Sunday, September 12, 2010

ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie

Download here: Megaupload

Change log:

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28237 (WMD Branch)
- HTC Sense Core 20183025.0 (CFC)
- Added Co0kie Home Tab 1.8.5 + CHT Editor (Thanks to Co0kie Monster)
- Added Custom CHT Themes + Slider (Thanks to Steve0007)
- Added Sense 2.5 WMP skin (Thanks to toadlife)
- Updated to 2-way In-Call recording driver (Thanks to Ultrashot)
- Changed to Rhodium dialer (support landscape)
- Added SpoonCharge (monitor battery charging state)
- Fixed some reported issues.


- Hahn Facebook Fix : Fix Facebook (People tab) reading inbox issue (install to device and softreset) (Thanks to Hahn)

- Read Chef's Notes on sticky before Flashing
- Do a Softreset after Flashing/Hardreset

Screen shot:


Chun Ming said...

Could anybody please provide another mirror link for download?

I can't download from Megaupload link.

I am so excited to see this new release. It is so beautiful.

Thanks in advance.

salvador leandro said...

thank you for another rom. downloading now!

Preston74 said...

thank you Willi. testing now and i never seen so fast rom with CHT before. you are a magician.
new mirror:

Chun Ming said...

Hi Preston74,

Thank you so much for your mirror link.

Thanks again.

kunyit said...

cpet bgt om updatex,yg bwah aja blum gnap smnggu makexx,ijin unduh y om,,btw buat radio kok loudspkerx g bisa knceng y,trus umpma icon2 d buat kyak android bsa g om,mnrut q simpel n keren

for preston 74,thx you so much..i can dnload it now

Khang said...

What is WMD Branch?

flatron said...

Hi Preston74

Thx for ur mirror, but the link seems not work, could u plz help check or provide another one?

Hell Softs said...

WOW it looks so cool, downloading now. one request can u pls add the facebook tab next time or can kindly let me know how do i install it. thanks again willy . Love ur ROMS

Hell Softs said...

Installed after doing task29. Everything is perfect and fast but having a problem. every time i align screen it just dont stops and keeps coming again and again , i finish again it starts again then again. then i somehow clicking the panel button and the lock button managed to exit that. Again if i go to align even after reset and hard reset the problem is there. Can u send me a solution of this or some regisrty values so that i dont even need to do the align screen. Now my screen alignment is wrong on the top most side. For selecting something of there i have to click 1 cm below and thats pretty annoying.

wineholic said...

thx so much. I was waiting ur new rom with cookie. How can u know my wish? :)

Eduardo said...

Bro everytime i charge the battery after a few minutes my device freezy idk if its just me :(

Williyung said...


Did you disable the autolock?


I read everyone wish :)

@Hell Softs

Did you mean:

- the alignment screen after flashing/1st boot (before customization screen)?


- after it entered to windows and you did the alignment screen manually under settings?

myareadump said...

waaah, br jg kmrn2 upgrade udah ada yg baru lagi >_<;
kinerja batre nya sebagus yg sblmnya ga bro willi? ato lebih bagus?
cara upgrade sperti biasa kan, ga perlu task29 kyk kmrn? :P

Ah BeaR said...

willi..thanks again for your new ROM..ur ROM is really good =)
please upload the default themes and default slider cab file if possible..cause some user might prefer the "original" me =) thanks again..appreciate..

Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

Thanks for the new release.

It is cool, fast and responsive.

I would like to report that the DragonBall game doesn't work in this ROM.

The DragonBall game can't launch after installed.


Celestial said...

Williyung, thanks for the taskbar icons, I really appreciate it.
One more question - how can you make music auto-pause when you disconnect earphones? Do I need some driver or any application? I've searched all over for it and googling "autopause music earphone disconnect" didn't help me either.

Hell Softs said...

I meant i just cant align screen :( even the very first time and also from the settings. also another problem if i dial a call I can see his name but after that if u go to dial screen i just can see his number not his name also same thing happens in the senses call history, same thing applies at the case of missed call and answered calls :(

Blackie said...

Hello, glad to see a new ROM :-)
I'm quite happy with the previous version, could anyone compare battery life and speed with the new version? Thank you in advance

mcbyte said...

Many more mirrors here:

will try it later...

Anonymous said...

How do I get 3 line view in Hotmail Inbox? I can see the 3 line view in exchange inbox but not in my hotmail account

Anonymous said...

hi there willi ,thank you some great work...
as i take it you are the expert...can u please tell me wich is the BEST ,Fastest and most stable Rom for the X1 ....but with all the functionality....i have wm 6.1..thank you much appreciated..

day said...

finally finished download with low internet speed (it's like forever to wait hahaha)
thnks bro willy, will try it.
i'm flashing my SEX1 now

TryinBlog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ED said...

first of all
thank u so much for ur great roms especially this rom

i noticed only one thing wrong:
"when i go to the updates and events tab from the contacts, when i press back it goes to something else ( ex : alarm clock or the add program of the quick link) it never go back from where i was "
i don't know if i am the only one having this or not
i know it isn't a very big problem to have at last :)

and again thank u so much

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Wiily, ptama2 maaf lhr n btn dl ya...
thx bgt buat ROM barunya, lg proses download niy he3...
btw, klo stiap ganti ROM, semua program/game yg tlah di install bisa ttp ada ga? & settingan yg ada di ROM dl seperti daftar saham, playlist music, dll yg ada di menu HTC Sense-nya bisa di back up ga? biar ga perlu set manual trs stiap ganti ROM.
thx bgt ya Mr.Willy :-)

day said...

bro, i want to update radio version, there is 1.17 out there. but first i want try 1.16.
i have few question:
1. upgrade radio will make me flash ROM again?
2. if someday i flash your ROM, will my radio version change?or i must upgrade again?
thnks bro, this ROM is amazing,.

Blackie said...

2 Day:
1. No, upgrade of Radio and ROM and completely independent.
2. No, flashing ROM does not change your Radio

day said...

thnks mate...

Anonymous said...

my align screen never stops. i done once it comes again and again and it repeats. can u tell me how can i get rid of the problem ??

Blackie said...

2 Anonymous:
I have experienced similar problem with previous version, not even hard-reset helped. I had to do Task29 twice to clear storage and install ROM again, HR, and then the problem stopped.

Kingpin said...

Just update with the new ROM, looking realy great, keep on going the good job!
Everything works fine, best rom yet i think.

Williyung said...


Thank for the help

I really have no idea what's causing that issue..
Never had it myself.


Ga bs bro, semua setting dan apps akan hilang.
Ada sih apps utk backup, tp tdk sy rekomen, krn bs menyebabkn bugs

Williyung said...


iya, cara upgrade spt biasa uda bs :P

@chun ming

Yes, I decided not to fix the dragonball issue. It's related to the drivers I use, it may slow down the sense if I fix it.

Williyung said...


If you guys use "Anonymous", I don't know how to answer you.

Williyung said...


Try this driver:, replace the one from the oemdrivers.

Williyung said...

@Ah bear

I think it's possible. But I'm very lazy right now ^^

Hahn said...

hi willy, thx fire the new rom! heres my report after using for one day:

1. Dragonball still doesnt work, i thought you had found the fix? not a big problem but abit disappointed.>_<

2. I get too many SOD/freezes with this build, using the same settings that went well with the previous build, any idea where wrong? even with all "push" services and wifi off, still get sod. :(

I have auto lock on, flashed with task29 before flashing this rom, and hardreset after. Using radio 1.16, any suggestion to improve the stability?

if this problem persists i may need to revert to the older build in order to use my phone. :(

Williyung said...


1. Yeaah, I decided not to fix it

2. Not sure man..I have been using this build for 3 days, 1 sod and 1 freeze when updating tweeter.
But let see how other reports.

If the previous version stable for you, there's no reason to stick with this build :)

Marcus said...


Thanks for the rom, I have problem if I assign the "right key" to task manager it will be back default "home" after the device is rebooted. I'm not sure if its a bug or feature.

ulysse said...

Hi Willi,

Can you develop the build of 231xx, pls? I alway get Wifi problem with my home spot with all builds except 231xx. I have to restart the modem every time to get my phone connected.

Aan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aan said...

Bro Willy Sebelumnya ma'af lahir bathin dulu yaa...
Kalo anda salah bikin rom n ane salah donlot rom kita saling ma'afin aje hehe..
mo nanya nih..
1. rom 23680.5.3.8 emang gak bisa pake panel lagi yah ? (panelnya kalo di pencet jd task manager ) kalo bisa gimana caranya..
2. kok kameranya kalo pake tombol shutter kamera jadi beda interfacenya kayak rom ori ? tp kalo pake yg rom anda gak bisa ngidupin flash ?
2. kalo rom yg baru ini 826x_28237_2018_Co0kie panelnya bisa di pake gak ? trus kameranya gimana ?
( Maksud saya seperti xpanel bawaan x1 yang ada ikan berenang itu loh n musik kayak walkman dll )
ma'af yah banyak tanya maklum newbie.. he
Makasih ya jawabanyya...

Hahn said...

thanks for the reply willy, wondering if the dragonball fix brings other issues.

I get more than 10 SOD yesterday, and I left my phone charging overnight, in the morning, the phone gets SOD and vibrates constantly, freaked me out.

I will do another task29 later and try this build again, if that still doesn't help, i will go back to the older build that works better for me. :)

KEN said...

If u do task29 n reformat i think got help..
now i am using the new rom so far no problem .
If got battery issue problem u can try from this site :

KEN said...

bro will
If possible to let the start menu icon show 4 icon ?
i try to use thirdparty software to make it but not success ~~~

day said...

bro willy
so far, i'm impress, no SOD happen on my device. after task29, i pull out battery about 5 minutes :D
flash, restore my contact, install apps, then poweroff device, pull out battery again :D
update radio version, and then reset device, its amazing, and this build have great speed also.
thanks again,.

Anonymous said...

Mr. willy indicator btry di ROM ini bisa dibuat per 1% ga? krn bawaan ROMnya per 10%, tdk sprti ROM yg sblmnya.

Pogo said...

Hi, this is fast and stable ROM. I have flashed before 3 days, battery is now on 40%, i will try to charge today. Weather is "on", but in CHT I´ve set it to simple mode and disabled the sunrays. Minute flip and hour flip is OFF.

One little issue - when I´m typing password to the facebook app - in SW keyboard all OK, but when I try writing in HW keyboard (my password starts by the numbers), everytime I type the number, the indicator switch to start of the password. Sorry for my bad ENG.

Hahn said...

hi willy, i reflashed the this rom this morning, no problem at all so far, i think i didn't flash it properly last time, so you can just dismiss my report about constant sod, anyway, still hoping the dragonball game would work in your future releases, thank you!

day said...

bro, just found little problem :)
it's on backlight setting, on battery power, ie if the dim light setting change to 1 minutes, its keep back to 10 seconds setting after backlight turn off.
so far, only find this issue or just happen to me?
btw thnks again bro

Esmail said...

I installed my ROM. Too interesting from the previous ROM.
But when I flash 40% of the battery was empty.
This ROM is an extraordinary speed.

sika68 said...

Hello Willi, please do you intend to release a non CHT version of this rom? Thanks.

ED said...

i have another problem here
i donno if i am the only one having this or no
but the wi-fi router doesn't work properly ... it says that the connection is ready but with using several wireless device i can't find my phone's wifi router.
thanks again

brynexperio said...

agan willll....

wahhh nih mantabz gan , ada chtnya...

oya gan mau nanya...

1. apa di rom ini, semua hot fix dari 23680 udah termasuk fixed, karena sprti wakeup sms kayanya nga termasuk...
2. oya gan, problem again with palringo gan SOD, padahal t29 sudah, hrd reset sudah.
tapi ngga sesering dengan rom terdahulu sih....
mohon hotfixnya dong gan....

tapi yang ini romnya benr2 mntabs gan, karena cht bawaan, jadi x1 ku bsa kaya GTX white, dan lebih cepat dan stabil karena 826x...

keren gannn ^__^

Williyung said...


1. Semua hotfix 23680 uda termsk. Yg wakeup sms tetap ga sy masukin krn default htc mmg aktifkn fitur itu, krn kdg2 bs menyebabkn graphic pecah.

2. Hmm..masih terjd ya? Pdhl kemrn2 sempat sy test, uda ga sod dgn palringo, ntar sy cek lg deh..


will try it later..


will consider about it..


Take out battery for 2-3 minutes, then put it back again, and do a full charge (with phone off)


Did you get sod before it happen?

One thing to notice, though this rom autolock is controlled by autolock within settings, but the setting "Lock on standby" under CHT Editor must match.

Check this registry:

Locklevel --> if the value is "1", change it to "0"


No problem mate..I will try to find another drivers combination and see if i can make the dragon ball can work without loosing the speed of sense.

day said...

before that, dunno wheter its SOD or not coz i have low level battery so i thought it was my battery out of power :D
yess,.it solved, thnks will

Anonymous said...

Thanks Willie for this ROM. No SOD's, fast and stable. Just one issue. Can't write or reply to SMS. Screen turns black. Any solution to this? Thanks again for your work

sugi said...

bro Willy, ROM nya mangstap bgt. cuma mau tanya, kalau yg XPURIA nya bro Rusly itu pakai win mo ver 6.5.5 kalau 826x pakai win mo ver 6.5.3 itu bedanya apa ya? kenapa masih pakai ver 6.5.3? gak pakai yg 6.5.5
maaf bro Willy kalau pertanyaannya aneh, maklum masih nubie :D

Williyung said...


That function has been verified by me, and working fine. Try to hardreset.


Setau sy, build yg dia pake 25027 masi termsk wm 6.5.3, bkn 6.5.5, build yg termsk wm 6.5.5 cm build 235xx spt 23569, bedanya cm ada threaded email dan performance lbh lambat.

Anonymous said...

Mr. willy indicator btry di ROM ini bisa dibuat per 1% ga? krn bawaan ROMnya per 10%, tdk sprti ROM yg sblmnya.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just speak englisch to understand everyone?

Pogo said...

Willi, great rom - 4day testing without SoD (this night i was charging phone without problem).
Any suggestion for my post from "September 14, 2010 3:46 PM"? This problem is in opera/opera mini password too

andhy96 said...

Dear Willy...does it support video call, bro? Thanks

Herman said...

Mr. Willy, numpang donlot yach.
oh ya, sebelumnya salam knal dulu,
Stlh saya cari2, akhirnya ketemu juga cara update x1-ku ni, sambil tak baca2 caranya dulu di forum diskusinya. Kalo lihat coment, kayaknya keren nih
And, untuk Mr. Willy thank so much for your ROM.

Williyung said...


Install dr thread ini bro:


You can use google translator.


Did you install X2 keyb?



Pogo said...

@willi:: yes, x2 keyb installed. But problem is with HW keyboard. SW keyboard works fine original in your rom and x2 too. Some driver for HW keyboard isn´t as cab file? I have CZ Keyboard (QWERTY - lang ID 0405)

Williyung said...


That issue is caused by x2 keyb.
X1's HW keyb driver has been cooked in as well.
For your HW keyb lang, I think you just need to change the registry.
Try find it on my thread at xda, someone mentioned how to do it.

Hahn said...

Haha! I just found the problem causing my constant SOD earlier, so for people who have similar problem, this may be the cause:

I just restored my sms from backup this morning, had about 300+ sms in my inbox, and the SOD problem came back almost every single time my phone goes to sleep. So I finally deleted all the sms and the SOD is gone and I also noticed the HTC messaging had sped up a lot!! I then figured I lost nothing since I can always restore the needed sms from trashcan,

I don't know i have a habit of keeping sms, maybe I'm affected by google gmail's "Archive instead of delete!" hehehe

Williyung said...

Hmm...That's interested Hahn!

What's trashcan? backup software?
Btw, I always use MyPhone to backup/restore sms, and had no sod issue so far.

Also delete call history regularly can speed up the sense a bit :)

Leo said...

Waduh2.. langsung gw coba nih rom... tanpa basa basi... kwkwkwka..

Ini kan ada CHT nya,,,
Bro willy ada GTX white theme nya gk ?? minta donk kalo ada....

thankz bro willy romnya..

Williyung said...


GTX Themes lgsg dld dr thread ini aja ya bro..:

Pogo said...

@willi: i did hard reset and hw keyboard woks ok - thanks for your help and I am sorry - this is not issue provided by your rom, but my mistake :-)

how to change keyb language in registry i know, i just thought that the issue might be in czech layout.
Once again, thanks

Hahn said...


trashcan =poutlook's deleted items :p

i used pim backup to restore sms last time, n this time around i used spb backup instead. both give me sod when i had too many sms in my inbox.

anyway, i had no sod issue with these sms in your previous build, weird.

Anonymous said...

can you make top-bar version? i really really want :-S

Anonymous said...

can you make top-bar version? i really really want :-S

Anonymous said...

Hi Willy,

is this ROM CFC compressed or not?
i would like to dl GTX theme from your link to xda to Leo(GTX Themes lgsg dld dr thread ini aja ya bro..:


Williyung said...


CFC Compressed


Did you mean old UI? hmm...seems not, sorry :)


Lol, my bad..:p


No problems :)

ED said...

sorry for posting again for the same reason but i am just reminding you about the wifi router issue that i found
i have re-flashed the rom but having the same problem

thank you so much

Ah BeaR said...

willi..are u going to create the cab file for restoring the original theme and original slider ?

Anonymous said...

Diduo :
Mlm bro will.. Ane baru pake rom ini.. Tp garmin ga bisa di buka/instal lg.
Tolong solusinya.. Rom ini cepet... ada cht jg.. ;-)

Williyung said...


Garminnya ga usah diinstall ulang, uda create shortcut dr sd card?

@Ah bear

Sorry, I still have no times..


Try to create a wireless ad-hoc connection on your pc, then connect it to x1.
After that, disconnect it, try again the wifi-router.


Masih pake rom ini ga bro?
Mau ksh cobain fix utk sod palringonya..


Hmm..weird..well, hope next build will be 231xx

alex said...

Does anyone have this problem: when i send sms the time is set corectly, but when i receive them the time is 12 hours earlier ? it's very buging in the threaded sms, as all my messages are at the back and the ones received in front

ED said...

i tried what u have told me
my x1 has connected to the ad-hoc but when i tried after that the wifi-router i had the same problem :S

Williyung said...


Well, if your x1 already has your wifi router name saved before (e.g. home), delete it, then try again.
Don't forget to refresh your pc wireless connection list.


Try to add your city manually instead of using My Location.

day said...

you mean about this?

andhy96 said...

Report to bro Willy..

I keep experiencing many SODs by using this ROM and almost doing 5 re-screenallignments along yesterday.

Just fyi, I've been following all the recommendation actions needed before&after flashing and only just sync data (contact, calendar, task w/ Off.MS server) without installed many apps (excl.copaste Garmin shortcut).

Ok, that's for the report from me...thanks for ur kind, Willy.

ED said...

i have tried changing the name
and i searched for the wifi of the mobile from 2 different laptops with 2 different operating system ( windows and mac) but they didn't find it :S

day said...

yesterday, i install GTX theme, i don't like that, uninstall it, but at home tab, pressed Menu button nothing happen, have try restore default at CHT Editor, but it doesn't effect.and can't edit quick link also.
Maybe you or someone know how to fix, please help :(
before i hard reset. i'm little lazy to install program n application again :(

thnk be4

Akoeji said...

bro willy...
gw sangat suka mengikuti perkembangan dari ROM 826x, di website resmi sony x1 saya menemukan software blackberry connected, saya harap bro willy bisa mengintegrasikannya dengan next ROM dan bisa maksimal digunakan supaya X1 bisa jadi lebih mumpuni... :D

Williyung said...


BB connect setau sy cm bs dipake di rom ori, utk wm 6.5 ga bs lg.


Seems you should hardreset :p
Restore default CHT Editor can slow down the sense..

day said...


i think its great solution willy,hehehe
and 100% working :P

thnks bro

day said...

anybody have gps signal issue with this ROM?i'm using radio 1.16 n i can't get gps signal when using garminXT.
or anyone with radio version 1.14 have same problem
thnks anyone,..

Esmail said...

I have a huge problem. When you are charging up the phone on when I do not use it, and after a few minutes Standby phone is turned off and reset button must be clear and not knocked.
I do not know the problem is ROM or phone
Help me
sorry, i bad english

brynexperio said...

@agan will...

ku masih make dong bro...

kan ada chtnya....,

oya sudah ada ya,.....

hmmm , sama satu lagi bro...

knpa ya kok kadang sense ku suka jadi kaya bergarsi garis..., tapi semua lancar2 saja....

instalasiku :

-enable sms
-wolf translator (klo pke google sering eror frma3.5 nya)
-pocket music
-clean ram
-obex inbox

apa ada bbrpa aplikasi ini yang mempengaruhi dari , sense ku itu atau SOD ?

ditunggu ya gan hot fix nyaa ^__^


Williyung said...


- Ga jd hotfix-nya bro, setelah gw test2 ulang, masi terjd sod pd saat palringo jln..ntar dicari lg deh solusi lain.

- Iya, grafik rusak bs terjd pd sense, blum ada solusi yg tepat..


Did you disable autolock?


Igo8 worked fine when I used this rom, I think garmin should work fine also. Em using radio 1.16.

Have you tried to switch to intermediated driver?

day said...

forgive me bro make you busy with stupid question, my mistake,
its coz my GPS data expired after hard reset so it take forever to lock signal :)
fine now, n thnks GBU

Esmail said...

Yes.disable autolock
Charging lights Chmk Myznn even when I'm charging out and I'm bright and I must reset to come up.
Like Hong Kong makes.
But when the silent mode, I connected to charge no problem.

Esmail said...

silent mode == when the phone is off
i bad english
I am using Google translate

Williyung said...


I would recommend not to disable the autolock if you wanna charge with phone on. It may prevent the charging freeze (sod).

Ok guys, I will be unavailable for few days.

All questions will be answered after I'm back.

See you ALL.

deBLor said...

Bro Willi,
Saat gw download 826x_28237_2018_Co0kie.7z dan kemudian gw extract, isinya ada 2 file:
- CustomRUU.exe
- ruu_signed.nbh
Kalau menggunakan metoda flash dari memory card, apakah file ruu_signed.nbh ini direname menjadi kovsimg.nbh?
Mohon pencerahannya. Thx.

kane said...

romnya bagus bro, td mau komen di rom 28xxx, malah nyasarnya yg build 23xxx....hehe
bro, kira2 bisa ga ditambah xda_uc biar install program2nya lebih gampang pada saat hard reset? dan bikin 4 row start menunya? thx for your hardwork....

brynexperio said...

oya kah agan will,

hmmm..., oke deh kalo begh..begh.. bghitu....

ku akan selalu setia menunggumu, eh salah maksudnya menuggu fix terbaiknya deh.....

semngattt gan...., aku tunggu ya gan....,

Hahn said...

found ocr problem with the phone, sometimes it wont go back to sleep even it is set up I power setting, can be a problem because sometimes the phone wakes up after receiving sms/misscall and wont go back to sleep.

see you soon willy.

Hahn said...

just noticed something is wrong with htc facebook online album, in updates tab at call history, someone updated their album, but when i go it to it, it says "no photos or video found"

It happens in their profile as well, their online album will not list, any help would be great!

Hahn said...

can someone please confirm if updated facebook online albums are working on their phone? i wanna make sure it is not just me.

It only happens on albums that have been updated recently, I try a few contacts who had not updated their albums for ages, they worked.

day said...

friend, my album is working properly, if you mean open album via contact.
I can see FB album of person i choose.
Same as if i check in Multimedia | Album then click album tab facebook,anything OK..
Or you mean another thing?

intention said...

Forst of all; What an impressive ROM! Surely must be the best implementation of SenseUI in a Xperia ROM to date.

There are however a couple glitches / minor issues that prevents me from adopting this as my primary ROM. Some already mentioned, some are fixable by users (though I thought you'd like to know.)...

a) While I'm able to re-map the right HW button, after a re-boot it's back to its default setting of "<home>"

b) It isn't possible to change the value/setting for screen dim on idle timeout (in settings > system > power > backlight).

c) The ROM really needs a lock on call connect feature (though; easily fixed by installing SmartLock).

d) The task-manager leaves a lot to be desired; Have you considered xTask?

e) The sound on boot-up is rather annoying. IMHO; Booting is better silent...

f) MMS messages restored from previous ROMS aren't displayed properly (cannot actually view any of the contents of the messages). Not sure, but this might be due to different versions of the MMS client.

Also experienced some random lock-ups. Though the ROM seems more stable after getting through all the basic setup stuff (syncing inn contacts & messages, installing som req. apps, etc). Will keep the ROM for a few more days, of I experience any more lock-ups and/or SODs I'll post a follow-up...

And; Keep up the good work!
And; The best of luck in the continued development of this ROM!

Hahn said...

@day: what about those that were recently updated? they are all not working for me. I have also installed T-Back's online album fix cab, no luck. :(


a) That's a bug/feature of sense 2.5, not the rom's fault, although i find it annoying too.

b) I am able to setup the power settings, but i noticed they won't work properly, eg: phone sometimes won't goes into sleep.

c) That would be great, but i used to manually install SmartLock on 826x rom, it gives SOD a lot, wonder if it causes stability issues.

d) I don't like xTask, it is too complicated, much prefer something more simple like Arkswitch, but i have no problem with Resco's.

e) You may remove HTC-QuietlyBrilliantBoot.wav from windows folder to disable to sound.

f) no comment on this one.

day said...

if you mean recent uploads, everything is right.
all photo can appear on album.
btw i use my computer's internet connection when view album or update via active sync.

Chun Ming said...

Hi Williyung,

Please find my following report.

I noticed that the data connection is unstable.

Data connection (WIFI or 3G network) can be connected for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, the data connection is lost but the icon (WIFI or 3G) on the top task bar still shows connected. Hence, the Internet surfing cannot be continued until I turn off the WIFI or 3G and turn it on again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your very nice rom.
I have a problem:
On battery power, when i set Backlight to 30 sec, after some minutes it's come back to defult(10 sec).
How can i fix it?!
please reply me at

Orphan said...

read all comment please, there is a solution for your problem. don't be lazy :)
Locklevel --> if the value is "1", change it to "0"

L3x5 said...

Yes, Mr.Willy not much time for questions that are unanswered, Just like you missed the train, lol. All "Yungers",read all comment!

Hahn said...

tried connect via activesync as well, no help.

I searched through XDA forums, installed T-Back's fix cab, and also applied the following reg:

Change - CacheSize to 0

No help, it just simply stopped working recently, all "Update Album" shows an error: "no photos or videos found", and when trying to view them from "Open Online Album", i get "the user has nothing to display".

I am able to download their profile picture to use as contact picture however.

Everything working perfectly until a few days ago. I doubt it is the security settings on my friends because I am able to view all albums of these contacts before. Only happens on all recently updated contacts, a few contacts that has no album updates for ages worked.

Really hope willy can help me on this, or may be i need a HR. :(

day said...

seems HR is the best solution :) just kidding my friend,..
hope willy can help your problem,..
maybe we need second, eh third opinion :)
is somebody here have same problem with our friend Hahn?

ED said...

i have the same problem but not with all my friends ... some of them only but i didn't find any solution yet :S

Hahn said...

@All, I posted my issue in XDA forum, no replies, so i ended up HRing my phone last nite now everything is working, but there's still a few contacts with albums not displaying, like ED, weird.

Anyway, I found another facebook bug. In HTC Contact's "Updates and Events", when I get notification on message inbox, clicking on it leads me to a blank page.

It calls for a wrong url, eg: instead of (missing a "/") Anyone knows if this can be fixed by via reg or xml editing on manila scripts? Much better if Willy have time to create a fix cab. Very much appreciated. :)

Hahn said...

I found the problem and fixed that facebook inbox bug myself, posted at 826x thread at XDA. Let me know if anyone have problem with the cab. :D

Anonymous said...

hi buddy.
good job and i appreciate your work for helping us by coocking romes.and 826x series are my favorite and also the best...
but i think your new romes are getting heavier and more slower.
is there any chance that you cook faster combination,like win.6.1 and manila 2.1 or you know,any thing else?
thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Will you consider cooking Maxsense.
cookie and manila are a lot for x1
(in xda developers) and you know the roms are not very different.
one faster, one better graphics,....

but I know just energy maxsense by nrgz for x1
I know you can do a good job on it.

Thank you

ED said...

I had an issue 2day with this rom
after using it for about 2 weeks without any problem and have a very stable rom
the htc sense didn't want to launch ... on the home screen i had a message saying " tap here to launch htc sense" then after i tapped it says " htc sense is launching " but nothing happened after that ... i had to do a hard reset to get it working again

i am afraid that would happen to me again ... so is there any easier and practical solution than the hard reset.

thank you so much

day said...

i experience those issue with ROM before this, ROM 826x WM 6.5.3 build 23676 - Sense 2016.and only happen if power charge plug in,..
i didn't found solution yet, in this ROM, did'n experience that

ED said...

i didn't have my power charge plug in
i have only received a mail and then when going back to the home screen i had this issue

brynexperio said...

agan will.....,

betapa tersiksanya diriku dengan SOD... hehe.. lebay...

gimana ya gan perkembangannya untuk konflik aplikasi palringo yang jika stay OL cause SOD.

kapankah agan kembali dengan pencerahnnya....

ditunggu ya gan.....,

dan semngattt...

L3x5 said...

Dah coba pake pal versi 241 premium yg dihack? Gw gak ada masalah pake rom ini lancar, GSM gw pake simpati. mungkin X-1 bro Willy pake simpati jg kali,
eh lupa, tuh pal jangan ikut startup, bisa hang ntar. linknya gugling aja bro

Hahn said...

bro willy, maybe you should consider cooking in opera mini 5.1 as well, it is a lot faster than opera mobile 10, many improvements from version 5.0.

Anonymous said...

i want to thanks for Will for his great job,but i agree with the friend ,i used to updated every of your rome,but they're getting slower and heavy for such hard ware like x1.
new htc sens is build for more advanced and powerful devices like hd 2 and not suitable for x1.
now i use black stone 1.06 and i believe its fluent and more quick...
but i thank you for doing this for us.

Williyung said...


Good idea actually.
But let me explain a bit about what's the advantage if you install the opera mini as cab compare to cooked in:

As we know, all files to be cooked in will go to \Windows.

For some apps like opera mini, it needed to located under it's folder, in this case is "\Program Files\Opera Mini"

So, if we cook the opera mini, all it's files will go to two places, one is \windows, and the other is \program files\opera mini.
Meaning it will eat twice spaces.
But if you install as a cab, the files only needed to copy to the program files folder, and for sure the cab file will remain at the storage card :P

I think the best option is using the UC system, but ppl should be careful using it, because sense's rom is very "sensitive", some 3rd party apps may cause issue.

Anyway, thanks for the FB fixes hahn, you're doing a good job! :)

Williyung said...


How about replace the opera 10 with opera mini 5.1? So just one opera in the rom.

Anonymous said...

This is the best X1 ROM. I prefer just to have opera mini 5.1 for speed and usability. Can you also include the Data Controller app (

Steven said...

here are some bugs i found with the 28237 build:
1) you get 3 sets of alarm, but only the first one will sound off (for example, setting them 8am, 8:30, and 9am.--> you will only get 8am alarm to go off, the rest will not have action even if they are "on"

2)you have to set the X1 right key button everytime you restart the device, because it automatically reset to

3) facebook do not refresh even when you ask it to refresh. You will need to log off facebook and log on back in to get status updates, news feeds.

4) not really a bug but i will mention it also. If you are using G-alarm 1.51 and you have the phone lock screen on, whenever the alarm goes on, it will not sound, it may crash your device and must restart by taking out the battery. I think there is a conflict with our 28237 lock screen, because if you diable lock screen, alarm works.

Hahn said...

@Willy: Just notice my facebook inbox fix is lost on XDA after a server crash, here is the new file:

It would be great to replace Opera Mini 5.1 with Opera Mobile 10, Its speed and usability is just amazing on X1.

In my opinion, Opera 10 is only usefull when I need to have a quick access to some "PC only" website, but after installing Mini, I hardly launch it.

Williyung said...


Thanks for the fix.
I've cabbed it and added at the main post also at xda.

Well, I will replace opera mobile 10 with opera mini 5.1 on the next release.

ED said...

i had 2day for the second time htc sense problem that i had before

"the htc sense didn't want to launch ... on the home screen i had a message saying " tap here to launch htc sense" then after i tapped it says " htc sense is launching " but nothing happened after that ... i had to do a hard reset to get it working again "

i just want to know what causes this issue so i can avoid it :S

Williyung said...


Do you remember what's the last apps you installed before the issue happened?

ED said...


first time to crash it was remote desktop mobile but this was before the crash for about 4 days, the crash happened after checking my mail and back to the today screen

thank u for ur attention

Williyung said...


As I remember, I never cooked remote desktop mobile in my roms, so meaning you installed seperately?

Could be the RDM mismatch with the OS version.

Maybe you could try to uninstall the RDM and see if the issue still happen

ED said...


Thank u
but i had another crash 2day so i decided to do a task29 and reflash the rom again instead of hard reset it
and i won't install the remote desktop again :D

L3x5 said...

Dear willy,

for me this rom is good, with a value plus a powerful battery.

There is no fix of cab to the problem of connection and facebook?
or bro willy want to release the latest rom ",


brynexperio said...


ku make pal 2.5 premium hack,

ku pake rom yang ini juga...,

jadi kalau auto lock kua aktifin, dan aku selalu OL make palring.

nah saat auto lock aktif, dan layar jadi stand by, tuh layar kaga mau idup lagi biar diapa apain, kecuali direstart pake tombol dibelakang...,

kira kira kenapa ya gan ?

Williyung said...


Jd kalo autolock ga diaktifin, palringo-nya aman2 aja ga terjd sod?

Ini gw buatin cab utk coba fix palringo-nya dgn kondisi autolock aktif, dicoba dl dan laporkn hslnya ya...

Williyung said...


Softreset after install

brynexperio said...

@ agan willl...

result, masih tetap SOD gan...

udah ku coba 2 kali, pas tidak charge dan pas charge...

dua duanya tetap SOD saat lockscreen aktif dan layar stby....

huhuhu... jadi pengen balik ke ROM agan will yang sebelumnya...

tapi yang terbaru ini padaal bagus, ada task managernya, ada sense account manager, (walau sms sense ama people nya agak berat )

mohon cerahnnya ya gan, berilah pertolongan pada penggemarmu yang hidupnya selalu OL messenger terus...., ( palringo paling bagus )....

ditunggu ya gan.., oya ku request gan. klo ada ROM baru, klo bisa sms ama people sensenya jangan yang berat yaaa....

tetap inovatif ya gannn...

Williyung said...


Duh kasiannya :p

Kalo lockscreen ga aktif, ga sod kn?

Ini coba lg test 2:

Kalo ini masi ga bs, sementara jgn aktifin autolock dl, tp laporin hslnya ya..(softrset after install)

Utk sms dan ppl, ntar coba gw usahain.

Anonymous said...

hey dear willi....I've using this built,so stable and no SODs,but all wrongs began accidentally!!I just realized that my resco today screen and explorer's settings restore to time that I just installed them,I would HR Bcoz of some unwanted apps,so it was good time to removing them:p
so I did HR and another wired problem...since the phone boot for first time and I installed SPB back up I noticed that call and massaging are disabled..I tapped on them but nothing happened....wired problems?ha?so I did task 29 but my phone didn't boot up....I make this problem solved by installing an 6.1 official ROM from SDcard...but wired problem exist.....:(
1-I can't type anything in by Finger keyboard and Resco keyboard pro....
2-I can't restore my SMSs by SPB back up and PIM back up both bcoz If I restore my text massages I should say byebye to massaging !(bcoz of disabling the icon that I pointed before)
I just realized that some people have same issues(about restoring SMS)
what I suppose to do??
P.S:I really prefer previous release dear willi:)
regards...waiting for answers:)

Williyung said...

First of all, What should I call you? :p

1. For the resco keyb issue, try to disable the xt9 feature within resco keyb setting.

2. Hmm..I'm not sure what's causing the restoring sms issue, no solutions yet, sorry.

I would suggest to backup/restore sms via microsoft myphone, it's pretty stable for me and never created any issues so far..

brynexperio said...

@agan will


still SOD gan,

dalam keadaan charge or not chrage....

autolock aktif...

ditunggu ya gan fixed selanjutnyaaa...

ato siapa tahu ada ROM barunya....


L3x5 said...

greeting willy,
why cases faced different, such as Sod that does not happen to me.
Phone identity; Model No: X1i
Procie; QUALCOMM (R) 7201A.
Radio Version:
Protocol Version:
Is there any effect from it?
and there is little difference from that bro willy uploads:

I still use build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie
Thanks again

Williyung said...


Ntar dicari solusinya lg yahh :p


Good to hear you didn't experience sod. You didn't experience it only with this rom or all other roms?

I think the difference is just the radio version with mine. If radio 1.14 is good for you, then stick with it.
The protocol version is depend on radio version.
The rest items should be same.

Anyway, how about your FB issue? Is it ok now?
I read somewhere, there was something wrong with FB service some times ago, now should be fine.

L3x5 said...

thank for the reply Mr.Willy.
I've tried rom 826x of march, and every time I use the new must continue until there is a new rom:p.Almost all good, just a 23121 Sense & CHT not want to launch.
Yes, 28237 for me this rom the best, though not fast but stable no Sod, plus a strong battery, already tested for Palringo to the screen always on, strong about 6 hour.
FB remained frozen, have to logout first. and gprs sometimes difficult, must first airplane mode
I want to ask, the default contacts are taken from the FB is always a last name beginning, sometimes complicates the search, can be tricked?
btw, I've found a shortcut volume control and bright display, it turns out there on the home side up, lol.
thanx's again,, from Jakarta.

Hahn said...

Bro willy, my phone still does not go to sleep mode sometime even after set up properly in power setting.

Could be a problem because sometime after receiving an SMS or misscall, the phone wont go back to sleep mode.

Williyung said...


Try to change this reg:


Let me know the result


Hmm...sorry I have no idea about the FB contacts.

Williyung said...


About the GPRS issue, does it happen with 3G mode on or off? I mean the band is set to AUTO or GSM?

Williyung said...

Can someone please do a test:

- From sense's Message tab > All Message (go to WM Messaging)

- Choose one of your existing sms, if possible choose the one which has many contains

- Try to typing words (replying) with default ezinput keyb

- Then do the same with another keyb, such as Fingerkeyb

Do you feel when typing with ezinput is much slower than with fingerkeyb? The system also slower when counting the sms when we're typing..
With fingerkeyb, it's much quicker.

It happens to my current rom, I just want to confirm if it also happen to this rom or maybe another previous releases..

L3x5 said...

@ Greeting Mr.willy,
Ok, embodying FB contacts to HTC contact is not a problem, first name can be changed manually.
I disable 3G and HSDPA. and manual gprs.telkomsel connection automatically setup. but still be connected, and can walk on 2G GPRS.
I use finger key, and quick response
btw, does the icon line 1 that? I don't have.
and how to backup microsoft my phone, whether to have an account and use the pc?
my isp in problem, sorry if the response is slow.
once again thank you master. :)

L3x5 said...

At long and so wait the latest rom, Master. :D

brynexperio said...

agan will

saya mau tanya,

1. apakah mengganti radio berguna... ?

2. bagaimana cara update radio ?

3. radio yang terbaru sekarang versi berapa gan ?

4. apa saja keunggulan jika update radio rom yang baru ?

5. oya gan, agan punya ngga ROM agan will yang ngga pake lockscreen, ada sensenya, plus ada panel X2nya, ada account managernya ?,

mohon cerahannya ya gan.....

Nguyen Dung said...

Your Link have problem , I can't download this ROM

Mukhtar said...

Hello Willy,
though i dont know much about roms, i am highly fascinated with the screen shots of this one. My question is, can i install it on WM 6.1 or do i have to update my x1? thanks, keep up the good work.

Yongsoon said...

your work is great!!
my phone displayed alarm-off in home tab even set-up alarm-on, how to change alarm-on?

thank you.

goyek said...

bro willy...lam nanya untuk icon email di mode landscape kok gmbrnya terpotong ya bro....tolong fixnya ya bro...trm ksh bnyk...sukses selalu

L3x5 said...

back n used this rom again, 4 me this rom is cool, stable, n long battery life ^_^

Anonymous said...

This rom is fukin awesome i've tried many many roms before, energy's in different versions, firestorm same, tai, genesis; but this 1 is a perfect blend between speed, stability, beautiness, and battety consumption.

Gratz Willy, thanks you a lot for your work, i wish the best for you.


Anonymous said...

I flashed this rom in xperia x1after latest energy rom. I am happy with it. but...How to stop phone sleep during call???
Installaed Advance Conf Tool3.3, but in phone list no configuration present for stopping phone sleep during call.
Any rgistry tweak for this mod. Please reply as I want to stick with WM 6.5.3 build 28237 - Sense 2018 - Co0kie/ superb superb rom.

Thanks and best regards

XDA member(HTC diamond/xperia)