Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[ROM X1] 826x WM 6.5.3 build 29007 - Sense 2019

Download here: Mediafire

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 29007
- HTC Sense: 2.5.20191914.0
- Added Fingerkeyb + SoftTouch Max Key (Thanks again to Ring Bearer)
- Removed uTask
- Removed ezinput XT9 feature
- Auto Lock  is moved to \Utilities as Lock Device
- Some new wallpapers and ringtones
- Optimized Virtual Memory Management
- and some others I can't remember..



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Arthur said...

awesome !
the newest version release :D 826x the most beautiful I adore it.
Hi Williyung ~
I got a problem recently, when installed ezinput 2.1(Traditional Chinese)
screen locked few minutes touchpanel died can't response for any slide.
any advice is appreciate~

Williyung said...


Give me your ezinput cab link, I'll take a look.

Aria said...

I'm downloading...
I Love You Willi...

Gianmarco said...

hi willi
could u post the change log?
thank u a lot

Anonymous said...

jeeeeeeee, just right time for release :]]]

sam said...

Thanks a lot Willi , finally we've got the newest release comment only , awesome like usual ..!!

Orkhan said...

hi Willy...
yeeeaaaaah your new ROM is out :P
I was waiting for long time, but I give my X1 to service (hardware keyboard stoped working). :(
tomorrow I will flash and test your newest build.

T_from_AUS said...

thanks Willy!! you made my day today!!! when i randomly checked today!!


massuod said...

we love u

Anonymous said...

Wow I downloaded and flashed my ROM with a version with a date one day in the future :) We in Europe afre still the 25th Jan 2011. :)

You are the best Will

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Akhirnya, ada yang baru di 2011 ini, Terima kasih banyak Bro, Thanks. i will donlot

wineholic said...

Wow!! Finally..
I'm downloading now.

Chiew Fan said...

Yeah!! New ROM for CNY!!

Sir Roland said...

Great rom, but how do you make the fingerboard layout normal again?

Steinesia said...

Setelah berbulan2 gw tunggu, akhirnya datang jg nih ROM.
Waktunya download nih... Dah ga sabar mo ganti ROM baru.
Tp kok lum da reviewnya ya..????


ahmadin said...

Wah... Master willy... Ijin Sedot Romnya....

Chun Ming said...

Thanks for the new ROM.

Download now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new ROM
There are so many X1 users waiting your new ROM.

It must be a awesome and great ROM as before.

bisarzamin said...

hi Will,long time no see!
i was worried about you,
thanks again for your awsome job.
downloading right now,and feed back pretty soon...
take care!

Williyung said...

Thanks to you ALL for still waiting my roms !

I'm sorry can't answer all the questions because I'm pretty busy at my job these days though I read them all when I've times.

Any feedback are welcome.

and..Oh, Don't forget to hit the "THANKS" button for me at xda if you like my work :p

Have fun guys !

pearljihun said...

Thanks Wil.
I really looked for your new rom.
I flash this as immediately as I see your post!
As great as I expect!!

Preston74 said...

another great rom. thank you my friend. testing now, no problems so far. BTW. nice lockscreen wallpaper:)
one thing, in settings missing auto lock option, so i was unable to disable auto lock. solution is remove file from Windows\StartUp.

Anonymous said...

I have one Small Question.
I have been using your previous
test rom and on that rom
I had no problem to get the "WORD SUGGESTION" to work in swedish.

In this rom it seems like you are using anoter method for this instead of xt9.
Can I change this in some way or do you have a cab for this?
Now I can only get english words eaven though I have installed some cabs for swedish et9 keyboard.
I also wounder if there is some

Phobius87 said...

Great rom! So far, no problems.


Is there a way to get those little FN / Shift icons, when pressing those keyboard buttons, next to a keyboard icon in the bottom bar??

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Can we get FB tab back?

and what about lagy, slow calendar agenda tab?
Appointments in agenda appears only after 5 sec from opening htc/sense calendar tab

Thanks for developing and bringing perfection to xperia x1 :]]

Williyung said...

Fb tab isn't htc sense official tab, you can install by yourself.

I don't have that calendar laggy issue. Hardreset/softreset if you haven't done it.

Williyung said...


The autolock is placed under /utilities as Lock Device

Arthur said...

Hi Williyung
Here is link of ezinput cab I installed:

my situation same as on top page 9 comment the man solved this problem useing WM6.5(21901) instead of 23569

many thank of take your time
your work not only shining my X1, but also me. :D

balthazar23 said...

finally.... broooo... hopefully i can donlod this with success...

Anonymous said...

Done soft/hard/soft resets, you can find short video how it looks:
No problems with windows mobile calendar, lag problem only on HTC/Sense calendar. I noticed that non recurring items shown almost instantly, lag occurs on recurring items only!

p.s. same question posted on
post no. #1197

Anonymous said...


Just flashed - nice and fast!!!


blackie said...

Hi Willy & others,
Thank you for release of another fine ROM for X1!
Would it be possible to include screenshot of this release as in the older releases? thank you

day said...

this release has a great...wallpaper :D
will try in a few days
thnks, we've waitin so loooong willy

Anonymous said...

"Removed ezinput XT9 feature"

Is there a way to get this back?
(some cab or something)

L3x5 said...

wow, ane telat nich
tenkyu prof willy, download now,
review later :p

Anonymous said...

Dear willi this rom is perfect.better than your previous rom.
but I feel the sound quality is low,
I cant feel deep base like your previous rom .( with sound boost )

Orkhan said...

just flashed this rom.
work fast for me. new icons are excellent. love it! :P
but is it rom UC compatible?

bisarzamin said...

hi Willi,
first of all,i'm sorry my english sucks!
i've used this rom for almost two days,heres my opinions:
what i like about it:
1-good looking!shiny and smooth,new icons and new soft key design(gorgeous design)are fantastic.
2-good battery life.
3-good speed.
4-more free RAM.
my problem with this rom:(i mentioned some in TEST rom,but no one listended and had no interest!)
1-i had my first SOD with this rom.and it was NOT during charging.
2-so many lags in sliding between manila tabs and new sms button on manila tab,some times i think it freezed!(happened in test rom,too.)
3-once i had a graphic issue(looked like may screen was broken! ).after restart it was fine.
4-i have still my problem with panel(white strip at the top of the panels)-(happened in previous romes)
5-i still have problem with sbp time and profile indicator on taskbar(after an alarm,it changes to ring,but the device's still on vibrate)(happened in previous roms)
6-valid time of quick gps is expired!
what i missed!:
1-% battery enhancer
2-4*4 quick link(the 3*3 are faster)
3-the new button you added in TEST rome beside the menu that links to resco task manager.
4-don't be angry,but you're rom are getting very simillar,i mean you are always use manila 2.5(wich is the greatest manila and you're doing your job so well)but why don't you try manila 2.1 or even win 6.1(which requested so many times by another of your fan).
i think the best of your rom that i used so far is 23127.i had no problem with it (except the sbp time,and core player ,and white strip top of the panel)and i decided to flash it again and never change it!!!
thanks you again.
wish you the best,love u,bisarzamin.

The Hulk said...

I also have had 2 sod during the last day.

I did task 29 and then stock rom
before flashing this rom


Denis said...

Hi Willy,
I've installed your ROM (build 23149)and really like it so far (no bugs and running smoothly.. you did a great job;) )
The only problem I have is with my call display feature... with the original ROM I could see the name of the caller even if it's not in my contact list and now this feature disappeared...
Please give me some ideas how I can solve this issue.. maybe just to change some setting or to install a newer build?

fil--21 said...

hi willy i experience some lag or small freezes during usage of your latest masterpiece but otherwise it's just great, i like new wallpapers .we have also a lot of free ram considering that we use manila...could you cook identical rom without manila ? just a thougt ..
i tried almost all roms which you can find on xda , but when i installed your rom for the first time i never wan't to try any other rom :) love you work

Asala Nasri said...

bukmark dulu..
mau ganti ROM tp lg keburu2 ;)

Anonymous said...

Downloading :)

I have the same question as someone before, can you make visible the FN/SHIFT ICON, I really miss that specially when I type SMS and mails.

Maybe in the Top bar or below.


Anonymous said...

sorry to ask stupid question
how to set finger keyboard as default?

Anonymous said...

less quality in earphone .
less bass .
also some times windows media player stop for 1 sec .
willi did you change audio driver ?

Williyung said...

Yes, I did. Will look into it.


Googling for sipchange


The FN/SHIFT icon won't work with WM 6.5.3, nothing can we do.


Disable sense, then softreset, you'll get more free ram and I think not much different with a rom without sense.


Oh really? So from where the phone get/know the caller name if it's not exist in your contact list?
Can your phone show the SIM card contacts now?

Williyung said...


Here's my answers:

1. still unknown solution
2. It won't/rarely happen after couple softreset with power button.
3. still unknown solution
4. Panel was built with 6.1 interface. wm 6.5.3 has different size of taskbar, that's why it has white strip on the top. You can try latest uTask version which has position fix feature.
5. Which version are you using?
6. I think I don't need to tell you that your quickgps need to be updated. It also may caused by wrong date/time setting.

Next answer:
1. I don;t like it
2. I don't like it
3. I removed it because I want to ensure that some reported freezes issue from previous rom isn't caused by it.
4. I don't like it. If I do something that I don't like, the result won't be good. Also wm 6.1 and manila 2.1 are pretty dead ( no more developments from ms and htc).
I build roms for fun, and I like something new.

23127 might be more stable because it doesn't use patched OS files, but the effect is the video call doesn't work.
If you ask me, I would prefer use a rom without patched OS files though video call doesn't work (I don;t need it, anyway), but ppl need it, so it's the best mix for now, I think.

Anonymous said...

cannot connect the internet via usb (Ativesyn)

Williyung said...

Connected and synced well here.
Try to restart your x1/pc or try another usb port.

Denis said...

It's a feature that offered by a Canadian carrier (Rogers):
but I think I've already found a sollution :)
I will try it.. hopefully it will work..

Preston74 said...

hey willi, a new version of WiMoSpeed supports xperia. but not work with this rom. its says: "could not identify version of OEMXIP". its because of patched OS files? if yes i will try it with build 23149.

yellow said...

willi may I have prevoius rom audio diver ? in previous rom sound was perfect but in this rom quality is not perfect.
Less bass
Could you pls provid a cab for previous audio driver
is it possible ?
also windows media player stop for secends when I am working with opera.
It look likes so much pressor to cpu .
If you cant do any thing for sound pls let me know so I will change rom with previous version .

Preston74 said...

Yes! WiMoSpeed 1.04 works with build 23149. it runs stable so far at 691.2 MHz.
i just set cpu speed on 691.2, save settings and created a link with actual setting. then with total commander transferred this link file to the windows startup directory.
and yes, performance is better now. start menu load more faster or when i press phone key, the dialer appear alot more faster.i can notice a difference now:)
its need more testing, but in the future maybe Wiili can cook this app into rom?

mani said...

hi my friends & hi willy;)

I see there are different problems again
u were right about graphic issue.after some turning off & on after this problem is will be solved.
there is no SOD for me
no charging freeze
it seems that autolock & password shouldn't be enabled together.
utask is ok with rom u can add it again I think,if u like it;)
letter/block recognizer & transcriber are working with rom.
everything else working;)
it will be stable if we don't full it with various programs:D

what about a super speedy titanium rom willy:D

Williyung said...


I noticed it's better to do softreset with power button instead of using softreset apps, and the rom will be more stable.
Sometimes softreset with apps may cause not accurate battery consumption.

Super speedy titanium rom? I doubt I can :p


Seems the issue is not caused by patched OS files, because 23149 also uses the pacthed files.

I think it's because incompability the OEMXIP (Device Kernel) that I use in 29007. I changed it, anyway. You need to report and give my rom link to the author.


Try this fix:

How to install:

1. Disable sense
2. Softreset
3. Install the cab
4. Softreset
5. Enable Sense
6. Softreset

Let me know if it fixes the issue.

Preston74 said...

i already reported the problem in application thread. will see.
did you try winmospeed, what do you think about this?

Williyung said...


I haven't tried it with other build. Just tried to 29007, and error as you wrote.
I still need 29007 on my x1, so can't flash another build for a while.
Will try it as if it has a solution and let you know my opinion.

Preston74 said...

i think its worth to try. i have installed cht 2.0, a few widgets, gingerbread theme and MMappLauncher. after 1 hour, my overclocked xperia have a lot of free ram and runs really smooth:)
see screenshots:

Williyung said...


Woww..really cool! Can't wait to try :)

bisarzamin said...

hi willl
version 3.2.0,build 2803
1-about panels i don't use them and usually don't install them,i tried it just for curiosity.but in some other 6.5 roms it works properly.however no problem.
2-i'm using sbp time version 3.2.0 build 2803.but i don't have this problem with other roms.
3-sorry about my foolishness!about quick gps!
4-it's ok,don't be upset.i just told to think about it for a change and help more people.
i agree with you about win 6.1 and manila 2.1,but i think it's the best combination for devices like x1.
x1 is an old device and can't handle the way devices like hd2 handle,you know...
5-i don't use video call either(it doesnt work in my country!).that's i love 23127
6-good job man,good job!
take care...

Williyung said...


1. Which version of 6.5 roms you tried? Old UI or New UI?
If it's old UI/ wm 6.5.0, then yes, it won't have white strip line, because wm 6.5.0 has same taskbar size as wm 6.1.
Could be also that roms use position fix apps if it's wm 6.5.x.

2. Ok, I'll give a try for that version.

3. no problems my friend

4. That's me. One of my reason why I still want to buy X1 though it was lost is because I feel I haven't done with X1. I still want to learn and learn, and try to find a way how to optimize the new features like sense and 6.5 to our old device X1, though it's hard. But I won't give up that easy.
Ppl maybe think I'm stupid to do that, but again, that's me!

6. Thank you..

yellow said...

Willi no diffrent with your cab.I still miss high quality sound that I had in your prvious rom.
do you have another solution ?


Try this fix:

How to install:

1. Disable sense
2. Softreset
3. Install the cab
4. Softreset
5. Enable Sense
6. Softreset

Let me know if it fixes the issue

preston74 said...

great rom
problems :
1 = so hot when talking more than 6 minutes
2 = I had a strang problem with alarm.It was off but still solved with soft reset.
3 = sound quality is not good as other roms .it looks like less bass and less sound.
4 = charging speed is so slow.
5 = great rom thanks williyung

dosmaster said...

Unable to create new Excel document! Just try ;)
OK button is missing from bottom right corner, and hardware ok button does not help as well when creating new Excel doc.
It's imposible to finish document / iniciate doc Save!

Meanwhile Word works just fine ;)

thanks for developing :)

Williyung said...


You can use the menu: File > Save or Close

Williyung said...

@Yellow @Preston

I have a TEST version before this version. In this version I changed most drivers.

If you wanna try and see if it doesn't have the sound problem, here's the link:

yellow said...

Dear willi now I have your previous rom .Its perfect .thanks

bisarzamin said...

hi Williyung,
1-about panels,i totally agree.however it's no big deal!
2-which version of sbp you are using and recommend with your rom?
3-Don't give up,i think you are a genious...
good luck man!

Anonymous said...

There is a bug.
Install Korean Region, Signal is zero

(sorry i'm korean;;)

mani said...

after some days I have SOD to:D he he:D

jonny said...

sorry this is a noobie question but i just got given a xperia x1 its all factory setting no custom rom installed on it just its standard 6.1 mindows mobile can i just go straight in and install this 1 ?

mamen said...

Wicked ROM, super speedy. Though for some reason, incoming texts are stamped 5 hours earlier.

eg. I get text at 10pm but its stamped at 5pm

Is this only happening to me? or is anyone else experiencing this too?

Korunka said...

I reverted to the test rom since it had ezInput with xt9.

Is there a way to enable that on the latest rom.

I also found the test rom faster.

Armin J said...

Hi willi, I am so glad that you are back here with a new x1 and also new Rom.
I tested this Rom for 3 days now, and I can say it has NO BUGS and ISSUES.
Just wanted to thank you for your high quality Rom.

Also the Sound Quality is not that bad as I heard people saying, Bass is very good, (I haven't tested the previous Rom to compare with)

Anyway, this is great, even I have been using this in heavy duty, but it does the Job great.

Anonymous said...

Hello willi, right now I have installed 28237 build sense 2018 cookie, and I have 2 questions:

1. When I go to the tricolour screen (pressing volume down and power button) I noticed that appear KOVS100 instead of KOVS110, is there any problem on that?.

2. At the hardware information screen shows 256mb of ram, but then I go to start menu\system\memory and says that it has only 192mb of ram; the task manager also indicates only 192mb of ram.

What's wrong?, It's a problem related to the rom or something in my phone?

(beside this everything works great)

farhan said...

bro willy, ada cara buat ngilangin suara tiap kali abis cek pulsa?

Muhamad Akbar Rizqi said...

Just try to helping translate farhan language :

"bro willy, is there any way to remove sound after we dial USSD code"

Anonymous said...

bro willi can I install original x1 panels on your roms? may I know how? do I need to install panel manager first?

sigitdido said...

i like use SPB keyboard, because there is CTRL key there. unfortunately, on WM 6.5 the option in SPB cannot be edited. so i have to use default setting of it, whereas i want to customize one.

Are there applications for Virtual Keyboard which CTRL key exist there?


mani said...

hi willy
I had sod about 2 days ago but after that I'm using it without problem:P
it is the new rom not first one that u sent;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, a german version would be nice

sigitdido said...

I'm so like use this version. But it hasn't had no radio. how i add radio here?
Because my x1 can't upgrade to WM 6.5 using under micro SD, at last using FRUU.
Could i upgrade radio here using FRUU too?

pls help..thanks

yosafat himura said...

langsung aq coba ya ko..
thanks for the new update.
i will give you a report soon.

Williyung said...


What kind of radio did you mean? If it's Firmware's radio, then you don't need to add the radio, your X1 should have radio flashed from stock rom.
Custom rom doesn't include firmware's radio.

Williyung said...


Did you flash to stock rom before flash this rom?

Williyung said...


I don't know how to make it silence

sigitdido said...

i have flashed my x1 using [ROM X1] 826x WM 6.5.3 build 29007 - Sense 2019 (Wednesday, January 26, 2011)
But i cant play radio here. "unexpected error" message is exist while.
If Custom rom doesn't include firmware's radio, so how i can install radio firmware to this ROM?

Because my x1 can't upgrade to WM 6.5 using under micro SD, at last using FRUU.
Could i instal radio firmware v1.16 here using FRUU too?

thanks so much master willi :)

Williyung said...


- I don't bring my headset right now, so can't test the radio apps, when I opened it, it just said to plug the headset, no errors as you mentioned.
I think it's not related to the firmware's radio. Did you Hardreset after flashing? Which version of your radio?

- To flash firmware's radio, you need the radio's ruu_signed.nbh (radio image file eg. v.1.16) and the flash utility. You can use the utility that came with my rom, it's same.

- FRUU can be used to flash radio, but you need to replace the pre*.nbh with the radio's .nbh, so better use the flash utility above.

hEMp said...

Hello willi, right now I have installed 28237 build sense 2018 cookie, and I have 2 questions:

1. When I go to the tricolour screen (pressing volume down and power button) I noticed that appear KOVS100 instead of KOVS110, is there any problem on that?.

2. At the hardware information screen shows 256mb of ram, but then I go to start menu\system\memory and says that it has only 192mb of ram; the task manager also indicates only 192mb of ram.

What's wrong?, It's a problem related to the rom or something in my phone?

(beside this everything works great)

sigitdido said...

i have done hard reset after upgrade is finished. Did my upgrading is corrupted?

At last,i have checked at Device information mentioned, radio version:

I hv got new radio version here:

if i want to use flash utility, please give us procedure step by step to do that?
*Note: I have had radio firmware and Flash utility

Thanks brade :)

mani said...

hmmmm,nope :D
I'll do it again in some days.I tired of flashing:D

Williyung said...


- Try to hardreset

- The procedure is same with flashing rom.

1. Placed the ruu_signed.nbh and the utility at the same folder
2. Execute the flash utility and follow the instruction on screen
3. X1 restart and done


1. Mine show KOV110. I'm not sure if it'll cause issue. Better you flash back to your stock rom again and redo the hardspl.

2. The rest is used by pagepool

sigitdido said...

must i rename ruu_signed.nbh be kovsimg.nbh?
recently, i already put both of file flash utility & ruu_signed (renamed: kovsimg.nbh) and follow instruction but still exist message windows "invalid code" so that flashing radio is failed.

how the way if i'll use FRUU flashing procedure?

sigitdido said...

message windows writen: "INVALID MODEL ID"

Williyung said...


- No need to rename.

- The utility should work for both names ruu_signed.nbh or kovsimg.nbh, make sure the file name doesn't have double extension like this: kovsimg.nbh.nbh

Also check list this:
- Your pc should have net framwork 3.5 installed
- If you're using vista/win7, run the utility as administrator
- Make sure there;s no *.nbh file on your root dir sd card.

I've shared how to use FRUU on Indonesia's thread. Someone has also paste it to kaskus, it;s the same..just read it.

If you want to chat with me, join group 826x on palringo

sigitdido said...

ok. my flashing is successfull.
Thanks master :)
BTW, after upgrade radio firmware, hard reset is must too ??

or just do soft reset only..
many thanks :)

Williyung said...

No problems :)

No need to hardreset..hardreset is required only after flashing rom or maybe you have weird bugs that others don't.

Williyung said...

Just info, HTC Sense 2021/2022 is out, got something to play for chinese new year :P

sigitdido said...

Oh no :(
FM radio still can not be used..
After install radio,I do soft reset only.
"Unexpected error" still exist here.
Although Device information has shown 1.16xxx here.

what'd i do now??

Williyung said...

I've told you, your fm radio issue isn't related to the firmware radio.

Try to hardreset again.

Williyung said...

Did you install X1 Media panel?

sigitdido said...

No, i don't install X1 Media Panel.
Must i install that one?

I've ever flashed using 826x Build 21682 sense 2019 and radio icon in multimedia can be executed and worked normally.

Why instead of 826x WM 6.5.3 build 29007 - Sense 2019 ?

Williyung said...

No, as I remember Media panel R3A beta conflict with some radio apps like power radio.

I can't confirm for your issue right now, need a headset to test it when I get home. But it seems no one reported this issue so far.

sigitdido said...

I already done hard reset to my x1..
the result.... radio can be operated normally now..hehe

Thanks bro willi :2thumbup

*waiting new creation anymore

Anonymous said...

hi, did you read my question for a german version

brokoli said...

Apakah tombol soft key kanan bisa di assign ke fungsi lain walaupun itu sudah di soft reset? Karena di ROM2 kemarin kan ini jadi issue. Tks.

Anonymous said...

bro willi can I install original x1 panels on your roms? may I know how? do I need to install panel manager first?

Orkhan said...

first install X1 panel manager by gtrab, you can download it from here:
then soft-reset and install panels you want.
for me panel manager works fine.

Karsten said...

How can I get back the XT9 Fetuare that you had in the previous "test" room?

sigitdido said...


Di cooked ROM sebelum2nya sy pernah mencoba assign right softkey jd fungsi lain, namun setelah dimatikan atau di soft reset fungsinya kembali spt default yaitu HOME.

setelah sy pake ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 29007 - Sense 2019 Wednesday, January 26, 2011 kedua softkey bisa sy assign ke fungsi2 yg lain dan setelah dimatikan ato di softreset fungsinya ga berubah, tetep seperti yg sy assign tadi.

Thanks master willy :)

Anonymous said...

I see u said something about new sense:D nice...when is chinese new year?:D
any big difference with the sense?

Anonymous said...

I have problem here,my name doesn't appear

Gianmarco said...

Mr. Willi
thx again another great fast and stable rom
i changed the dialer with the vulcan one downloaded from here ( but there is a bug with top bar icons notification and battery icons
is it possible to solve it? i dont like the default rom dialer...
but really thx again willi

26hiro said...

That rom is amazing. It's snappy as hell!

GoodGirl said...

when someone calling my phone rings after 3 sec.
what should I do

mani said...

@ goodgirl
see ur sound setting if it is set to vibrate then ring

goodgirl said...

when someone calling my phone rings after 3 sec.sound setting is set to ring only
what should I do

mani said...

so how do u understand this Delay?
call appears on screen but sound doesn't start?
what about ur sound?is there any kind of fade or something like that in ur sound or it starts from the first sec when u play it with Wm player?

26hiro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
26hiro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
26hiro said...

What do you think about building this into the rom?

I have installed manually after using recmod and Threaded mail work great.

ED said...

thank u so much Williyung

i have just flashed ur rom and i am testing it

so great so far

sorry for late but i didn't have a internet connection last week ( that because i live in egypt :S)

thank u again man

M.N.Saieed said...

Hi willy.
I've installed this Rom And i should say it's great and nice working. More battery stability and better sense performance. Keyboard is supporting auto correction and Farsi (Persian) language. There is no problem so far.
By the way, I've heard you are currently working on a new kitchen, with Android and Win phone for X1, is that possible? when we could wait for it?

brokoli said...

wow... soft right key is not issue anymore.
tks buat informasinya ya gan :)

julow said...

Thanks for your newest ROM. It's working fine on my X1i.

@ziz said...

Thank you very much this great rom is perfect !!!
But I'm afraid to disable the auto-lock ?!

waaaaa said...

Hey Willy, could you tell me where I can get the rest of the icon set for additionally installed apps? I'd like to have a unified style icons.

MARTIN said...

Absolutely brilliant....I love it thanks for awesome phone now is a joy to handle.
Any idea how I can have skype on it ?
Thanks so much.

Aria said...

Hi Willy,
How I can disable Wake up device "by pressing any button" ?

Aria said...

Sorry, I mean was build 23127.

Blackie said...

Hi Willy,
I just want to thank you for this perfectly functioning ROM. It's working very good on my X1. I lost hope that some responsive and bug-free ROM will be released. And you made it! Thank you man. I'm looking forward what more surprises you are preparing for us :-)

brynexperio said...


akhirnya gan....

nga ada konflik sama palringo...,
aku bisa seharian ol palringo nga ada SOD....

tpi baterainya cpt abis yaa... hehe..., skitar 8 jam hrus chagre ulang....,

tpi semunya mnatab gan... , ringan dan stabil...,

agan wili mah hebat..., thnks ya gan...
ditunggu inovasi2 barunya...

Anonymous said...

not work winDroid TaskBar and other taskbar! what doing? help please.. ^_^

Williyung said...


HardSPL 0.78 released ! Please update your X1 !
Here's the link:


sigitdido said...

You can can disable Wake up device "by pressing any button" in menu Setting>System, lock icon at bottom there. Click it and then select "wake up the device by pressing the POWER button"

I don't why in my device this icon is named "USB to PC" so far i've known this icon should be named "Key Lock"

Thanks for all

Marco said...

willy: Thanks for the rom. a question this test version " # 1" me
recommend? or will soon release a new version?

sorry for my English

Greetings from Colombia

Aria said...

Thanks man.
do you installed MOBiDIV?

Aria said...

Thanks man.
did you install MOBiDIV?

Anonymous said...

Hi ~ Will..
I am testing it, and if there is any bug I will contact you ASAP.
thanks !

bisarzamin said...

Hi Willy,
which version of sbp time do you recommend to use with your roms?

Williyung said...


Few days ago I downloaded from marketplace, it's ver. 3.2.1 as I remember, and I didn't find any issues with it. Try it and let me know if you still have problems.

Williyung said...


I think this build is better than the test version.

Newest sense 2021 still has same ui as 2019..

Williyung said...


Look at this thread:
You also need to look inside his italian forum
I used different sources, can't remember all of them right now

Anonymous said...

Hi Willi, big thx for another awesome ROM, it is working great, but I have one little problem - people tab is messed up, it shows wrong names of contacs, althoug phone nubmers are sometimes correct, somtimes not. I tried to do resync of contatcs but it didn't help. Any clue how to solve this, it's really annoying, because one time I dial emergency line instead of my friend. Thx for any advice. Keep up good work, you're the best ;)

Williyung said...


I had this issue long time ago, but not on this build, can't remember which build. Hardreset solved it. Unfortunately, I still have no idea what's causing this issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i've installed MOBiDIV
my x1 can read arabic font now :)

Aria said...

Install "MOBiDIV_Arabware_440".
maybe be solve it, it worked for me.

bisarzamin said...

Hi Will,
thanks about the sbp time issue.
because of my job,i'm using a win. 6.1 right now.i'll try it and let you know as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

One question:
when put your x1 as a portable usb drive connect with PC, and just then a coming call ring it, the ringtone will change if you save your ringtone mp3 in your SD card.
I think it is not a bug becoz that when you connect your device with PC, the SD card will not be read by mobile. So the device can not find the ringtone file from SD card.
The solution of this question is copy your favorite music into SD card, and then set them as your ringtone.

sigitdido said...

why using this ROM cause me often use task manager.
Some application have no EXIT menu and really cant be stopped by Click (X), they are still running -need some memory- on background. So to close them we have to run task manager and kill it to free up amount memory. thanks.

its happened in mine,anyone can give me suggest or solution and a reason?

many thanks..

ulysse said...


Can you share again the Test version, pls?

sopeto said...

Pls I have problem with my HW keyboard.some letters,for example m,i,t not write.when I turn off sense(only WM 6.5) I can write normal.Can you help me pls.I bought this phone because has HW keyboard but this is big problem for me.

Preston74 said...

new WiMoSpeed V1.05 works with xperia 826x 29007 rom:)

Williyung said...


Nice info :) will try it soon when I'm back from my vacation

Williyung said...


Mine works fine. Try to hardreset

Williyung said...


which one? 29007 test version?

ulysse said...

Yes Willi,

I found that the current build sometime doesn't want to wake up. Don't get me wrong, it's not SOD. The phone seems "wake up" again but there is only the top bar, the rest stays black, none of hard buttons work except Turn On/Off. I had to remove the battery.

Williyung said...


Ok, I've unlocked the link, you can download it now.

Will look into your issue when I'm back from my vacation..

See ya all

Tri H. said...

Dear Bro Willi,

Your cooki' 826X is very stable as compare to Energy Rom...I'm very satisfied...and goes respect to you... :)


mani said...

hi willy!how do u do?
ur blog is filterd here!!hehe!
is there any news about new rom:P?
is it necessary to use new SPL?

bisarzamin said...

hi Will,
funny story,your weblog got filtered in my country!
i test the sbp you told(ver 3.2.1,build 2824).i still have the problem in this rom,your test rom,and 23127!
what should i do?

Pogo said...

@ bisarzamin:::
I have in my X1 SPB Time newest SPB time downloaded form official sites ( and no problem. But I´m using SPB mobile shell 3.5.5 (not SENSE UI), because with sense battery life is about one day, and with SPB shell It´s 3 days.

@ Willy:
Another great ROM, but battery life is very bad for me (maybe my battery is dead). With switched off 3G and switched on SENSE about 1 day, with 3G and SENSE on - about 18hours...

Anonymous said...

Hey Willy,
Your cab file for audio problem fix works !!!!!


Brian said...

Hey Willy, I'm experiencing an issue receiving texts messages.
When a text arrive, it doesn't exactly 'ring' until i actually put the phone out of standby.
Not sure if it happened after I installed something or what but mm....
Any possible solution?

Preston74 said...

i can confitm this bug with receiving texts messages. i got same issue.

Estano said...

Your ROM still the best! At least on my X1. Not like other ROM, I never experience hiccups when play mp3 in your ROM. Are you have tried Dynamics GTX 2.0, the sound is Outstanding!!! Your ROM would be PERFECT if the patch can apply on yours, one more thing can you make WMP default video players instead HTC's in your next ROM, coz HTC's very laggy. Many many thanks before.

deBLor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Williyung said...


Ok, I will check it, just came back from my vacation :)


Haven't tried Dynamic rom, but I'm pretty sure it's a good rom :)

Will look at the patch. About the WMP as default player, I think I'll let the HTC's as default, but I'll try to make a cab for set the WMP as default.

Kim said...

Any progress with the non-notifying incoming texts? I was just about to flash when I came to these last comments :-) Can't have a system that doesn't tell me about incoming sms.

Anonymous said...

Bro Will, bisakah kau membuat dual boot WM dengan android?

gwy said...

thanks sir for very great rom.. i have used it for weeks now i can say i have no complain or bugs that hustles me...

gwy said...

sir,could it be possible to install X2 panel manager & X2 panels in this? if its possible how can i install it? thanks in advance...

aRRieSaJa said...

Dear Willy

i cant change time zone to GMT + 7,, it always at GMT 0, and my clock is 7 hours erlier,,

Kristo said...

hey guys.. I found a maybe-true SOD/CHARGING FREEZE SOLUTION!!
before, I'll explain this thing :
willy and some other friends said that reflashing stock ROM before flashing a custom ROM, and then never do task29, is also true to avoid SOD
but, I always do task29, and my ROM never SOD/charge freeze for two week.. will report you soon after my further test

here it is :
- use S2U2, then set to lock the device when Backlight turns off (s2u2 settings-> power)
- NEVER use the power button to sleep device. Instead, You can assign left or right softkey, or the X-panel button to execute s2u2, if you want to lock the device before keeping it in pocket.
- you can set the S2U2 to power off the device after 5 seconds (s2u2 settings-> power), so after executing s2u2, the device will be powered off after 5 seconds

how can S2U2 prevent SOD/charge freeze?
- the main idea to prevent Sense SOD/charging freeze is to change to another screen before sleeping the device. So, Sense services will not run (because it is in the background), even when waking the device, because S2U2 is now the foreground. SOD/charging freeze occured by Sense services.
- in another post, Willy said that using the original autolock (on power button) can prevent SOD, but I think that's not true.. because the lock screen comes AFTER the device WAKES, NOT BEFORE the device SLEEP

try it guys.. but I NEVER face the SOD/charge freeze for 2 WEEKS, even when charging the device overnight
(Screen freezing or phone hang still also a problem, but they are seldomly happened.. yes, because Sense is rather heavy for X1 CPU)
Please correct me, Master Willy or friends, if I'm wrong.. :) I'm using Willy's latest ROM for now..

Avi831 said...

Hey willy, i am a big fan of ur roms. but having a weird problem. my camera hardware button isnt launching camera. but the button is working cause when the screen light dims if i press the button the screen becomes bright , but i cant launch camera, well the htc camera launches but thats without flash and everything , so is there ay shortcut way that i can launch the xperia cam ?? thank you

]-[ò@ñ9 Tü¿ Bö^.t said...

Can you add wow hd audio into new rom?

Mr.P said...

hey wiily
i can't use the ussd code continuously with most of your rom including this one
it can be only use once i.e. checking prepaid balance..
hope you can revise this problem since i admire all your roms..

Aloysius Ang said...

er... willy? can u make a rom similar to this except that the battery indication on top at the taskbar goes 100...99...98...97 and not 100...90...80...70... makes it easier to monitor battery usage, thanks... oh and btw once i used your rom, i never changed. =)

Kdio said...

@Aloysius Ang

Try this.

mathan said...

hi bro ur website is very much in having sony ericsson xperia x1i , version windows mobile 6.1, ROM:1.05.911.15 which is in korea language..i need your help.. how can i change the version windows mobile 6.1 to version windows mobile 6.5 english language.waiting for ur reply ..thank u alot pls i need u r help bro.

Aloysius Ang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aloysius Ang said...

is there a stock version of the lock used on this rom?

Kdio said...


See these Video Tutorials (Backing Up & Installing A Rom + Hard_SPL or Stock_SPL).

Anonymous said...

hi i've tested your rom and i'm starting to love it :) but i found 1 problem and i've noticed that I am the only 1 to have it. my alarm clock doesnt work and i cant find the problem...

Budiyanto said...

Willy I'm a great fan of your ROMs.. but sorry, I have to say that this latest ROM is a total fail.. full of lag, too slow, texting errors, slow data connection.. will be full of trouble n lag after 1-2 days of normal usage..
I know maybe that's because you lost your old kitchen.. I feel very sorry about it..
When I reflashed back to 826x_21682_Sense_2019, I feel the truly Willyung!! fast, data connection okay, trouble-free.. your old icons is better IMO..
Thanks, and sorry to say :) Keep in spirit, Willy! waiting for your next ROM..

karacomputer said...

I work with this rom and it's very nice and fast and great.
but I have a problem with delivery report.every time I want to send an sms, I must turn on delivery request.every time I back to home screen request delivery report turn off.
help me plz.

Aloysius Ang said...

@karacomputer reflash??? use task29 then task 28??

otothebear said...

Hi there,

I also experience the issue with notifications about text messages. Please fix this. Meanwhile I will use another rom. Thanks fpr your work though :-)

youshij said...

Hi Willy,

How are you my friend. Any new activity? Have you stopped working on X1? Any advise for X10?

Thanks and I hope to see your new ROMS in early future. Now I'm using your last ROM after releasing date and until now any problem.

Take care,

Kdio said...

@karacomputer & @otothebear

As far I could `google` the problem, this is a SENSE issue, not an 826x ROM probem.

Did you guys got this feature working with any other SENSE ROM?

There are some workarronds out there. Did any worked?

aslan said...

bro willy thanx untuk rom barunya keren bgt, excellent battery life, fast download by using opera. "TWO TUMBS UP"
Thanx Bro.

Farshad said...

i install this ROM but it use to much the battery even in standby mode
I close all program by task manager and gprs and wifi also off
thanks for everything

otothebear said...

Thank you Kdio,

I installed Energy ROM (Sencity) and the SMS issue has been gone. This ROM also uses Sense 2019 and Win 6.5. So this can be fixed.

Energy ROM has some mayor flaws though. I get a freeze almost every day. And they arent even reproducible like the sms bug. So I'm switching back to Willys ROM.

Thank you again Willy.

otothebear said...

Since I cant yet post in the XDA-Developers section I'm giving some more feedback here:

Just wiped (Task 29) my phone and installed this ROM.

- doesnt count characters in message-view of sense
- great menu when long pressing home button, but does it have to vibrate so long when set to vibrate? I really cant stand this feeling
- when charging it charges until full, drops down to 95, charges til full etc. I dont know if other ROMs do this as well but just hide it. I'm worrying a bit about my battery
- have to test the sms issue

so long :-)

tri setya said...

agan willy . . .

makasih sebelumnya dah ngeluarin ROM2 buat x1 . . .

saya masih newbui . . .

saya sudah install nih ROM . . . tpi kok pengaturan flash light buat camera ga ada ya? mohon bantuannya . . . makasih . . .

Szo said...

The best ROM I ever had.
Light without bugs, not as nice as the never, but working well.

I thing until now, it's the best ROM of the best Developer !! great thanks i love this one.

the never version on my X1 is a bit too heavy in RAM, so I'm back to this one.

ileana said...


Anonymous said...

hi pls help.. i tried to flash w.6.5 in my experi x1.. ive done hrdspl i download custom roms for x1 and extract the files i copied it to root of my memory card but when i flash it "it says no image file" what should i do?? i relly want your upgrade anyways im from the philippines thanks.. pls email me

Anonymous said...

he sir willy i have problem it force restart when i charge it.. what should i do?? thanks.. said...

hey guys,, i just got new xperia X1 and tryng to put this RAM on it, but not working, it restarts to do the flash but than color color screen pops up and it get stuck there, can someone provide mt eh full instruction from start to end if something else needs to be installed before, thank you guys

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