Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HD2 ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23148 - Sense 2019


Before you flash the rom:
HardSPL 2.08 is needed
Radio is recommended. This rom only works with radio ".50" in their name.

HARDRESET is highly recommended after flashing.

Download here: Hotfile (139 MB)
* Please don't mirror it


826x LEO 23148 HotFix 1 : Fix issue: sometimes sense can't be slided at the homescreen. (Install to Device & Softreset)

Initial Release:
- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 23148 (New AKU 5.3.11)
- ROM Base: LEO 3.14
- 576 MB RAM enabled
- HTC Sense Core: 2.5.20191914.0 w/ RSS Feeds & 4x4 shortcuts at Homescreen.
- HTC Sense mod: None
- Android compatible: YES
- WM 6.5.3 Bold font issue fix (Thanks to Ultrashot)
- uTask: (which make "X" button close apps instead of minimize) (Thanks to Ultrashot):
* "Windows" key - long press: re-assigned to Comm Manager
* "Home" key - short press: re-assigned to Resco Task Manager
* "Home" key - long press: re-assigned to Wifi Toggle
- Total Commander 2.52 beta 3
- Google Maps 4.1.1
- PIMBackup, Softreset, Wifi Toggle
- HTC Messaging Client 2019.3733
- Office Mobile 2010
- Opera Mobile 9.7
- Microsoft Facebook
- Microsoft MyPhone 01.06.2718.0001
- Native COM3 HTC Lockscreen
- Native COM3 HTC Notification Manager
- HTC CHS IME & Font support.

Screen shot:


Anonymous said...

niko: wah senangnya, bro willy udh come back. Qo skrg rom bwt hd2? Bwt xperia kpn mulai ne.. Di tunggu master.

Williyung said...


xperia masih blum dpt, ntar kalo da dpt, dibuatin romnya lg ya :p

Williyung said...

I've created "826x" group on palringo. Feel free to join it :)

Thái said...

HD2-TMobile work?

Williyung said...


pearljihun said...

Isn't 826x rom for x1 made any more? T^T

Williyung said...

I'll still develop roms for x1 once I get X1, still looking for it, be patient :)

Anonymous said...

Bro Willy, apa bisa X1 dualboot Android dengan ROM 826X, apa pernah mencoba?. Thanks

day said...

glad to see you came back with your ROM, hope you'll get X1 soon.
i'll waitin :)
welcome back bro...

Williyung said...

Just posted a hotfix at the main page

Khoem, Vando said...

Any plan to release new rom of X1, after ur release on April 12, 2011???

sebastianz said...

om willy ijin tanya kalo lokasi directory dari contact di file explorer ada dimana ya?