Sunday, January 31, 2010

ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28217

Download here: Multiupload

This ROM is UC Capable, please download the UC Package from Sticky for additional applications.

Change log (from 28205):

- OS: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28217 w/ PIE improved.
- Removed X1 Dialer
- Added X2 (Vulcan) Dialer  (doesn't support video call & landscape)
- Added Custom taskbar icons w/ battery per 10%

Known issues:

- Incoming call dialer picture won't show due issue with OS
- Headset icon won't show, but the function works as well.



Giacomo said...

Great Job thx :D the best rom for x1!!

caps said...

Good version. This nu build and X2 dialer has brought my X1 to higher level. Instead the issue you've mentioned this rom is still reliable for my daily use. Joy for the appearances too! Keep on progressing :D

Anonymous said...


I Really like your firmwares and now i'd want you to release a clean windows mobile 6.5.3 (build 28217) so that we can use your UC package...

Best regards