove them completely( REGISTRY value or uninstaller..)

Buy the way, I installed this rom yesterday and it seems good until now. the rom in July 27 had a battery drain problem and SOD.

ahmadin said...

Master Willy...
mau laporan nih...
di ROM master Willy yang ini kalo menyalakan radio sampai dua jam atau ditinggal tidur... maka layar gak mau nyala alias blank.. tetapi suara radio tetap menyala... dan untuk mengembalikan harus di sofreset melalui tombol reset di belakang tutup baterai.. dan ini udah saya coba nyalakan sebanyak 4 kali.. dan setiap itu pula layar tidak mau bereaksi jikalau radio dinyalakan dalam waktu yang lama..
mohon pencerahannya master willy...

Williyung said...


ga pasti jg apa penyebabnya bro, kalo rom sebelumnya ada gt ga?
trus autolock enable/disable dan dlm keadaan charging ga?

@no name

Those keyboard can't be uninstalled. Why do you want to remove it?

You can try this regs:

- [HKLM\Software\ultrashot\SIPHook]
Enabled=0 ; it will disable the touch input keyb mode chooser option other than full qwerty.

- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Layouts\e0010409]
"Ime File"="\windows\compime.dll"
"Layout Text"="COMP IME"
; it will disable xt9 feature


- coba disable autolock aja kalo mau pake parlingo liat masi bs sod ga..Penyebab sod susah bgt diketahui.

- Kalo sekedar music player sense sih ga terl berat, ga tau jg kalo dibarengi dgn album. Kalo mau pake keduanya, diusahakan jgn ada apps lain yg jln dibackground lg. bs ditutup dgn resco task mgr.

day said...

@willy or someone
i want to add ringtone for new message notif., what directory i must add the file?and what type (wav, wma, mp3)?i've add wma and mp3 file to /Windows/Rings/, it doesn't appear on list, but its appear on call ringtone

Williyung said...


copy to \windows, i think those 3 format files should work fine.

ahmadin said...

master willy..
pada saat menggunakan radio auto lock dalam keadaan enable.. dan tidak dalam keadaan charging... tetapi menggunakan loud speaker...

Williyung said...


rom sebelumnya ada gt ga bro?

ahmadin said...

2 Rom sebelumnya berjalan lancar master willy..
oh iya .. mau tanya?? gimana cara update radio dari seri 1.14 ke seri 1.16??

Williyung said... ya...ntar gw coba cari penyebabnya deh..

cara update radio sebnrnya sama aja dgn cara flash rom dgn customruu, cm file .nbh nya aja yg beda.

coba bro cari thread radio-nya di xda utk dld file radio-nya, ntar ada kendala gw bantuin

ahmadin said...

Ok deh.. master willy thank banget nih...

youshij said...

Hi Willi,
Your this revision is amazing and any problem until now. Are you busy with a new release?
Good luck & Thanks for your great ROMs :)

Williyung said...


Actually I'm trying 23129 w/ CHT.
But now I've to flash back to this build to resolve some reported issues :(

Chun Ming said...


Dragonball game doesn't work on another ROM with Build 23569 (non-826X Series), which I tested.

Nguyen Minh said...

i can't install it

Chun Ming said...

@Nguyen Minh

I can install 826x

Perhaps, install it just after soft-reset may help.

Xtroad said...

Hi williyung

Thank you for a nice rom.

When a phone call comes,
If I select Ignore
then I make a phone call later
opponent can't listen my voice.(I can hear the opponent's voice)
Mic works fine in other programs.

Can I replace Quick links( long press End button)
I need a "silent mode"-no vibration no sound-

Thank you

Thorium said...


I installed this firmware to my Sony Xperia X1. Generally it looks very nice and works fast. But quite often it hangs to Windows phone boot-screen and then I have to reinstall the whole system. :(

It also did hang after trying to use the camera, the videocam and installing a galarm-alarm clock. Then I had to reinstall again.

I would need a boot-fix.

Xtroad said...

Hi williyung

Additional information about Q1.
Today I pull out the battery and reboot and It became OK( Opponent could listen to my voice)

I wonder If selecting "Ignore" affects the mic for later phone calls

Thank you

brynexperio said...


OKe deh agan will... thank you..

i will try,

oya agan will, memank apa pengaruh ya saat kita aktifkan autolock di saat tidak chrage sama saat charge....,

mohon penjelasannya ya gan...

ayah.bunda said...

Ijin Sedot bro Wily..
Skalian numpang tanya.,koq GarminXT-nya gak bs diinstall y klo hbs update pake ROM ni..??
Minta Bantuannya dunk..??

Williyung said...


GarminXT ga usah diinstall ulang setiap habis flash rom, cukup create shortcut dr apps garmin yg ada sebelumnya di SD card.


Kalo mau charge sebaiknya autolock diakifkan utk menghindari charging freeze. Selain itu autolock jg bs memperkecil kemungkinan terjadinya sod, tp utk kondisi tertentu spt ada apps spt palringo yg jln di background bs menyebabkan sod. Ini sy jg krg mengerti, mgkn ada setting autolock yg hrs sy rubah.
Mknya bro coba disable autolock pd saat pake palringo, liat masi terjd sod ga? kalo tdk terjd, kbrin sy, berarti mgkn ada setting autolock yg bentrok dgn palringo.

Williyung said...


1. I'm not sure what's causing your issue. Have you done Task29/hardreset before flashing this rom?
Pull battery/Task29 is important if you often flash different roms.
Report back if you still encounter this issue.

2. I dont know how to replace the longpress end button shortcut. Maybe you can find the way on xda.

Williyung said...


Have you followed the chef's notes before flash?
And do you know whether this rom is using two types of camera and how to use it?

Diogo said...

Willi, another issue here. My HTC favorites contacts (in the tab) usually get messed up.

I save one contact there and, after some use, when I see the contact is still there, but with another phone number. Usually it gets the operator phone numbers (i.e. *222, *121, etc), used to contact the operators.

Have you had this issue?

brynexperio said...

alooo agan will....

ku telah melakukan dua kali percobaan...

1. kemaren,
x1 no charge, autolock disable, palringo online standby, no lockscreen

2. tadi malam,
x1 di charge, autolock disable, palringo online standby, lockscreen, no lockscreen ( pas sahur )

2. tadi pagi sampai siang ini,
x1 tidak dichrge, autolock disable, palringo online stand by, lock screen.


1. x1 no SOD , tapi hanya sense gambarnya jadi bergaris..., dan yang lain masih berfungsi dengan baik.

2. x1 no SOD, lockscreen sebelum sahur, dan no lockscreen stelah sahur, semua baik baik saja.
oya, agan bilang klo autolock disable klo charge akan terjadi charge freeze..., tpi ko nga terjadi apa apa ya gan ???

3. x1 no SOD, semua baik2 saja...

mohon pencerahannya ya agan will...

always make gud ROM , smngattt....,

keyboardman said...

Hi Willyoung

I did what you sad and had a smaill problem.
Would you mind telling me the orginal setting.
- [HKLM\Software\ultrashot\SIPHook]
Enabled=0 ; it will disable the touch input keyb mode chooser option other than full qwerty.

- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Layouts\e0010409]
"Ime File"="\windows\compime.dll"
"Layout Text"="COMP IME"
; it will disable xt9 feature

proatiku said...

Hey man, really nice work. just a bug with the hardware keyboard when entering passwords, the cursor keeps moving left after each character instead of right.

sika68 said...

helllo Willi, the weather tab does not update neither automatically nor manually, internet connection is ok, location services is on and enabled. please advice. Thanks.

Williyung said...


Does it happened since you flashed?
Try browsing with IE and try update the weather again.

Williyung said...


Did you install X2 XT9 Keyb?

Williyung said...


Original setting:

- [HKLM\Software\ultrashot\SIPHook]

- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Layouts\e0010409]
"Layout Text"=eT9 IME
"Ime File"=\windows\eT9filter.dll

Williyung said...


Krn dr pengalaman gw seblum pake autolock, setiap charge overnight, paginya sll freeze, semenjak pake autolock ga pernah alami lg.

Cm ga pasti apakah bro pny ga freeze tnp autolock dikrnkan ada apps parlingo yg jln di background.

Ntar gw coba lakukan bbrp percobaan lg tnp autolock.

Berarti kejadian sod kemrn dikarenakan parlingonya bentrok dgn autolock.

Proatiku said...

yes i did install X2 Keyboard. Is that the Problem?

brynxperio said...

agan... will...

kejadian lagi...

sejak agan will kasih komen jam 5 sore tadi,

palringo ku online dan work background....,

dan ternyata, jam 09:30PM ini..., x1 ku SOD....,
ketika ku tekan tombol power dan semuanya, x1 tidak bereaksi....
tapi, beberapa saat kemudian x1 ku hidup sndiri...., tpi ngga bisa aktif, freeze gtu....

memang kayanknya finalnya karena aplikasi palringo ya gan..., dan smoga bukan karena, adanya aplikasi yang berjalan dibelakang ....

ditunggu ya agan will hot fixnya....

pkokoe ROM agan will yang terbaik nihh....

sika68 said...

it appears only My location is not updating, because the weather updates for other cities, i tried IE but still the weather does not update for my location. thanks

ahmadin said...

mohon maaf master willy ijin memberikan penjelasan kepasa sika68,

@sika68. try on the home menu, press the numbers on the clock, then there will appear the name of his city. remove unnecessary city, and if the city name does not exist then add the city first and then in the save. after that select tab weather. The tab is there a small number 1 / 2, which must be done, slide the screen up to writing numbers become 2 / 2. and press update now, then the weather will be updated today. I hope this explanation helps.

sory if my english languange not good.

flatron said...

Hi Willi

How can I disable weather animation at home tab? the animation is "full screen". not only animate below the clock.


Williyung said...

Thanks for the help Ahmadin :)


Btw, have you selected the "Enable My Location" at the weather/home tab?
In this rom, there's an option to enable/disable my location feature under sense's setting tab > Location. Try to check that option.


Sense 2.5 weather animation is fullscreen by default.
You can disable it by choosing animated wallpapaer, then point to the device > my wallpapers. and choose any wallpapers there.


Ok bro, ntar gw coba cari solusinya ya.. :)


Yes, from what I know, X2 XT9 keyb causes that issue.

flatron said...

oh, wt a tip~ thx, for quick reply.

You may add it to your Chief notes~

sika68 said...

OK, thanks.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING ! great job !

brynexperio said...

agan will....

ane ada maslaah nih....

kalo mnerima telepon pakai hedset kok nga bisa ya pakai tombol jawab di hedsetnya......,

apa ada setingannya, atau musti pkai aplikasi, atau ada hot fixnya.....

mohon cerahannya ya gan.....

Tri Cahyo said...

bro wili, nice rom out there.. saya udah install dari sekitar 1minggu lalu..
tapi ada beberapa bug yang kayanya cukup ngeganggu juga..

1. saya sering banget ninggalin hape dalam keadaan standby dan idle.. kok tiba2 mati yah? apa ada faktor software ato hardwarenya? soalnya pas saya pake rom yang orinya gak pernah kaya gini..

2. sepertinya baterenya lebih boros dibandingkan dengan rom orinya.. hanya sepertinya.. :)

3. untuk temanya sendiri itu pake tema wm6.5 ya? kalo iya, dimana ya aku bisa download..?

maaf kalo pertanyaannya nubitol semua.. saya dari FP juga kok.. salam kenal ya bro willi.. :)

Balthazar23 said...

@Bro brynexperio

bro waktu sebelum flashing kemaren sempet task29 dulu ga? ato bs tolong d list apps2 3rd party yg diinstal?

oya, utk palringo coba install ulang palringonya, ataw skalian update k 2.5 palringonya :)

@temen2 dari indo

guys ada baiknya klo qta yg dari indo utk msk k FP bwt cari solusi problem2 d X1. krn d forum X1 FP nti akan ada bbrp member yg bs bantuin bro willy n temen2 skalian utk jawab brbagai problemnya.. just suggestion here :)

@bro wil

sorry bro gw jarang bantuin d forum.. keep up the gud work..

Williyung said...

Ide yg bagus bro balthazar23..

Buat teman2 dr Indo bs ke FP kalo ada mslh, krn kdg sy sgt sibuk dgn kerjaan or lg konsen buat rom baru, shg ga bs lgsg jwb.
Kalo di FP, bs dibantu dgn tmn2 yg uda lbh senior.


Salam kenal jg bro Tri

- Tiba2 mati dan tekan tombol power ga mau hidup lg ya?
Itu namnya SOD. SOD ini merupakan mslh yg bs aja terjadi di rom yg ada sense, smp sekrg blum ada solusi yg tepat.
Coba upgrade ke radio, gw pake rom ini lbh krg seminggu blum pernah alami sod slm seminggu.

- Soal baterai uda pasti lbh boros bila dibdgkn dgn rom ori, krn sense menjlnkan byk resources.
Tip hemat batt, jgn pilih weather animation wallpaper dan matikan 3G.

- ROM-nya uda include bbrp themes dr x2, uda cobain bro?


Ntar gw cobain dl ya..:)

Tri Cahyo said...

@bro willi
thanks ya feedbacknya.. :)

trus barusan ngalamin hal aneh..

tadi saya cas x1nya cuma sebentar, eh indicator baterai tetep full..


eh ya, kalo mw flash radio mesti hardspl dulu kan yah? oke deh. ditunggu reportnya.. :)

brynexperio said...

@ bro balthazar23
aplikasi yang ku pake:
navitel gps,
826x remote desktop,
wolf translator,
pocket music,
core player,
obex inbox,
clean ram,
826x disable location,
dan 826x screen wake up..

untuk masang ROM agan will, juga sesuai prosedur task29 kok bro.

and palringo yang ku pake adlh palringo yang dari agan will, dan stiap ada update palringo langsung saya update, skrng ver. 2.4.5...,

apa agan balth, ada solusi juga ?

@ agan will....

wahhh, agan will ada project ROM baru yaaa..., jgn lupa ya gan, request ku..., yang ROM nya versi white or silver..., psti mantabsss tuh...

ttp inovatip ya agannn....

Balthazar23 said...

@bro brynexperio

hmmm... untuk palringo, pribadi gw blm prnah update lgsung dr palringonya sih hehe.. slalu instal ulang yg trbaru2 aja.. klo bro maw, pm saya aja d fp yah, nti saya kasi yg 2.5 premiumnya.. :)

klo utk headset, waktu kjadian lg dpake dengerin musik jg ato gmn bro? ato lg jalanin apps lain ga? mungkin bs qta telusurin lg dr situ..

brynexperio said...

@ agan Balth...

FP itu apaan?
bedanya premium am yang ngga apa ?

klo masalah hedset, palringo selalu online, trus dengerin musik pake poket music., jadi pas ada tlpon masuk, pas sambil dngrin musik. tombol terima di hedset ga fungsi., nga tau deh knp, >>>>>>>>

thq yoo agan balth... ^_^

Brian said...

Hey Willy, just dropping by to ask if you have any intention in cooking the 2018 sense rom.
I've tested with Energy's rom with CHT and the speed is probably the fastest i have ever seen sense operate. Although simply with the nature of Energy rom, always taking up a lot of ram as per usual..

Really looking forward to your release (:

You prob get suggested a lot, but i really do wish to see you cook a rom with CHT, the speed just amazing (: Of course without weather animation or clocks with weather on it (:

Looking forward to your next release :)

Hoang Tuan Linh said...

Please help me i want use xpanel but i dont know how to activate xpanel because the button xpanel it replaced to task manager :).Thanks
This is a best rom !!

Williyung said...

@Hoang Tuan Linh

Have you tried to install the panel manager cab and it;s dependencies?


I just managed to make the sense 2018 works with our X1 without the dialer freeze issue.
So I'm going to release it soon, but without CHT.
Default 2018 sense has 4x4 quicklinks and scrolling rss hub at the home tab.
If we install CHT, it will mess up the rss hub.

Maybe I would cook 2018 w/ CHT after this upcoming release.

Btw, did you encounter dialer freeze issue with energy 2018 rom?

Sometimes after making a call, the dialer skin will freeze for a minute before back to previous screen.

Hoang Tuan Linh said...

I install the panel manager cab and sucessfully but i don't know how to activate because the button xpanel is always use for task manager :)

Williyung said...

Which cab did you install? let me take a look..
Have you done a softreset after install?

sika68 said...

Wow! Good news, waiting impatiently for this new release with sense 2018. Thanks

Hoang Tuan Linh said...

@Williyung : i use this version :
And i do softreset afer install but nothing changed.

Williyung said...

I try to download your cab, but it damn slow, so I cant look at it.

Try to install the panel manager from this thread:

You will also need to install the XPengine.dll for make it works.

I'm not sure your cab has included that dll or not.

Brian said...

Umm well, i only flashed it like 2 days ago, and has only made approx 4 calls or so, from what I've experienced, no issue with dialer.

I'm not sure about what you mean by rss hub in home screen, but the reason i prob don't know about the rss hub on home tab is prob cos CHT is already cooked in it.

Either way, i really look forward to your release (:
The speed is just amazing, and i'm pretty sure its the sense 2018 that made it that fast, not any special tweak/config by NRG.

Look forward to your next release buddy, and thanks for all the work you've produced (:

Celestial said...

Williyung, it may sound crazy, but is there a way to remove "MMS Options..." menu from Inbox?

This is because I live in South Korea and SK Telecom, the carrier, uses a different MMS solution so Arcsoft MMS Composer is useless for me. (SK Telecom's MMS uses dedicated application, so Arcsoft just won't work) I've removed almost all MMS-related entries, but this "MMS Options" menu won't disappear, do you know how I should do this?

Sh said...

Hi williyung
I've been using this rom about 2-3 days.
no major issues really, but just noticed when opening taskmanager, what ever I've opened yet were in the taskmanager list(like contacts,fileexplorer,...)
no matter long or short pressing the End button, they exist untill I do an end task by taskmanager

Peter X1 said...

Hi Williyung :)

I am still using this version of your ROM (still your ROMs:)

I have 2 simple questions:

1) I can't login to facebook in HTC touch flo

2) how bigger is consupsion of the battery when I use HTC touch flo versus Windows default ?

3) will you try to port WP 7 to our X1 ?

Many thanks and good luck :)


Celestial said...

Williyung, I just love your taskbar icons (battery, connection status, volume...) they are awesomely beautiful. I started building my own rom and I really want to use them... but I can't find it from google. Can you share them?

Williyung said...


here you go:

youshij said...

Hi Willi,
For a long time I'm using your this revision of ROMs. Everything is working very well but few days ago I saw battery leaking problem. I mean at night the battery symbol was inicating 90% but in the morning it was showing less than 10%. I don't know what was wrong with me or with my programs. This problem happened after few days again.
Please advise.
Thanks, Youshij

Williyung said...


- Have you checked if there's no programs running at the background?

- I ever had this report from other user (but not this build), finally we know that his issue was caused by the unstable signal between 3G and GPRS.
You can test it by turn on the airplane mode during night.

- Last option, take out ur battery about couple minutes and put it back, then do a full charge with phone off.

youshij said...


-The first time Garmin was running in background but I beleive it was not the reason and for the second time there was not any other program just sms and file explorer.

-Let me check again. I'll report it if I faced with the same problem.

Thanks for the reply and per your news regarding Sense 2019 I'm going to upgrade my 2016 to 2018 by tomorrow :)

Thanks again for your great job.


Axel said...

Great ROM so far! Fast, nice looking and stable.

I have one question though:
where can I change the xt9/t9 language? (I have added my language in the registry but cannot find the xt9 options!)

Best regards