Sunday, January 10, 2010

ROM 826X Windows Phone 6.5.5 build 23518 (New UI)

Download here: Megaupload

Change log:

- OS: Windows Phone 6.5.5 build 23518 (COM5), with new features:
   * Built-in Ofiice Mobile 2010
   * Threaded mode Email

- Updated X2 Panel Manager ver. 2.0.642.38552 & its dependencies.
- Added X2 SPB Mobile Shell Panel ver. 3.0.1 build 126628
- Added X2 Twitter Panel
- Removed X2 CNN Panel
- Removed Core Player & Resco Photo Viewer + Screenshot
- Removed Dragonball game
- Updated Power Radio ver.
- Updated Palringo 2.1.0
- Updated Leo stuff ver 2.02 w/ new Voice Recorder & Date/Time settings UI
- Improved system tweaks
- For Full Spec read ROM 826X Core Specifications



caps said...

The screen shots so promising. Asking permission to download.. I'll report later :D Thanx for sharing!

Raul said...
ijin download ya bro Willy...

Edi_Min said...

numpang dl rom masakan lu bro!
btw gk nyangka anak medan bs kutak katik jg hehe
n thz ya ^^

Ryan Azhar said...

update lagi yang baru ROM

anywey, ijin download ya bro willy

kayanya menjajanjikan banget ROM ini

Sony said...

this is a much better ROM then 21616 bro willy ... so far i've enjoyed this ROM ...

on a later note, the msg thread form from 21616 seemed to have been "fixed" here. also no more connection problems i used to get when using 21616 ...

honestly i almost went back to "non-X2" ROM (yours still ^^), coz 21616 really bug me. but now with 23518, i feel relieved ... revive even hehehe ...

great job bro ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, this looks like a great rom. I will try it as soon as possible.

Do I see it correct, that the smartviev from the X2 is not implemented?


Williyung said...


Yeaa, I dont include slideview in my rom, coz it havent fully working, and if I include it, it will screw up the picture viewer in MXP panel.

Anonymous said...

great ROM, scroller are too smooth, better battery life too, Good work.
exactly matches to all the basic needs
> Dialer Rhodium
> applicatons
> Light , better battery peromence with even x2 stuff's

Suggest to create different dowload options , as Megaupload is banned in our country..

Williyung said...

Hello there, please indicate your name/id, so I know with whom I'm talking to :)

Next build I'll try multiupload

noi said...

After 2 days of usage, I'm sorry to say that the most annoying bug is freezing without any possibility for recovery without the battery being pulled out.
Other minor bugs which are work-around-able:
1. the wi-fi turns itself on after each software reset
workaround: just turn it off from communication manager
2. the default keyboard switches to T9 after each soft reset, even though was set to finger keyboard before reset
workaround: just go to input settings and set it back to finger keyboard
3. with the "vibrate when call connected" enabled, it doesn't vibrate anymore
workaround: none. However, is quite a minor issue
4. the phone freezes and have to pull out the battery, when accessing the panels.
workaround: go to HKLM\Software\SonyEricsson\PanelManager\ and delete the value of the ApplicationName. Make sure that you not delete the entry, but the value of that entry. Thou, this sounds awkward, I ended up with a very responsive phone and the panels are loading very quickly.

Regarding other scenarios I got the phone frozen - It is outlook mobile related: I have the client set to direct push. I have received an email and when tried to mark that email as read the phone has frozen. However, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue again. Most likely is not an issue related to outlook mobile, but a general issue.

In the end, congrats to the author. The ROM is quite usable, however is not yet for a day to day usage due to some stability issues (see above).

Williyung said...

Hi Noi,

Thanks for reporting the issues
Well, I'll try to answer as I could:

1. Are you sure it's the wifi instead of data connection (3G/GPRS)?
In my experiences, I never had that issues on every roms.
But if that's the data connection, then YES. It's cause by Palringo, so you have to disable the "Run at startup" in palringo setting.

2. I've set the default keyb to XT9 keyb in the reg key, and if you want to change to another keyb as default, it's not that simply change it within the icon bar or input setting (even in the stock rom), that's why I give you SIP Selector in \Utilities. You can use that to change the default keyb, and it'll change permanent every softreset. Similar function with SIPChange

3. The "vibrate when call connected" need another dependencies file to work. Since I dont fully porting the htc stuff, so it cant be used.

4. I'll do a couple tests for the reg key you mentioned to make sure it doesnt mess up another function, coz that reg key is the default entry from the x2 shipped rom.

5. I never use direct push with outlook mobile, but I'll look at this if I can find something wrong..

Again, thanks for your report.
Really appreciate it..^^

Williyung said...

O yeahh, forgot to mention:
If you get freeze with the phone, no need to pull battery, there's a hole near the battery, just use the stylus to puncture it. That was designed for..

Paul said...

Wow... this ROM rocks mann!!! Keep up the great work :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

great rom, only used for a few minutes right now thought :) Any plans to include Manila 2.5?

kelvin said...

Hello everyone....
Great Rom i love it everything is working to perfection, one concern that i have is when texting, the time that is displayed when i recieve a msg is completly different from the actual time, however on sent msg it displays the correct time, please help i have tried all the diff setting to my knowledge i have them all correct. what am i missing or doing wrong.. Thanks

kelvin said...

To be exact the sms time is delayed by 5hrs sms are sent and recieved localy, i tried sending one to myself but time is still delayed...

Williyung said...

Hi kelvin,

Have you change the Time Zone in Clock & Alarms setting to you local time zone?

Kelvin said...

Thanks for looking into the situation, but however after long hours of research i finally got it. you actually have to edit the registry in the phone, and for anyone who is having this issue here is what worked for me..
First you have to download total command for pocketpc. Once installed on the phone launch it, once opened you will come to 3 folders choose registry then follow HKLM\Software\OEM\PhoneSetting. once here click on +add value+ choose DWORD change the title to TrustTimeZoneField hit ok set value to zero on decimal, softreset the phone and it worked... hope this helps for anyone with this issue

Williyung said...

Great finding Kelvin :)
Thanks for sharing, hope it helps people who has that issue..

Anonymous said...

mas willy,makasih banyak ya ROM nya.saya uda nginstal rom ini.bagus banget,cuma masalahnya:
saya menggunakan ebook reader "microOLAP CHM ebook reader v2.5"
pada rom default sebelumnya baik2 saja memakai aplikasi ketika memakai rom baru,aplikasinya bisa terinstal dan bisa waktu membuka ebook,maka tidak muncul menu dan halaman kosong aja.solusinya gimana mas willy?coz berguna banget untuk baca2 ebook.ato punya rujukan aplikasi lain untuk membuka ebook chm?makasih banyak bro