Sunday, January 24, 2010

ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28205

This ROM is UC Capable

Download here: Megaupload (88.68 MB)


- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28205
- Added UC (User Customization) Capable: Please see HERE for INSTRUCTIONS.
- Removed all apps included in UC package.
- Removed HTC Dialer : (have issue with OS)
- Added Xperia X1 Dialer : Video Call won't work (have issue with OS)
(PhonEx dialer works perfectly(optional))
- Added Office Mobile 2010

Known Issues:

- Sometimes X-Panel will hang if we press it in landscape mode.
Solution: Give some seconds after you switch to landscape mode (slide keyb out) before press X-Panel button.



Yea-Bin said...

gr8 works !!!
thx for sharing your ROM ^^

i wonder something.
there are no OLD UI windows build at this time?

Williyung said...

Hi Yea-bin,

You're welcome ^^
The newer build of old ui is 21889.
Do you prefer old ui instead of new ui?^
I'll see if I can release the 21889 soon if I've times.

Yea-Bin said...
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Yea-Bin said...

thx a lot ^^
my apps doesn't work pepectly in New Ui. it has position problem.

Williyung have a nice day-

Anonymous said...

Hi i am socrates from greece very nice work williyung.
is it posible to change the way we answer a call from sliding to yes or no just to hit on it
thank you

finn said...

First off great roms, by far my favorite!

One suggestion--you may want to revisit using the x2 dialer--they're has been newer versions released--I use the one that has 4 tabs, the 4th one being a number pad(hence solving the hiding numberpad issue)

Williyung said...


Which build are you using?
In 28205 which using X1 dialer doesnt have slide to answer UI


I've tried the 4 tabs x2 dialer, but still doesnt support landscape..
So I decided to use X1 dialer as default and let user to install their favorite dialer as optional.
PhonEx dialer also works great with this build, but unfortunately it;s shareware^^

finn said...

Thats true--they need to get the ball rolling with that...making non landscape apps when the device has a landscape KB!

Sidenote: anyway you can post the xperia theme that was in 23518?

Williyung said...


Here: Xperia themes:

finn said...

Thanks! Still no bugs and amazing batt life!

caps said...

The biggest point of this rom is it's UC capability. And I should say i enjoyed flashing more n more now. Fast & ligt is my 1st impression with this rom. And one thing for sure, 826x has become more eye-catchy..and i love Good job mate!

Mike said...

Heh Posted in the wrong blog entry...

This ROM Rocks!
You made me a truly happy man!

As i said before FU#¤"ING Great job!
Keep it up :)

Oh and please tell me what WM phone you would buy nex time ;)

Sadjad said...

Your ROM rock my world man, thank you so much for this lite & fast ROM, keep up the good work.

P.S the JBed you've include is amazing (I think it came from X2) and work great with GPS, because I use MGMaps and all other jbeds failed to connect to GPS.

Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

What a great and good looking ROM. Tnx for this wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I will try new version.

youshij54 said...
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