Friday, December 4, 2009

ROM 826X Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 28008

Download here: Megaupload

FIXED: X2 Backlight setting no longer works, SOLUTION: Install X1 Backlight & Power Settings

What's New:

- OS: Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 28008
- New Microsoft Soft Keyboard
- Resco Photo Manager 7.00 Final
- Opera Mini 5 Beta Panel
- SE 1 Panel
- X2 Task Manager
- X2 Backlight & Power Management
- X2 Illumination Setting
- X2 Microphone AGC
- 5 columns Landscape Start Menu Icon

Screen shot:


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon. I badly speak in English so hundred strictly do not judge... I have tested many insertions and only you stably works... It would be desirable to see it in Russian or please throw off kitchen I will try to collect her... Thankful in advance.
My electronic address:

Jeremy said...

Some password entry fields (outlook e-mail for example) seem to be set to right-to-left text entry instead of left-to-right when I type with the hardware keyboard. I can get around this by using the software keyboard for passwords, but it is still annoying. Have any ideas? Thanks a lot for this ROM! Finally, a fast and clean 6.5+ ROM...I have been looking for this for a long time. My X1 has never performed this well.

Williyung said...

Hi Jeremy,
The issue is cause by XT9 keyboard, if you want to use hardware keyb to type password, try to switch the soft keyboard to another keyb first, eg. ms keyboard or fingerkeyb by tap & hold.
Hope this can help you..

Williyung said...

Hi Anthony,

I don't cook for other lang than WWE..Sorry for that..

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to disable the XT9 keyboard? I can't seem to set another keyboard as the default.

Williyung said... can use SIP Selector inside Utilities folder to set your desire keyb as the default :)

Jeremy said...

Ahh! Great, thanks very much. I love this ROM. :)

barly said...

Hi Willy,

I have known your custom ROM from the forumponsel and have tried it. So far this is the best ROM that suits all my needs. Thank you very much for sharing this ROM.

Williyung said...

Hi barly,

Glad to hear that & Welcome.. :)

Anonymous said...

(i'm sorry that my english is very bad)
nice to meet you, Mr. Williyung.

i'm so glad to meet your sweet X1 rom. that's so perfect to me! stable and smooth ever!

just expecting next version of your great job.

have a nice day! thank you :)

Williyung said...

Welcome my friend:)