Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Which 826x's rom with HTC Sense is The Best and The Worst for you ?

Hello guys,

I need your opinion as the tittle say. It may help me to improve 826x roms on the future.

Just write the build number for the best and the worst with short descriptions.

For examples:

- The best: 23680
Reason: Less SoD, Less freeze/hang, can be used for long time usage without many problems, good performance, etc.

- The Worst: 28237
Reason: Many SoD/Freeze/Hang, slow performance, etc.

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

Sept 12 build 28237 best for great battery life.Just 20% battery drop on first day with normal usage, which is half that of my stock rom.
thanks dear... keep it up..

Balthazar23 said...

worst: sept 12 build 28237.. first time ever got so many SOD in a ROM, under various circumstances too (ruined my record of only several times SOD on any ROM ever). but, on the upside, totally agree with ano before about the battery. surprisingly lasting.

best: i wont put a pin on it but the previous august 26 test build 23680 with all the fixes. though i do believe that sense 2018 is sumwhat still unstable for the long run.

my opinions are subjective to my experiences n i hate reverting back, am still using 28237 coz waitin for a newer 826X :D

btw, welcome back bro willy :)

Anonymous said...

Sept 12 build 28237 this build really good on battery consumption compare to august 26 test build 23680. good work & thanks

Williyung said...

Thanks for your opinion guys.

Just want to mention that you can also compare to older build, like 23127, 23673, etc.

28237 & 23680 are just for the examples.

pribady said...

setelah coba yang 28237 akhirnya saya lebih untuk memilih kembali ke 23680 karena lebih simpel dan terasa lebih enteng

L3x5 said...

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie

CHT is very stable, although lightly replaced the wallpaper and use 5x5 quick launch so more quickly and easily with touch screen

-phone mode is sometimes like the one with the airplane mode icon
-facebook like frozen, so it must logout, did not know why
-Internet connection rather difficult sometimes, so it should be first airplane mode
-besides gmail email updates sometimes difficult

last rom is the best, because there are always improvements. so I will always follow the development of williyung.

google translet bro, jadinya inggris setengah mateng nih, malu.. ",

StreamingPlaza said...

Best Rom: TEST ROM: ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23680 - Sense 2018 with upgrades and the latest ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie for battery life.

Williyung said...


It's okay, I can understand :)

Anonymous said...

bro will, ane pake yg 23676 keren abzzz.. ga pernah ngadat. lag kdng2 ja, pas jlnin operamini lamaaaaa.. pokoke top temenan lah.

day said...

according to my experience
best in battery ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie
use for long time with less problem ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23676 - Sense 2016

sorry to say this willy, its just my opinion, with ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23673 - Sense 2016, i had many SOD n problem using this build

thanks brother,..

Williyung said...


No need to say sorry bro, I appreciate every feedback to my roms.
Feel free to write your opinions.

Your feedback will give me input which setting I should keep and which I should change/improve.

So far we can see that most ppl have the same opinion 28237 has good battery life, then I should keep this good setting :)

Socrates Greece said...

Best for me 23518
simple fast with no problems

i dont have worst
some times i used the htc sense

very small icons freeze on charge
more memory load
but i didnt keep it more than a day so i cant tell .

i am now using 23518 with i phone plug in and i have no problems.

your work is the best
the problem is the phone we have because it has smal screen witch is not good for someone with big fingers

keep up the good work

are we going to see from you win7 mobile?

thanks again

A. Dev said...

Bro Willy,

Semua ROM nya bagus.
Hanya usulan, untuk mengganti default keyboardnya dengan yang finger friendly, seperti OEM_SE_XPeria_Keyboard. Dengan keyboard ini, user seperti sedang memegang hp nokia dengan 12 tombol keyboard. Pengetikan sms atau pesan sangat mudah. Apalagi kalau biasa mempergunakan T9. Keyboard ini juga mendukung banyak bahasa, termasuk bahasa Indonesia. Cobain deh bro ..

Terimakasih atas sharing nya,
Semoga makin sukses di segala bidang.


julow said...

ROM 826X WM 6.5.5 build 23568 without Sense - the best ROM I used ever. SoD/Freeze/Hang - seldom. Stability OK. I use it with Bluetooth (ClarionCX609e) in my car. There are no problems with conection. GPS - I use navigation app. - It is Java application, works fast with this ROM.

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237- Sense2018-Co0kie - the one of the worse ROMs I ever tested.
Many SoD/Freeze/Hang, especially after modification in CHTeditor. Rather slow performance.

sugi said...

the worst: gak tau yg mana

tapi menurut ane yg bagus ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie, lumayan hemat baterai, awal2nya stabil bgt, tapi sepertinya setelah ane instal banyak2 program jadi sering SOD. oh iya bro Willy, CHT itu sebenernya bikin lemot apa gak ya? kalo iya next release gak usah di include, optional aja jadi kalau yg mau install sendiri aja. oh iya bro willy kalo bisa htc fbtab langsung di include aja jadi gak perlu instal terpisah.
ditunggu nih next releasenya

wineholic said...

I'm just waiting for your new ROM with CHT2.0 :) Of course, I'm realy satisfing about build 28237 and using it now from when released. I couldn't find any fatal problems.

youshij said...

Hi Willi,
Welcome back & we miss you a week.
Per my usage you perfect ROM is :
23676 - Sense 2016
From your issue time still I'm using this version and I have never had any problem. But I want to upgrade it to 23680 and per comments from our other friends it would be better than this revision.
Keep your grat job and thanks.
Semoga Berjaya :)

Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

Worst: 28237.
Because the data connection is unstable in my case.
Freeze occured but not often.
Manila graphics distortion happened twice and soft-reset to solve it.

Best: No particular one. They are all best.

These are my personal experience in using 826x series ROMs.


L3x5 said...

yes, sugi said exactly. well done if htc fb tab included in rom 828x Williyung TM.

-rotate the screen for quick launch
-quick launch for display backlight
-Scrolling RSS Hub enter CHT and layout of home items can be added to the extra space
-and last, finger keyboard that has been in softtouch maxkey so to default keyboard.

halah, bad inglis. sorry bro. thanx's

Steinesia said...

Weleh-weleh malah bingung aq, mo pilih ROM yg mn nih..???? Padahal pingin bget X1-q mencicipi ROM-nya bro Willy, coz mpe sekarang X1-q msh standart bawaan...

AlfonsB said...

I've used your 23568, 23673 and 28237 (currently on my X1) ROMs and i must say that they all were relatively stable in that i could actually use the phone.
They all had their little problems (28237: battery indicator completely unreliable, 23673: SMS/email window composition problems), but usable.
I currently prefer your 28237 (until you bring out a better version)
I've also used 4 Energy ROMs, but had too many freezes and destroyed my X1's plastic back because i had to remove the battery about 3 times per day.
The 826X ROMs have less features (menu items missing), but make my X1 usable. Thanks WilliYoung!
Two questions to you:
As i see that you also have a HD2, would you recommend upgrading to it?
Do you also cook ROMs for HD2?
Thanks for all your hard work and time!

dimm46 said...

Can't really compare to your other past roms or to any other rom because 23680 build was the first rom i ever flashed to my phone!
But i got to tell you the rom is pretty GREAT..Battery life comparing to the stock rom is definatelly much longer(40-50% up for sure!Lasts a full day with 3g connected full time!!)i'm using this rom about a month now and i'm having no problems except one time that froze but ok..soft reset and then all back to normal!!

the only issue i have noticed is that sometimes when the phone looses signal and the airplane mode icon appears, it stops to search for network and continues to tell you that no network is available..Sometimes not always..I don't know if it's something that you can fix but i think is the only issue of this rom..
btw i found a "manual" way to unblock it by going to wireless controls(Comm manager) and switching the phone to "off" and then back to "on" and then the signal works again..
would appreciate it though if you could find a fix for that..!!

So anyway, in my newbie opinion 23680 build is the best because of the battery life, the speed etc!i think the rom is very stable too!

Thanks again willy for the nice work!!
Keep up!!

Anonymous said...

the best:23120
smooth,htc sens,relatively good performance,relatively less hang and freez,panel manager,acceptable program ram after boot
the worst:28237
heavy,very slow,more freezing,glassy flip clock(i prefer the original),but battery life is good
i dont lie to you,now i'm using black stone v 1.06:
quite quick(i think because of win 6.1 and manila 2.1),more free ram at boot,just hang 1 time over a week!has original keylock that is more quick,
it has its own problem:
battery usage are not good compare to your rom,after 1day free ram reduce to 50%(i think because of manila)
i think you should try coock a win 6.1 and manila for a change!!!
thank you and i appericiate your work...
take care

Anonymous said...

i also like your 23518 alot(although your question is with sens)it was quick and long battery life,and win 6.5 is user friendly enough,but upon the panel has a thin white strip.
in my opinion win 6.1 is more sutable for x although your 6.5 are great and low energy consumption with great antenna.
i wanna say you are so talented and know what you do,but x1 isnt hd2!!!
thanks a lot man

sika68 said...

All your roms i used so far were stable enough for everyday use, my favourites however are 23680 and 23127, i find them really stable, no SOD, no freezes, and freaking fast.

i had issues with 28237 due to frequent unstable data connections.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

astom_3 said...

Hi willy i probably am d greatest fan of yours!!!. From my experience the best Rom so far is the 23676 with all the fixes because it allows my battery indicator to get to 36% before scalling down abruptly to 0 and it gave me signal of low battery. Its hard for me to say any of your Roms is the worst 'cos all of them have great look superb functionality and unbelievable stability. qudos man...
I can indicate that the 23680 build was more on the worst side my Battery goes off at 50% value and no warning sign comes on...
Thats it man..
I am greatfull for all your effort otherwise i would have thrown the machine away......LOL.

Anonymous said...

hey wili, thought 23680 was the best one so far, i kept that one installed the longest out of any rom.

as for worst im not sure

the new 21680 build im using seems super fast and stable so far, maybe you should check it out :)

jimm said...

Willi -

Just another plea for a Non-Sense or a MaxSense ROM. Sorry to go off topic, but we've been wishing and wishing and wishing...

shithead said...

Actually I was happy with most stable roms :)
Some are less good than others, and the unstable one's you've already deleted it :)

Do you think you can create a 6.1 with HTC Sense 2.5 on it, like MrRusch 's (on XDA) rom?
I really love Sense 2.5 but I really hate WM 6.5, but that's MS fault.

Steinesia said...

Bro Williyung, ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie kok ga bisa di download, kenapa Bro...????

Steinesia said...

Dan juga built 23680 - sense 2018, terus built 23125 w/ Sense 2016... Linknya udah ga ada alias ga bisa didownload....

Williyung said...


Gw baru coba yg 28237 dr megaupload bisa, coba cari mirror-nya dlm comment post.


Thanks again for your feedback !

About requests to build rom with wm 6.1, manila 2.1, or wm 6.1 with sense 2.5, I'm sorry to say I'm not going to do that.
I like new features though sometimes it give "pain", but I enjoy it and I like to learn more and more how to solve the "pain", such as the sod issue, etc.
This's also one of the reasons why I stop to develop the roms without sense for the moment. I need consentration to solve sense's issues.

Steinesia said...

Oke bro Willy thanks for u'r attention n u'r answer but built 23680 ga bisa di download ya bro... Coz kayaknya banyak member yg pake built tsb, demikian juga dgn bro Willy kan..????

Miha said...

For me the 23680 works the best, no SOD, it has good speed performance and reasonably good battery life. The only problem I've noticed is that it freezes for two or three second every now and then (in the sense, when I'm looking throuh images, mails, or sms) but continues to work.

The 28237 was ok, until I tried some CHT modifications. after that it became really slow and froze a lot, so I went back to 23680, before I could notice anything about battery life :)

L3x5 said...

that's typical rom 826x willy's TM, I already feel better than ROM development 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28 237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie
CHT and quick launch are very stable, if you want more quickly again, use the default window. just a little problem that does not mean, this rom is perfect.
You can see the best setting for me:

thank you Mr. Willy, you're really Master and talented. The next breakthrough awaited .. :)

caps said...

can't remember anymore bro. but since you've asked..well i could only say, from the very 1st i've always enjoyed flashing and took journeys with all 826x roms :) you'd just like given me disneyland park to play around. luv it, keep moving on, & c u in 7

Anonymous said...

Bro Willi,
Dari yang kucoba2 dulu bagus kok. Dan ROM bro WIlli yang pertama release itu yang paling aku suka berasa seperti official upgrade.... hehehe

Mantik said...

best :
ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie yang paling lama gak Hang di HP ane, agak berat dikit dari yang sebelomnya c, tp yang sebelomnya suka hang,,,sama aje khan...Selain itu ROM yg inijuga hemat batere, bisa sampe 2 hari (penggunaan normal). Keep it up...^^

worse :
build 23127 - sense 2016,,,sering hang, jadinya masti lepas2 batere terus, belom betere suka panas sendiri. Kalo standby hp dingin buanget n suka koma. Batere super boros...belom 1 hari dah k.o.

myonedeco said...

i only tried 23676, it is very good but still there are SODs. The sep 12th build is very very slow.

Plz compile 2016 sense with 23680 build. 2016 Sense is juz fast and 2360 is very stable. And plz have 2 versions: one with sense and one without. That would be super great work!

René said...

Dear Williyung,

I'm sticking w/ your 826x Branch for a long time now. All the latest ROMs were very stable for me, but I like the last one w/ Sense 2018 the most. I'm using my device mainly for business purposes, so a fast working device matters the most for me, although I don't want to miss Sense - that's why I'm sticking to your ROMs.

Although I want to add that having a cooked in CHT is not my favorite choice, as it slows the device unnecessary, so I prefer a 826x Branch w/o Cookies Home Tab.

Also I really like the threaded e-mail feature from Outlook Mobile 2010 (235xx WM Branches afaik), since it's definitely boosts productivity and clarity, especially when working in e-mail group discussions.

Battery life was insane on your latest release. Same goes for all the Icons and Graphics.

If it's possible, you can also try to accelerate the scrolling performance in the HTC Rhodium Dialer, as it's kinda slow compared to the WM scrolling abilities.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

P.S.: Use Twitter or create an e-mail newsletter where we can grab latest notes on your development / releases.

aciu said...

Hi! The best ROM in my opinion since January when I bought my Xperia is your last - ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie. It is the most stabile and light to me so I can run a lot of app and still it working fast. I love Sense UI and in this ROM also Manila working great. Since September 12 I had only 4 or 5 SoD so it is very impressive result.
Please Williyung, make your next ROMs as good as 28237!

Anonymous said...

The worst is 28237 build. Many freezes, I have trouble installing programs (example is Pocket Music), very slow to wake from power save, screen dims in 10 sec. & cannot adjust or turn off.

Best is the 23680 test rom. very stable no problems to report. Is it possible to repost the rom? Megaupload says link is gone.

Both sense interface is very nice.

Anonymous said...

i wanna thanks wili for listen to our complain and answer them,
about my request to cook win 6.1 i admire your opinion but respectfully i insist on my one of my friend here said:if he wanna solve problems why doesnt he buy an hd2!!!
just kidding but i think you are so talented and can help more at least for us if you coock it or at least think about it.
take care man!!!

Hahn said...

TEST ROM: ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23680 - Sense 2018

Reason: Almost no SOD at all after all the fixes, I am now using 28237 build which i experienced SOD sometimes.

Worst: There's no worse, all of your roms works great for me, and I have been following your released for quite sometime. Just a minor grind on the newer releases:

My favourite game: Dragonball WVGA does not work, you a'ready knew that. ;P

Anonymous said...

HI Williyung,
thx for your ROM 28237-2018, never imagine that my phone will be "lifely" after he die (i've been decided to sell it).
After installed your ROM, my x1 become the best phone, very stable and good look, good application.
But i have still issue "why my battery indicator not really, it's appear 90% but after connected to the internet my phone is off".
One question: for standby or normal using my battery life for 2 days but if connected to the internet it is only 20-30 minutes.
what is really problem from ROM or battery ?
Regards, Richie.

Alina said...

i can say that the best build for me was 23127 (stable, no SODs)

Anonymous said...

ссылка здохла
Refresh link plz

alireza said...

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie

alireza said...

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie

i test:
X2 Final R7A013
valkyrie.ftp V6.0.28232LEO
Touch-IT BR Build 21895 & 23544

but your last rom is the best one
thanks Williyung

omarhn said...

hi williyung

i test your rooms since the version 23676 and your roomz are the best, better battery life than others, better signal (where i live i have bad signal with other rooms), good applications, stabble, fast.
you are the best man thanks for sharing your rooms with us.

i have a question is probably that you can make a room with the max sense ui like the energy room i test that room yesterday and the interface is pretty cool but bad battery life, with all your stuff can be a good room

thanks again man

Anonymous said...

Probably best ROM is last 28237 2018 CHT.
Got no sod for a... i dont remember. Speed is good and batery life too. Tested few earlier versions, with sod experience. Im not forgot on our msm processor. So this (last 28237) near to edge of posibilities. Thanks willi for this ROM ur a dude.

brynexperio said...

@ agan will...

wahh semua ROM agan bagus, 23680 ama 28237 ku lebih milih 28237 karena sudh fix semua....

cuma untuk keduanya, kira kira kenapa ya gan, kalo masuk di contact nya sense terasa agak lama aksesnya, begitu juga kalo mau sms pake sense, lama juga....,

dan untuk yang lainnya bagus dan lancar, bgitu juga untuk CHT nya ,

oya gan, gimana dengan konfliknya palringo ama auto lock, udah ada fix nya ya,,,, ditunggu ya gan solusi nya ^_^

selalu terbaik ya gannn will

Niclas Lindgren said...

I don't think this will help you much. But I have tried alot of ROMs and this is the first one that actually combines some kind of battery usage with function. The Energy ROM is packed with function, but drains battery faster than you can turn your phone on.

I am running 28237 and there a few issues such as the hardware keys don't save.


Anonymous said...

Hi from Spain again!
I like your roms a lot. Until I discover your ROMS, i don´t like manila at all. I believed that it was slow and not practice. So the first ROM that I liked was ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23519: it was fast and stable. But then, all your ROMS became with Manila, so viewing people saying that the ROM was fast I decided to try them. The best for me, and it is that I'm using now is build 23680 because is the fastest and stable that I have tried. The worst, for me, is 28237: is less stable than 23680 and sometimes it freezes a little with manila, CHT is great: powerfull of options and configurations but the speed and stability is less than 23680. Thank you again for your work.

Sokki said...

Hi, greetings from Peru... great work, and thanks for support this great phone, I only have one complain, where is the handwriting option?

Anonymous said...

28237 is the best 6.5 rom so far. I changed the power setting's to 20/20 and after that its very stable for me.

I did a task29 and removed the battery for 5 min before flashing/hardreset....

Good work = Good rom

Anonymous said...

the latest one(28237) was good i mean the best!
but if you can cook the Panel manager for it will be the best rom i ever seen!

Steinesia said...

Anonymous said "...I changed the power setting's to 20/20 and after that its very stable for me."
So what we are doing the power seeting to 20/20 bro..??? Please tell me n thanks u...

Williyung said...



robby said...

23680 master willy, jarang SOD terutama oh ya gw x_dewa_x

Anonymous said...

hi willy ,how about wm6.1 based on r3a with panels and sense 2.1 and all updated programs. no more sod, freeze bugs, or slow performance

youshij said...

Hi Willi,
Any news from your new ROM?

Williyung said...


Not yet. Still not enough stable to release.
Just an info, no differences between sense 2018 and 2019.

Anonymous said...

cant w8.. ;)

Anonymous said...

The DL link on yer new ROM is broken bro...
got a new one?

dtsex1 said...

In my opinion ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 has the best battery life keep up the good work :)
by the way are you going to release a newer rom without sense? the link to ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23519 is broken :'(