Monday, December 21, 2009

ROM 826X Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 21616 (HTC branch)

Download here: Megaupload


- OS Windows Phone 6.5.3 build 21616 (HTC Branch)
  New Feature: - "Select Files" menu in File Explorer
- Fixed some issues (hope so..)
- Updated Power Radio
- Updated MyPhone Microsoft 01.05.2410.0400


- If you want install MXP Panel, use the one from R3A Leaked/Beta (can be downloaded from Tools & Apps section) instead of R3AA010's
- Remember to uncheck "Run at Startup" in Palringo settings to prevent auto connect at start-up.
- If you wanna play Experiment 13 game, remember set Rumble to OFF in setting

Known issues:

- This build causes the XT9 keyb fonts become bold (ugly), but it doesn't effect to the function itself.
- Power Radio wont work if you install MXP Panel R3A Leaked (conflict)



rusabileh said...

very good! i've been waiting for this :)

thank you, Williyung!

rusabileh said...

ah.. i found one small problem.

battery icon doesn't change immediately. when i unplugged USB, the icon remains 'plug' shape.

when i press start button or do something that changes screen then the icon changes 'battery' shape.

in your previous ROMs, pressing X-Panel button shows screen turning effect. but this one doesn't.(just open Panel Manager without animation effect)
however, start->panels still shows screen turning effect.. are those different methods? :)

thank you!
have a nice day~

Williyung said...


- For batt icon, not sure it;s OS related or somewhere else, will check it..
- Yes, I disabled the 3D Flip for the X-Panel to minimize the time opening panel manager & causing some issues..
If you happy with the 3D Flip, just assign the panels shortcut to the CLauncher :)

Sony said...

very stable ROM n fast ...
great share bro willy ...

though so far i've had a couple of problems ...

i encounter hangs (2-3times) when going into the panel features ... this occurred after i use some apps like listening to musics, browsing n seeing pictures ... though i close them all bfore going into panel feature..

the other thing is SMS. i found that when i send sms to multiple recipients, and then sum of it failed, the sms didn't go to inbox conversation. they disappeared. all of them. this didn't occur in the previous ROMs bro ...

that's it ... can't wait for new 826X ^^

Ryan Azhar said...

Hey, kerja anda bagus...
saya udah install latest ROM anda

n saya dapet beberapa problem

pas saya pilih panel (e/g Tile Wave, Facebook, etc)
di bawah taskbar kok ada semacam space kosong warna hitam gitu...
jadi perasaan saya, ni panel ga pas di tempatnya
agak kebawah gitu...

apa ni semacam bug atau kurang di setting ya...
mohon bantuannya

Ryan Azhar said...

Oh ya lupa...
satu lagi
cara ngatur Panelnya gimana ya?

Delete, Move, atau apalah
yah ngatur panelnya deh intinya

saya bingung mau mindah-mindah panel
ga kaya X1 Panel dulu

Williyung said...


Thanks for reporting
X2 panel manager still an unstable stuff till now..there's some stuffs that we miss it for work properly, still try to fix it..

Williyung said...

@Ryan azhar

- Celah taskbar atas di panel mmg mslh kompabilitas posisi di OS WM 6.5.X New UI ini, krn size task bar atas mengecil, blum ada solusinya smp sekrg

- Posisi panel di favorite tdk bs kta atur, system otomatis akan menempatkan posisinya.
Pengaturan posisi panel di favorite cm bs dilakukan via edit registry

Tri H. said...

Salam kenal bro williyung, makasih racikan ROMnya legit bro, thanks in advance

Ryan Azhar said...

Oh... gitu ya
emm, ga papa deh
ga terlalu bermasalah juga

saya suka ROM buatan anda ini
Keren... 8)

caps said...

I'm using this rom for almost the last 2 weeks. Just like usual, things runs fast & smooth. Very good speed. Panels bug from the last version fixed. But only little problem came up if I used coreplayer. But Chef himself confirmed the issue with a humble support :p Thanx for the sharing of this nice rom. Can't wait for another advanced version. Keep rocking 826X!