Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ROM 826X Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 28011

Download here: Megaupload

Change log:

- OS: Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 28011
- Removed X2 Backlight & Power setting ( back to X1's)
- Updated Resco Photo Manager 7.0.1
- Updated Power Radio (fixed error on apps close) w/ X2 wallpaper as background
- Updated Microsoft MyPhone 01.05.2317.0400 (Latest)
- Updated Opera Mini 5 beta 2 Panel
- Updated Palringo 2.0.1
- Added Orange themes
- Added QuickSilver themes

Screen shot:


Anonymous said...

i'm already flashing my X1 with your new rom. :)

thank you.

(it seems that pagepool value has changed from 16 to 22.. means better performance?)

Williyung said...

No worries..
Well, I found 22 works better than 16, but still need some experiences.
Any feedback appreciated :)
O yeah, please leave your name with the comments, so I know with whom em talking to :)

caps said...

i just taste it today, hot from the oven :D interesting new opera panel. you've made it yourself? it's cool mate. landscape mode now in 5 row matrix, LUV 'em :p :D
there are so many useful apps, but the roms still run fast. specially the titanium. i test it with my new mac look titanium and it works smooth. great! now i love my X1 even more. thanx for this good share chef, and please keep update for all upcoming attributes from X2.

Williyung said...

Ahh..thanks mate :)
For the new opera mini panel still need some polish for the panel wallpapers, maybe need your help :p
Looking forward your new mac look titanium :)

rusabileh said...

hello. this is anonymous of first comment. :)

i have a question,
didn't you have 'white screen' at screen alignment setting after flashed?

i tried flashing 2 times, but it happens same anyway.

of course i can do next step by clicking any place of screen so 'cross' appears again.. :)

anyway, i'll try flashing again soon and report to you.

thank you :)

Williyung said...

Hi rusabileh,

Try to pull battery before flashing.
Can it go to the time and date setting after screen alignment?

rusabileh said...

i tried flashing 2 more times, and found out why white screen appears- it's USB connection.

I disconnected USB connection after flashing, then there's no more white screen appears.

however, white screen just made screen invisible at that moment. after several tabbing it shows time & date setting normally.

thank you. there's no problem anymore. :)

Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...

hello..very great ROM..got it setup this morning and loving it already..
2 questions pls:

1-is there a way to get the task manager to show on the home screen..always like that and it ofcos lets switchin between apps better
2-is there a task bar that you know of that shows the battery in percentage? i was using Spike's with 6.5 but it apparently doesnt work with 6.5.3..

thank you very much

Williyung said...

Hi Kenniy,


1. Did you mean QuickMenu Task Manager? If yes, the quickmenu is still on the top right corner, it's just set to transparent, just tap the digital clock (top right corner), the quickmenu(X2's) will show out.

2. For the taskbar icon, take a look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=580568 (this one should be compatible with new UI)

Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...

thank you very much WIlliyung

yeah I meant the quickmenu, and i've seen it now..though i kinda prefer d windows default over the X2, any hope on that? otherwise..its ok as it is..
I also installed the taskbar too, and it worked perfect..thank you very much!..

This is my first 6.5.3 and am already loving it..think i'll be coming here more often..lol.. thanks for the great ROM..

Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...

one more thing..

i like the fact that we can now move the icons around by holding it down, but i cant seem to drop any icon in any of the folders in the start menu, is that possible without fiddling with the explorer?..also to create new folders too right from the start menu?


Williyung said...

Hi Kenniy,
Glad you enjoy the 6.5.3 :)

1. Default quickmenu (HTC's/X1's) doesnt work well with the current build 6.5.3, that's why I use X2's

2. No, It's not possible to drag icon into folder or create new folder right from start menu. You must use explorer to do that.:)

Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...

not a problem at all..thank you very much Williyung..
I really like the fact that the dialpad is the HTC too..and other HTC goodies in there..great work!

MaXX said...

OK, very very good; the best ROM so far (i tried dozens of them)

jhontor said...

pak williyung, rom nya ada yg di server lokal gak? ato di RS..

Williyung said...

Halo pak jhontor,

Rom-nya ga ada di server lain, coba downloadnya dibantu dgn MegaManager (bs didownload dr website megaupload) :)

rusabileh said...

execuse me, Williyung. but can i see your great jobs on WM build 21614?(also bottom button version)

i'm sorry that if it bothers you..

Williyung said...

No problems rusabileh..

I'm still working on it (21614) :)

Kenniy Olorunnimbe said...

checked back n i notice that u hv removed d 28014 post..is there a reason for tht probably a problem with the ROM?..cos i hv been using it and it looks fine.
thank u

Williyung said...


Some of my users reported sometimes they got freezes while running some apps.
It's probably the X2 video drivers related.
I'm trying to fix it with another build

Incorner said...

Sombody can teach me how to flash, that show a nice preview to change.

Hope can flash it too.,